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Dog showing it's belly and genitals (Caption: How To Express Dog's Anal Glands)

How To Express Your Dog’s Anal Glands (Plus Causes & Prevention)

It’s not the most pleasant subject to discuss. But hey, you’ve surely dealt with your dog’s puke and potty accidents before, right? And this is for your beloved pup’s comfort after all — and ultimately his health. If your dog suffers from occasional anal gland issues, we’re here to help. Learn how to spot the signs of impacted anal glands, how to express your dog’s anal glands, and what you can do to help prevent frequent blockages. If not taken care of immediately, blocked anal sacs can lead to a severe infection.

woman looking at dog food bag in pet store holding dog in other arm

Best Diabetic Dog Food: Non-Prescription, Budget-Friendly, Low-Carb & More

So, your vet has told you that your furry family member has diabetes mellitis. It can be a worrisome diagnosis for sure, but many diabetic dogs can have an excellent quality of life for many years as long as you’re vigilant about keeping the disease under control. The key to managing diabetes is to keep your pet’s blood sugar (glucose) near normal levels. For dogs, this requires daily insulin injections and a diet change in some cases — particularly for overweight dogs. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a diabetic canine’s diet. That’s because many factors affect each dog’s unique needs, including age, activity level, whether he’s overweight, the presence of any other health conditions, and more. But dog food ingredients can sometimes help keep a dog’s glucose levels more steady. We’ll explain some general diet guidelines and give your our reviews of some of the best food for dogs with diabetes.

dog food bowl with spoon of fiber

Best High Fiber Dog Food: Low Fat, Small Breeds, Puppies & More

Fiber is an essential part of a dog’s diet. It is helpful in the digestive system, keeping bowel movements regular and helping keep harmful bacteria from growing in the intestines and gut. Fiber is also beneficial to overweight dogs, making them feel full longer. If you are considering high fiber dog food, there are a few things to consider. Always take the time to research and make the transition to new food slowly. Finding the best high-fiber dog food for your dog starts with getting to know what high fiber food is and what to look for.

woman preparing human-grade dog food at home chopping fresh food and dog watching

Best Human-Grade Dog Food: Fresh, Dry, Canned, Treats & More

If you’re looking for a high-quality, healthy diet for your pup, you may be considering human-grade dog food. There’s a lot of pet food hitting the market these days that claim to be human-grade, but what does that mean? Are there standards for human-grade dog food? We shed light on these questions and more and give you our top picks for the best human-grade dog food.

Dog catching food with mouth wide open and a person's hand full of food (Caption: Best Freeze-Dried Dog Treats)

Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food: Toppers, Nuggets, Patties & More

Freeze-dried raw dog food is a definite trend these days. Why? Freeze-drying preserves essential nutrients in raw food ingredients, producing a shelf-stable and lightweight dog food product. Whereas most kibble is baked and loses some nutrients in the baking process. So, many consumers think it’s a healthier option vs commercial kibble if they want the healthiest ingredients without having to store dog food in your fridge or freezer. Our freeze-dried dog food reviews give you our top picks, as well as information about the questionable safety of raw dog food.

girl sitting on sofa at home in living room unboxing dog food and snacks with dog in her lap

Best Dog Food Delivery Service 2023: PetFlow vs Chewy vs Amazon vs Ollie vs Farmers Dog vs Freshpet vs Nom Nom & More

You come home from a long day at work only to realize you forgot to pick up dog food on the way home. As pet parents, we’ve all been there. But there’s an easy way to keep your home stocked with the dog food of your choice. Dog’s diets are changing, and thus the options are expanding. According to a 2020 Wisdom Panel survey, 20% of dogs eat grain-free dog food, 19% eat specialty food, and culinary-based and high-protein pet foods are expected to grow by 30% or more in the next four years. Whether you’re looking for fresh dog food meals, personalized diets, all-natural kibble, traditional dog food, or sustainably sourced, we’ve got you covered. Discover the best dog food delivery services we’ve found for your dog’s nutritional needs.

Dog lying near its bowl full of fresh dog food looking at camera

Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery: Our Dogs Tested & Here Are Their Favorites

If you’re looking for whole-food ingredients without additives and preservatives for your pup’s diet, fresh dog food could be the perfect solution – especially if you and your dog aren’t fans of the usual overly processed dry kibble. Our experts give you our recommendations for the best companies to get fresh dog food delivered right to your door. It saves you the hassle of preparing food from scratch while ensuring that your dog gets all the nutrients he needs (which is a major concern with homemade dog food).

puppy eating BARF dog food with packaging next to the bowl

BARF Dog Food Reviews: Benefits, Features, How It Works & More

Many canine owners have heard of the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet. One company, BARF World Dog Food, is a pioneer in the raw pet food industry. If you are considering a raw diet for your pup, this is a company you will likely consider. BARF World Dog Food was the first commercial offering of its kind and was designed by pet care professionals, including a veterinary surgeon. Is this chow right for your pup?

Dog eating Open Farm dog treats (Caption: Open Farm Dog Food Review)

Open Farm Dog Food Review: Kibble, Freeze-Dried, Wet Food & More

Are you looking for ethically sourced dog food? If so, Open Farm’s dog food could be just the ticket for you and your pup. Open Farm prides itself on providing the most responsibly sourced ingredients for customers devoted to eco-friendly and cruelty-free practices. What do they offer? And are their products worth the higher price for their ingredients?

Woman in kitchen preparing food feeding piece to dog from cutting board

What Can Dogs Not Eat? Lists Of Safe & Toxic Foods For Your Dog: Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Human Food, Fish, Meat, Bones, Etc.

Dogs aren’t picky eaters by any stretch of the imagination. However, this doesn’t mean that everything that they eat is good for them. As a dog parent, you should know how certain foods affect your dog. All too often, our dogs get into foods they shouldn’t. Some of those foods are toxic to dogs and require immediate vet treatment, which can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you have pet insurance, accidental poisoning may be covered, which can help save you money and focus on your dog’s health. But whether you have pet insurance or not, you need to be aware of which foods are unsafe for your dog, so you can keep them safe. We help you by giving you lists of foods dogs can’t eat and some they can eat safely.

frenchie looking at berries and fruit on a counter

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat? 21 Healthy Choices & 5 Fruits Dogs Can’t Eat

Although fruit isn’t required in a dog’s daily diet, there’s no question that fruits have health benefits for our furry friends. And they love the sweet flavors and varying textures. Many premium dog food brands even include whole fruits to boost the nutritional value (and taste) of their formulas. But, as is the case with all types of human foods, some fruits that we eat can be quite harmful to our canine companions. We give you a comprehensive guide of the best fruits for your pup, their health benefits, safe feeding guidelines, and fruits to avoid giving your dog.

Pug looking at orange slice from a person's hand

Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Are They Good For Your Pup?

Oranges are a delicious, juicy fruit heavily used in our culinary dishes. Who doesn’t like to start the day with a glass of that fresh, sweet, energy-boosting nectar called orange juice? We love our oranges, fresh slices, juices, salad dressings, sauces, and even orange-flavored candy. It might seem natural to want to share this goodness with our pups but can dogs eat oranges? Are oranges safe for dogs? There is much more to know about feeding our pups fresh fruits and vegetables. Let’s get into it and learn more about dogs eating oranges.

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