Petnostics Review: Urine Tests For Dogs

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Mobile app and Petnostics cupIf your pet suffers from bladder infections, urinary tract infections, kidney stones or any other urine-analysis related illness, Petnostics may save you money and time.  Instead of going to the vet before you know whether something is really wrong, the Petnostics urine test strips for dogs can be used to diagnose your pup at home using just a pee cup and your smartphone. You might recognize this product from season 7 of Shark Tank when this idea was pitched by Stephen Chen, the founder of this product. Either way, you will want to learn more about how Petnostics works and how it could benefit you and your furry friend.

Note: We recommend that if you opt to use a Petnostics urine test for dogs and get any abnormal results, please take your pup to the vet for further testing. For example, if your dog tests positive for liver disease, then you should have your vet confirm it asap so you can quickly begin any necessary treatment. Another example is if your dog suffers from urinary tract infections regularly, then this dog UTI test can help you determine when your dog requires treatment. Now, keep reading for our full review of Petnostics and how it could potentially help you.

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Key Features

  • Three step process to analyze your dog or cat’s urine: collect urine, seal cup, run diagnostics
  • Analyze your pet’s urine through the Petnostics app
  • Discover health issues such as UTI, dehydration, diabetes, kidney stones, bacterial infections, liver disease, ketonuria, anemia and proteinuria



  • Less expensive than having your pet’s urine analyzed at the vet’s office
  • App lets you forward results to anyone, including your vet
  • Responsive to customer feedback
  • The urine collector is very helpful for dogs
  • Cat litter is convenient for collecting your feline’s urine
  • Single use
  • Reports of the same test giving different results depending on the angle of the phone and lighting
  • Must pay extra for the urine collector


Do Customers Think Petnostics Is Easy to Use?

Below are some dog urine test reviews we gathered online to give you an idea of how easy this urinalysis test for dogs is. Note: Both negative reviews are from Android users with complaints about the app so maybe iOS users will have more luck. Or, even better, maybe Petnsotics will fix its Android app!

Positive Reviews

I just followed the directions from the app and was able to get my dogs results quickly. Scanning the strip was painless and gave me a lot of good info. Must have for pet owners! – Skymek1, Google Play 1/30/2017

App works great! I couldn’t scan so I went through the manual image process and they came back with a response and my results really quickly! – Brookelynn R., Google Play 1/30/2017

Negative Reviews

Worst part is the scanning process. Doesn’t give any information about why it’s not able to scan, doesn’t let you know when you’re close to getting the scan, or when the scan has started. Also, registration is difficult. Never tells you to verify your email. Makes you enter your name again and again, and your pet’s name again and again. A very frustrating app. – Vincent C., Google Play 6/24/2016

Didn’t work. Scan gave back no useful feedback Super disappointed. I sat for five minutes trying to get the lid to scan and all I got back was “Sorry! Android is unable to process this type of cup at this time”. Then why did I even bother getting all up in my dogs business? Would have been worth it if it worked. – Shanon D., Google Play 8/4/2016

Note: We found in our research that there were several complaints of issues with the Android app, however were informed from Petnostics that a newer version released March 2017 resolves those issues and it’s now up to par with the iOS app.

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Don’t Forget the Veterinarian

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As a friendly reminder, just because you tested your pet’s urine doesn’t mean trips to the vet need to stop. In fact, if you find something, this is the time to visit your veterinarian’s office asap for further testing and treatment. It’s also important to continue going to your pet’s annual checkup and participating in any necessary follow-up appointments. Check with your vet to see how often your pet should be seen and consider using Petnostics to give you an idea of your furry pal’s health in between appointments.

What results did your pet get when you used Petnostics?

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I bought 5 tests today (one for each dog) and a urine collector. I was surprised how easy it was. I had zero problems with the app installation or collection of data using my iPhone 7.
Kate M
I saw this on Sharktank too! I didn’t end up getting it but after your review I think I’ll try it out…