What to Do If Dog Your Gets Hit by a Car

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Dog laying on ground by  carHope for the best, but plan for the worst. I find myself living by this rule through everything I do in life. I’m a naturally optimistic person, but I am also a prepared person. The thought of my dog getting hit by a car shakes me to the core, but I’m glad I’m writing about it because perhaps this article will save a dog’s life in the future.

Dog Hit by Car – What to Do

You opened the front door and Fido ran past you and out into the street. He’s been hit by a car, and there’s one of two scenarios we’re going to play out.

The first scenario, Fido is laying there and you can tell something is wrong. This scenario has an obvious solution: take your dog to the emergency vet immediately. Be extremely careful when handling your dog so as not to exacerbate the pup’s injuries. Also, dogs that are in shock and pain might scratch or bite when they wouldn’t otherwise. An emergency muzzle might be necessary. Finally, phone the emergency vet while you are in route. The vet will want information that they will need to treat your dog on arrival and can also advise you on emergency treatment.

The second scenario, my dog got hit by a car but seems fine. This can be a more sticky situation, but ultimately, you should call your dog’s vet and talk to them about the situation. Your vet will have more appropriate recommendations for you than we do because each dog and scenario is different.

The video below has some tips for what to do if your dog gets hit by a car and how to properly move him.

Cost of Treatment for a Dog Hit by a Car

The cost to have your dog treated from being hit by a car will vary depending on the severity of the dog’s injuries. If your pup was grazed by a car traveling at a slow speed, then a routine vet exam might be all that is required. However, if your dog was struck full-on and is unable to walk (or worse), then you could be looking at thousands of dollars in emergency veterinary care costs. Proactively getting pet insurance can help defray these costs and, depending on your financial situation, might even provide the resources to save your dog’s life.

Dog Hit by Car Injuries

First of all, it’s important to have your emergency veterinarian’s contact information on hand for any emergency. You should contact your emergency vet for life and death situations as well as any other issues that cannot wait until your dog can be seen during regular veterinarian hours. If your dog is hit by a car, it’s important to know what to watch for. Below are common injuries and dog hit by car symptoms.

Bone Fractures

Bone fractures are the most common dog hit by car injuries. A bone fracture occurs when the limb experiences a sudden force, which causes the bone to crack. As a result, internal bleeding may occur because the bone can puncture other organs or blood vessels. Symptoms may include swelling, pain and inability to move the limb. Treatment of a bone fracture can depend on the location and type of fracture, but a splint, cast, plates, screws and pins are commonly used to stabilize the bone and help it heal. Surgery may be required for more severe bone fractures as well as pain meds to help with recovery.

Muscle Sprains

Muscle sprains occur in less severe collisions, but your dog should still see a vet. Failure to see a vet can result in lameness and reduced mobility. Symptoms of muscle sprains include swelling, pain, limping or the inability to move the limb itself. Diagnosis consists of a physical exam by a vet and an x-ray. The solution to healing a muscle sprain includes splinting the joint and prescribing anti-inflammatory medications, but in some cases, surgery may be required.

Dog Hit by Car Survival Rate

We don’t have an exact statistic for your dog’s survival rate if he was hit by a car. His survival rate is based on the injuries he sustained, which can vary in severity. Once your dog’s vet has diagnosed his injuries, your vet may be able to give you a survival rate.

My Dog Got Hit by a Car

I was in elementary school when we got our dog, Lucky. She was a beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever puppy and was full of energy. We had her for just a few weeks when I came home from school, and my mom told me the terrible news. Lucky had been hit by the garbage truck. My heart ached at the loss of her. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something I could’ve done to save her had I been with her. I would’ve loved to at least held her during her final breath. My parents laid her to rest on our property, and I visited her to show my respects.

Losing a dog is never easy — it doesn’t matter if you are with them during their final moments or not. The days, weeks and even months afterward are difficult to face. If you have lost your pet and are struggling with grief and mourning your furry friend we recommend reading our article about dealing with the loss of a pet. There are many emotions you’ll be facing, and we’d be happy to help you through the grieving process.

Has your dog survived being hit by a car?

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I hope this never happens to me, so sad! But appreciate the info in case it does…

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