Can dogs eat raw potatoes?

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My American Eskimo loves raw potatoes, is this okay?


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Laura Nimtz
My Pomeranian ate a raw potato and after 5 weeks of painful sickness was discovered he has a blockage. It was a small potato
My 2 months old Australian shepherd ate a peice of a raw potato that was on the floor and threw it up during the night. I highly suggest u never intentionally give your dog a raw potato
That guy
I have a Dogo Argentino that has eaten two potatoes and it’s only 7 months for Old Mines you she didn’t eat both potatoes at the same time but you get my point she is perfectly healthy perfectly fine
Marlene Servant
My husky has eaten raw potatoes since she was a puppy, and she is now 14 1/2 years old. I would never give her the green part of any potato and I would not eat the green either. She loves potatoes and comes running when she knows we are preparing potatoes for dinner. I don’t believe they are toxic to dogs, but we only ever gave her small pieces.
Darla Walden
I have a 50 lb 9 month old boxer who ate maybe 25% of a raw potato, is it harmful
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
Hi Darla, I suggest calling your vet. The size of potato will play a factor in how it affects your dog.
Raw potatoes are perfectly fine for dogs.
Skin and all, it is easily digestable.

Eat up little pup!

Multiple Vetrinarians

Canine Journal (Admin)
Jon, thanks for sharing the tip however we’ve read from multiple reputable sources that raw potatoes are not okay for dogs to eat as they are not easy on their stomach.
Calling Admins Bluff
I need to see these reputable sources
Kimberly Alt (Admin)
All of these sites say raw potatoes are bad for dogs as well as vets we have talked to:
Pet WebMD slide 24
Thank you for the tip we would of never knew it was safe
Canine Journal (Admin)
Doug, cooked potatoes are fine but raw potatoes contain solanine which can be toxic for dogs including the fact that it’s hard for them to digest.
Potatoes that have been exposed to sunlight turn green under the skin, that’s where is the solanin. These shouldn’t be eaten raw or cooked, as solanin persists after cooking.
So raw potatoes that don’t have this green tinge do not contain solanin.

However, this doesn’t solve the question of dogs eating raw potatoes, which is the reason why 0I came to this website. My dog stole a raw potato and ate half of it. This was a surprise for me, because sometimes a few potatoes have been within his reach before, but I’m not aware that he ever took one. Maybe he did and I didn’t notice, in which case it would mean that he has been fine eating them, but there’s no way to know if he ate some before. He looks fine for the moment. I’ll update if I notice anything.
He’s a large English Sheepdog, weighs 100 lbs and is 12 years old.