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Does Pet Insurance Cover Training? Which Providers Offer Reimbursement For Behavior Or Obedience Classes?


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General obedience training is excluded by pet insurance. However, Embrace’s wellness plans are among the only ones that offer reimbursement for training classes and related items. Learn more about Embrace’s coverage and how they and other insurers handle behavioral training.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Training?

No, pet insurance does not cover training because it is not an accident or illness. This includes obedience training, potty training, house training, agility training, therapy dog training, service dog training, clicker training, gundog training, and more. Training is an optional tool to teach your dog new skills, whereas pet insurance is there to cover the unexpected.

Pet insurance is similar to human health insurance. So think of it this way: your health insurance doesn’t cover the cost of education, nor does pet insurance for training. You can better understand what pet insurance covers before signing up for a policy.

How To Get Coverage For Training

Embrace Pet Insurance is the only pet insurance that covers training classes through a wellness plan. Training classes (e.g., puppy classes, agility classes, etc.) and training devices (e.g., Gentle Leaders) are eligible for reimbursement through Embrace’s Wellness Rewards plan. However, the Wellness Rewards plan does not cover training treatsshock collars, and muzzles.

Learn More About Pet Wellness Plans

You can learn more about pet wellness plans, including how they differ from pet insurance, how they work, what companies offer them, and what they cover. Note that wellness plans are not insurance products but optional add-on coverage for routine-related costs.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Behavioral Training?

Yes, behavioral training/therapy is eligible for coverage by many pet insurance companies as long as the condition is diagnosed and treatment is administered by a licensed veterinarian, it is not pre-existing, and it doesn’t show signs during the waiting periods. Some insurers exclude behavioral therapies from their pet insurance policies or charge an extra fee for coverage.

The table below shows the companies in our pet insurance comparison that offer coverage for behavioral training through pet insurance and coverage for training coverage through a wellness plan.

CompanyBehavioral Training Through Pet InsuranceTraining Classes Through Wellness Plan
pets best logo 250 transparentCheckmark
fetch logo 250 transparentCheckmark
healthy paws logo 250 transparent
embrace logo transparent 200 pngCheckmarkCheckmark
figo logo 250 transparentCheckmark
lemonade logo 250 transparentExtra Fee
trupanion logo 250 transparentCheckmark
aspca logo 250 transparentCheckmark
spot logo 250 transparentCheckmark
nationwide logo 250 transparentCheckmark

Our Personal Experience With Pet Insurance For Dog Training

Pets Best claim screenshot for dog training.
Sadie’s Pets Best claim explanation shows why behavioral training was not covered.

We had just enrolled Georgie, our new puppy, for pet insurance for his first birthday. Shortly after, we noticed some pretty bad separation anxiety and behavioral issues on walks. Georgie pulled and barked at triggers like squirrels, bikes, and other dogs. Luckily, our vet had a new in-house behaviorist, and they recommended that we see him to help break his bad habits. We filed the claim with Pets Best, but, unfortunately, it was not covered because the services were rendered within the 14-day waiting period outlined in our new policy. However, we did benefit greatly from seeing the behaviorist. The advice, medication, and training the specialists provided were more than worth the investment in helping Georgie’s mental health and improving his behavior.

Sadie Cornelius, dog mom to a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who experiences behavioral issues and worked with multiple dog trainers on anxiety

How To Train My Dog

We have many training articles available for you to reference. To get you started, check out these online dog training courses. The prices are lower than those of in-person trainers, and they offer enough guidance to help you feel equipped to train your dog.

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