Best Dog Seat Belts, Car Seats, And Harnesses: How To Fit And Are They Safe?

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I’ve driven by many vehicles where I’ve seen a dog sitting on the driver’s lap, obstructing their view. While it’s adorable to see the dog enjoying the ride with their head out the window, it’s actually quite dangerous. If an accident occurred, the dog could be seriously injured or worse, not to mention the people involved as well. That’s why a dog seat belt, harness, or car seat can help. Learn more in our dog seat belt reviews.

When we adopted our dog, we made sure to get her a seat belt to keep her safe. We knew she’d be going everywhere with us and wanted to make sure she was safe in the vehicle, so we purchased a dog car restraint. We feel much safer knowing our Sally has a seat belt and is safe if we get in an accident. Hopefully, our dog car harness reviews can help you find the right pick for your pet.

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Best Dog Car Harness: PetSafe Deluxe Review

Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness for DogsView on Amazon

Is your dog good about staying in the backseat but falls all over the place when you’re stopping and starting? A car harness for dogs can create a safer, more comfortable ride for your pup.

To use the PetSafe Deluxe Car Safety Harness, put the harness on your dog, then attach the strap to the cross strap of the car seat belt. Make sure the seat belt is clicked into the buckle.

The other end of the strap has a spring-loaded D ring closure, which goes through the nylon straps on the top of the vest. After your dog is safely in position, they can stand, sit, lay, or peak their head upfront for a quick petting from you.



  • Crash test certified
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High quality for the low price
  • Dog can stand, sit, lay
  • Easy to use
  • Some people struggle with fitting it to their dog
  • Only comes in one color


  • $26.95

Best Seat Belt For Dogs: Vastar Review

Vastar Adjustable Pet Car Seat BeltView on Amazon

Our pick for the best dog seat belt has a clip that latches directly into your car seat belt buckle. The clip is 2 cm, so you’ll want to make sure it is compatible with your car buckles, and it’s adjustable from 21 to 36 inches, so it can accommodate small and large dogs. And the latest version has an elastic nylon bungee to help buffer the shock if you were to stop suddenly.

This dog seat belt allows your dog to sit, stand, or lay down. The best part is that it’s a two-pack of seat belts for dogs for the price of one. So, if you have two dogs, this is great, or if you’re like my husband and I and have two vehicles, it’s nice to have one in each vehicle. It’s super easy to use, just buckle the pet seat belt into the car buckle and clip the other end to your pet’s harness or collar.

Author’s Personal Experience

Our family has similar style seatbelts that we use for our dog, Sally. We have them attached to harnesses because, to us, it feels like it’s safer than having it attached to her collar. The seatbelts help keep her in the backseat so she can ride comfortably, and we don’t have to worry about her getting up in our faces while driving with her. – Kimberly A., Canine Journal



  • 18-month warranty
  • Dog can stand, sit, lay
  • Promises to get back to you within 24 hours if you have any questions
  • Sturdy, durable
  • Great customer service
  • May not fit in your car


Best Car Seat For Dogs: Snoozer Lookout Review

Dog in Snoozer Lookout Car SeatView on Amazon

If you have a smaller dog, a car seat may be a good idea, so your dog can see out the window. Your dog will be very comfortable in this car seat. It has a foam form and simulated lamb’s wool interior, which stays cool in the summer and keeps your dog warm during the winter.

The quilted nylon cover repels hair and is washable and dryable. There are multiple fabric color options for you to choose from as well, so your dog will ride in style.



  • Different color options
  • Comfortable during the winter and summer
  • Available in different colors
  • Washable/dryable
  • Cover repels hair
  • A little expensive


  • Small (19″H x 17″W x 15″D):  $74.95
  • Medium for pets up to 25 lbs (19″H x 22″W x 17″D):  $128.95


Dog sitting in front seat in car harness (Caption: Dog Seat Belts, car seats and harnesses)Here are some frequently asked questions we get when it comes to traveling with pets in cars.

How Does A Dog Car Harness Work?

Car harnesses work like seat belts for humans in that they help keep dogs from being injured in the event of an accident. Like children and babies, dogs cannot secure themselves properly and are more prone to sliding around in the seat at sudden stops.

How To Fit A Dog Car Harness?

You fit a car harness according to the recommendations for the specific type you get. In general, it should be tight across their body, so they don’t slip out, but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable.

Do Dog Car Seats Help With Car Sickness?

Car seats aren’t usually going to solve car sickness issues. Check out our article dedicated to how to deal with dogs with car sickness.

Are Dog Car Harnesses Safe?

Any type of harness in a car is safer than a dog who is without a restraint. Make sure you read the instructions and are properly using your dog harness for maximum safety.

Do Dogs Have To Wear Harness In Car?

Car restraint laws vary by state. At the time of publishing, only six states have restrictions of some sort for dogs being buckled up (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island). If you live (or are passing through) one of these places with your pooch, you might want to check what’s legal. Several states proposed legislation for dog transportation laws. And while all other states might not have laws, they could encourage it or not allow dogs to be unsecured in the flatbed of pickup trucks.

Does Your Dog Get Anxious In The Car?

Doggy Dan, the dog trainer, has some tips for how to calm your dog down if they get anxious in the car.

Tips For Traveling With Dogs

As we mentioned, having some type of dog seat belt or restraint for your dog in the car can save their life. Dog barriers may be another option you’d like to consider using in your vehicle.

There are other things you should consider when traveling with your dog too. It’s important to know your dog and provide them with what they need for safety and comfort (check out our dog car seat cover reviews). Read our article about traveling with dogs in vehicles, so you’ve thought of everything prior to your trip. Lastly, if your dog has difficulties getting into the vehicle, look into dog car ramps.

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