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If you found this, you’re probably on a hunt to get pet insurance for your furry family member. And if you’re like us, you’re looking to score the best possible deal before you purchase. Well, if you are interested in a Trupanion Pet Insurance discount, you may be in luck.

Are there seasonal discounts? Is there a Cyber Monday deal that might offer the most savings? We’re your source for the latest Trupanion promo codes, so keep this article handy.

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Is Trupanion A Good Choice?

Girl and dog running through yard (caption: Trupanion Pet Insurance Review)There are several pet insurance companies on the market, but what stands out about Trupanion? We give Trupanion kudos for offering the best pet insurance for bilateral conditions in our best pet insurance reviews. A bilateral condition is a medical issue that affects both sides of the body (e.g.,hip dysplasiaCCL injuries, among others). Trupanion has no bilateral exclusions, which is relatively uncommon in the pet insurance industry. This could be a major perk if your dog’s breed is predisposed to ACL tears or other bilateral concerns.

Trupanion’s policy choices are fewer and, thus, less complicated than many other pet insurance providers. This may appeal to some consumers. Of course, this also means fewer options for coverage and, thus, pricing. On average, it’s on the more expensive side compared to similar coverage from other companies, and its underwriter is unrated by A.M. Best, an insurance rating company for financial stability.

Trupanion only offers one reimbursement rate (90%) with an unlimited annual limit. So, the only option for customizing your plan comes when you choose your deductible amount ($0 to $1,000). Each policy’s cost is unique to your pet and depends on many variables, including your pet’s age, breed, location, health conditions, and more.

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Our Experts Compare Trupanion To The Competition

Dog and cat rubbing against each other (caption: Best Pet Insurance)Our team has over three centuries of combined experience providing advice for pet owners and reviewing relevant products and services. Pet insurance is one of our most closely analyzed categories. That’s why we have a licensed insurance professional on staff to consult on all of our pet insurance content and a vet to review our health information.

So who did our experts pick as the top pet insurance company this year? Head over to our best pet insurance article to see the top three, along with category winners, addressing specific needs ranging from dental care and aging dogs to wellness coverage and multi-pet discounts.

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