Best Dental Chews for Dogs To Give Your Dog A Pearly White Smile

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Puppy chewing on dental stick: Best Dental Chews for DogsYou walk in the door after a long day of work and your dog jumps on you and gives you all the puppy kisses in the world. How sweet, but man does their breath stink! Your sweet pup is just trying to show you how much they missed you, but you are not enjoying the affection because they need a mint fast!

Thankfully, dog dental chews can help with this. Not only can they freshen your pup’s breath, they can also help with gum health and reduce plaque and tartar build up.

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Before You Give Dental Chews For Dogs

Make sure there is always fresh drinking water available when you give your dog one of these treats. Also, be sure to monitor your dog and don’t leave them alone while they are eating a treat in case he or she bites off too large of a chunk and has difficulties.

Best Dental Chews For Dogs: Greenies vs Dentastix

Two of the best dental treats for dogs are Greenies and Pedigree’s Dentastix, but which one is better? We compared these dog dental chews against one another. Honestly, we think they’re both great and they came out being equals, which is why they are tied for Best Dental Chews for Dogs. We would love to know what you think in the comments below. In the meantime, here are our reviews.

Greenies Dental Dog Treats & Dog Chew Review

Greenie's Dental Dog TreatsView on Amazon

These Greenies dental sticks for dogs help fight plaque and tartar build-up to keep your dog’s oral hygiene in check. If she loves to give you lots of kisses you’ll like these too since they help with bad breath. These natural dog chews are low-fat and include vitamins to keep your pup healthy.



  • Available in teenie, petite, regular, large and jumbo
  • Helps fight plaque and tartar build up
  • Helps with bad breath
  • Made in the USA
  • Not for dogs under 5 pounds
  • Not gluten-free (not a con if your dog isn’t gluten intolerant)


Dog Dental Health Matters

This video from Greenies has some stats that show us why it’s important to give our dogs dental chews.

Pedigree Dentastix Dental Dog Treats Review

Pedigree DentastixView on Amazon

The Pedigree Dentastix have a patented x shape to help with plaque and tartar build up. They are available in multiple flavors. so hopefully you can find one that your dog loves. For maximum effectiveness, give your dog one treat a day to get that pearly white smile.



  • Available in various flavors (bacon, beef, chicken and original)
  • Available in mini and large
  • Reduces plaque and tartar build up and freshens breath
  • Made in the USA
  • Not for dogs under 5 pounds
  • Not gluten-free (not a con if your dog isn’t gluten intolerant)


32 Large Original Treats – $9.59

Best Dog Dental Chews Reviews

We reviewed other dog dental treats and below is the information we’ve gathered.

Blue Buffalo | Paragon Whimzees | Virbac C.E.T. | Zuke’s Z-Bones

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Review

Blue Buffalo Dental BonesView on Amazon

The Blue Buffalo dog dental bones are available in different sizes so your dog isn’t eating a treat the size of your dog’s body. (Although we’re sure she wouldn’t mind!) The treats are textured to help soothe dog’s sore gums, which are great for when she is teething.

Included is DHA to help with cognitive development, Taurine for a healthy heart and vitamins for her immune system. These chews will not only clean your dog’s teeth but give them fresh breath too.



  • Available in mini, small, regular and large sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% grain and gluten-free
  • All of Blue Buffalo’s treats are sold on one Amazon page, so make sure you choose the dental chews when you purchase
  • Doesn’t mention prevention of plaque or tartar build up


Regular 10 oz. –  Check on Amazon

Paragon Whimzees Toothbrush Star Dental Treat For Dogs Review

Paragon WhimzeesView on Amazon

The Paragon Whimzees dog teeth cleaning treats are toothbrush shaped and made of vegetables with no added chemicals. They help freshen your dog’s breath while fighting plaque and tartar build up. These treats are low-fat and high in fiber.



  • Available in x-small, small, medium, large and x-large
  • Gluten free and vegetarian
  • Helps control plaque and tartar
  • Helps with bad breath
  • Made in Holland (if you are looking for American-made)
  • Not for dogs under 5 pounds


Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews Review

Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene ChewsView on Amazon

Virbac’s oral hygiene chews are made using select beef hide. The treats help eliminate and control plaque. They state nothing about freshening the breath. Customer reviews have had some alarming information (check out the cons).



  • Available in small, medium, large and x-large
  • Reduces plaque build-up
  • Made in Mexico (if you are looking for American-made)
  • Buyer reviews state that size is inconsistent
  • Pet parents say it causes some dogs to vomit


Zuke’s Z-Bones Dental Dog Treats Review

Zuke's Z-BonesView on Amazon

Zuke’s Z-Bones dental chews help freshen your dog’s breath, polish their teeth and keep your dog’s gums healthy. They are available in different flavors and sizes, so that you can find a good fit for your pup. Unfortunately, dogs must weigh at least 10 pounds to consume these treats.



  • Available in apple, fruit, vegetable, berry and carrot
  • Available in mini, regular, large, giant
  • Made in the USA
  • Grain free
  • Freshens breath and polishes teeth
  • Not for dogs under 10 pounds
  • Doesn’t mention plaque or tartar build up


Are Dogs’ Mouths Cleaner Than Human’s?

We’ve all heard it. Dogs’ mouths are cleaner than ours. Some of us believe this while others think it’s a bunch of malarkey. Is their saliva “cleaner” than ours? It can be hard to believe since they get into, lick and sometimes eat some not so good things.

Some veterinarians say, it’s not true that dogs’ mouths are cleaner, but most of the bacteria found in a dog’s mouth won’t harm humans. So, if you want to give your pup a kiss — go ahead! Just make sure they are up to date on all their shots and parasite control medications.

Check this out if you are looking for other ways to get rid of your dog’s bad breath. If you are looking for treats to reward your dog, we have you covered as well.

Do dental chews work on your dog?

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I use to give my Yorkie a dentastick daily. So when I adopted my pit bull I bought dentasticks. He was happy for the treat and took it to eat, then dropped it. I was curious. why. I smelled the stick and it smells like ammonia. They use to smell decent. It smells awful. It was a large box and was wondering if they stand behind their product. I’d like to return for a refund.
My dog is a chihuahua and mini dachshund, about 7.5 pounds, a rescue. She was fed soft dog food that nearly ruined her teeth. I get Oravet from my vet. It has individually wrapped dental chews. She loves them and has already cleaner teeth and breath. (She also has crunchy food from the vet.)
John Hill
Has anyone ever used Dingo (green pkage/yellow pkage) dental chews? Are they any good?
Arushi Gupta
My dog, Bijou, hates Greenies. My family and I do not know why. Thanks for this article. We are going to try the Buffalo ones. My dog is pretty small and is a Papillion.
Sally Goodrich
I had been giving my 3.3# Yorkie Whimzee extra extra small treats, apparently they don’t make them anymore. What would be a safe alternative for her?
Does anyone know if Whimzees are safe? I gave my 14 1/2 year old dog almost one bag of whimzees (which worked to remove plaque on her back teeth) and she just had a little protein in her urine. I want to make sure this product does not effect their kidneys.
I’ve been giving to my dog for about 7 years without a problem.
I have used Dentastix for my dog since she was a pup (now 3), and they have worked well, she loves all except the bacon flavor. I have also,since she was 12wks, brushed her teeth. Her teeth are pretty clean (except for the far back, which is also why I brush) and breath has never smelt bad.
In regards to the ingredients, I do wish they were better ingredients, more natural.
Heidi Bookenstock
I’m a first-time dog owner and I was not prepared for my dog loving to chew household items so much. I bought her some chews from the grocery store but they lasted all of 2 minutes before she had destroyed them. I love that this article reviews different chews and gives specific reasons why each one is a good option, I really appreciate knowing the health benefits of the different chews.
I have been giving our Spaniel mix 1 Dentastyx a day for around 2 years. He loves them, his teeth are pretty white and his breath is nice for a dog! He likes all flavors, even the minty ones. He is healthy, active and loves his morning Dentastyx (to “brush” his teeth). After his morning time outside, he goes straight to the closet where I keep them!
I have been giving my dog 1 dentastix everyday for as long as I can remember.
He is 11 now and very healthy and fit and still loves them
Greenies are NOT made in the USA. The ingredients come “from around the world” according to the package. They are assembled and boxed in Franklin, TN. And they cannot be sold in Canada….My husband ordered from Amazon and they are being returned!
You should be careful when feeding greenies or dentastix. both manufactured by pedigree, they are filled with cheap grains & by products, I wouldn’t let my dog any near these horrendous things
Sally Goodrich
My dog is 3 pounds, Greenies upset her stomach so I don’t give those to her. What would be a safe alternative? Being a Yorkie, she needs a dental chew. I have a natural additive for her water and I think that helps, I can’t find a toothbrush or finger brush small enough for her mouth. Any suggestions?
The only one here that fights Plaque and tartar and is VHOC approved is Greenies!!! To me, that would be the only one I’d consider!
I have a little one that weighs only 2.5 kg, we got him from a shelter so he was undernourished previously. According to this post, most of the treats are not for dogs that are below 5 pounds. Anyone able to advice?
Do not under any circumstances give these to your dogs that are under the weight range!!! What they don’t tell you is that it will cause pancreatitis and can cause kidney failure!! I made the mistake and my female Chihuahua paid with her life. My male Chihuahua was able to be saved but he almost died as well and it was VERY costly for me and very painful for him.
Gail Rhodes
I just let my new puppies eat a Denta Stix not realzing they should not have them. Should I be worried? They seem to be fine.
Michelle Schenker (Admin)
Hi Gail,
Just keep a watchful eye on your pup when trying this or anything that is new.
Try the Whimzees! My dog loves it and it comes in all shapes and sizes. There are grooves that get into the tough parts of dog’s teeth. These treats are also vegetarian, gmo free, and gluten free. There are no harsh ingredients that should make your dog sick! Look on their website for more info. Honestly, Whimzees are great and trustable!
Pamela Black
I’ve been giving my dogs Merrick mini brush bones. They are made in America, chicken flavored, grain and gluten free with natural ingredients. The problem I have is that they are packaged in such small bags. I noticed that Greenies offers a large box. I’ve never tried Greenies and wonder how they compare to Merricks.
Greenies have made 3 of my dogs sick. When I talked to my vet about them she stated that she does not recommend them because she has seen a lot of dogs having blockage issues with the treats. After seeing what they have caused my dogs, I tell people not to buy them.
The Dog Effect
I agree, you can’t beat greenies!
Sadie Cornelius (Admin)
Glad you like Greenies! I dog sit for a pup Harry (pictured above) who is obsessed with them too.
Yeah – obessed with the sugary treats.
Greenies contain BHA, a cancer causing preservative. Make sure you read the ingredients label before buying any of these products. It’s a good idea to do some research online as well.
Greenies don’t contain BHA according to their website. The ingredients are listed here:

I know some companies changed their formulas after the research came out, it’s possible they used to.