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Can Dogs Eat Bananas? Are Bananas Good For Dogs?


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dog eating peeled banana from womans hand

Bananas are America’s most popular fruit. We love this tasty tropical treat in everything from cereal and pancakes to smoothies and desserts or simply as a stand-alone, low-calorie snack. While you might be tempted to share your banana with your canine sidekick, you may be wondering, “can dogs eat bananas?” Are bananas safe for dogs, or do they pose any health risks? In general, bananas are okay to share with your pup, but we have a few safe feeding guidelines you’ll want to follow to keep your dog healthy.

Can Dogs Have Bananas?

Yes, dogs can eat bananas in small quantities. They’re not toxic for our canine companions and contain some beneficial nutrients. However, bananas contain a lot of sugar (and the sugar and carb content continue to rise as bananas ripen), so it’s best to give them in moderation to avoid weight gain. Can puppies eat bananas? Yes, in small amounts.

Many dogs love the fruity and slightly tangy taste of bananas, along with the fun, mushy texture. A few banana slices make a perfect snack or an excellent food topper to entice picky eaters. They’re also a fantastic addition to homemade baked or frozen dog treats.

If your canine companion is diabetic or overweight, the high-sugar content in bananas may cause health problems, so it’s best to check with your veterinarian to see if they’re safe for your pup.

Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels?

No, it’s best to avoid feeding your pup banana peels. While they’re not toxic to dogs, the high fiber content in peels makes them difficult to digest and can cause stomach upset. Banana peels also pose a risk of intestinal blockage, which could lead to serious health problems. If your furry friend gobbles up a banana peel before you can get it away from her, it’s likely not a major issue. Just be sure to monitor her for any signs of tummy troubles.

Are Bananas Good For Dogs?

Not only are bananas a tasty occasional treat for our furry friends, but they also have several health benefits that make them a better snack choice than high-calorie processed dog treats. These benefits include:

  • Low in calories, fat, salt, and cholesterol
  • High levels of potassium can help maintain healthy blood pressure and kidney function
  • Good source of vitamin C and antioxidants for immune health and to protect cells from free radical damage
  • Good source of vitamin B6 for nervous system health and improved metabolism
  • Rich in fiber for improved digestion
  • Good source of magnesium for maintaining bone and muscle health and helps the body absorb vitamins

How Much Banana Can Dogs Have Each Day?

Small dogs should only have two to three small slices a day, while large dogs can eat one-half of a banana each day. As with any new food, if you’re feeding your furry friend bananas for the first time, keep an eye out for any signs of allergies or digestive upset. And remember, that moderation is key. Experts advise sticking to modest amounts when giving your pup any snacks, treats, or additional food.

“I regularly come across dogs who are overweight, and often the underlying reason is that they eat too many treats in addition to their dog food,” says Dr. Hannah Godfrey, BVetMed, MRCVS, a small animal veterinarian in Cardiff, Wales. “It’s easy to get carried away when giving your dog treats, especially if you’re training them, but to avoid becoming overweight or unhealthy, treats should be no more than 10% of a dog’s daily food intake.

Our Personal Experience With Dog Eating Bananas

frozen dog treats with banana

“Our dog doesn’t eat bananas by themselves, but loves them mashed up with plain, non-fat yogurt and peanut butter frozen into ice cubes topped with a blueberry. The sweet, soft fruit mashes well to easily combine into a low-calorie, healthy treat.”

Sadie Cornelius, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog mom

What Fruits & Human Foods Are Unsafe For My Dog?

While many other fruits are excellent occasional treats, some fruits and other human foods aren’t safe for our canine companions. See our in-depth article on which fruits dogs can and can’t eat, which includes precautions and critical food prep guidelines to follow. And to ensure you’re keeping your pup as safe and healthy as possible, be sure to read our comprehensive guide on which human foods dogs can’t eat

Even though bananas are safe for dogs when given in moderation, your pet is sure to encounter unexpected dangers and health concerns throughout her life. For example, something as simple as ingesting a couple of grapes could be life-threatening for your pup, resulting in costly emergency vet bills. Protecting your dog with pet insurance can reduce your financial burden so you can focus on your best buddy’s health should an emergency arise.

Switch Treats Up To Give Your Pup A Variety

Many pups get bored with the same dog food and treats day after day. But keeping several different healthy types of treats on hand can provide your dog with a flavor variety whether you’re using them to train or reward your furry sidekick. Fortunately, you have plenty of high-quality commercial doggie treats to choose from for a host of health needs and dietary preferences.

See our picks for the best low-calorie treats for weight control, hypoallergenic treats for pups with skin allergies, treats for diabetic pups, and CBD treats to help ease anxiety or joint pain. We’ve also chosen your best options for organic treats, vegan treats, and freeze-dried treats.

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