Petplan Insurance Reviews: Is It The Most Comprehensive?

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Pug with bone in mouthPetplan is among the most reputable pet insurance companies due to its outstanding customer service and excellent coverage. However, competitors have stepped up in recent years, offering more coverage for less money.

Why do we think Petplan still deserves your consideration as a pet insurance provider? Read our review to see why you might choose Petplan, especially if you’re signing up as a new customer or adding a new pet.

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Article Overview


4.3 / 5
Policy Coverage 4.8
Customer Service & Reputation 4.3
Timeliness of Claim Payment 4.5
Price of Policy 3.8


  • There is a 5% discount for users purchasing their insurance plan online
  • Covers advertising lost pets, losing your pet, cancelled vacation due to pet illness, etc.
  • No lifetime or per condition claims limit
  • BBB rating: A+ (under its incorporated name, Fetch, Inc.)
  • Claims are typically paid within 5-7 days although it allows up to 30 days
  • App available to support claims via iOS and Android
  • Covers the exam fees for sick visits ($50-$250 on average)
  • No claims credit (2% discount for each consecutive 12-month policy period without a claim, up to 10% max discount)


  • Complaints from existing customers of premium increases being drastically higher than competitors
  • In order for coverage to apply you must take your dog to the vet within 48 hours of noticing symptoms of an illness or injury
  • A number of policyholders complain that Petplan delays payment on claims (often due to a short upfront waiting period as a new customer) and requires an invoice from your vet
  • Dogs must have annual health and dental check-ups in order for coverage to apply. Failure to do so may mean your dog won’t get insurance coverage until that checkup is done.
  • Only covers CCL (ACL) on a second leg if the first leg remains healed for 12 months (if your pet received treatment for a cruciate or soft tissue injury to one knee before policy inception, then the other knee is automatically excluded)
  • Customers state (and our sample quotes show) it is more expensive than Healthy Paws for unlimited annual claims
  • No wellness plan
  • $3 credit card processing fee for monthly and quarterly payments

Key Features

  • Underwriter: XL Specialty Insurance Company (XL Catlin)
  • Requires vet exams to establish your pet’s baseline of health
    • Must occur within 60 days before or 30 days after enrollment for any age animal
    • If your pet hasn’t had a vet exam within 60 days prior to the policy’s effective date, any medical condition(s) observed or recorded during the next vet exam will be excluded from coverage
    • Pets older than 6 must visit the vet within 1 month of the policy’s effective date to establish a baseline of health
  • 6-month waiting period for cruciate ligaments and patellas can be waived if a vet examines your pet within 30 days of policy issuance and the vet notes explicitly that there’s no indication of any knee problems:
    • From Petplan policy: If your pet has received treatment for a cruciate or soft tissue injury to one knee during the first six (6) months of the policy (where no certification of knee health has been provided as described in Section V.g.) then the other knee is automatically excluded from coverage for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of last treatment to the affected knee.
  • Pre-existing conditions defined by Petplan: A medical condition which first occurred or showed clinical sign(s) before the effective date of this policy or which occurred or showed clinical sign(s) during the policy waiting period.
  • Offers a bilateral exclusion (a condition or disease that affects both sides of the body) for injuries/conditions of cruciate ligaments, if one side were pre-existing the policy would exclude the other if injured
  • Must submit claims within 90 days following treatment via the mobile app, fax, email or mail
  • PetVetDirect reimburses the veterinarian directly
  • Claim repayment may take up to 30 days but are typically paid within 5 to 7 days for complete claims submitted via the app or online
  • 30-day free look period (similar to a money-back guarantee)
  • No claims credit: For each consecutive 12-month policy period that a pet has gone without a paid claim, a 2% credit is awarded at renewal (up to a max of 10%)
  • Petplan covers curable pre-existing conditions after 365 days
    • From Petplan policy: Any such curable medical condition that does not reoccur within the first curable exclusionary period will be coverable provided an annual exam is conducted by a veterinarian dated after the curable exclusionary period and before the first reoccurrence of such curable medical condition.
  • Policies of $15,000 annual limit or more offer additional coverages:
    • The cost of advertising and paying a reward for a stolen or lost pet
    • The reasonable cost of boarding your pet at a licensed kennel or cattery while you’re in the hospital as a result of your own sickness, disease or bodily injury
    • Reimbursement for the price you paid for your pet if your pet is stolen or goes missing during the policy period and is not found
    • Reimbursement for the price you paid for your pet if your pet dies or has to be put to sleep by a vet during the policy period, as a result of injury or illness
    • Reimbursement for any travel and accommodation costs you cannot recover, if you have to cancel or cut short a vacation during the policy period because your pet is injured or shows the first clinical sign(s) of an illness while you are away or up to 7 days before you leave, and as a result requires immediate lifesaving vet treatment
  • Customer service hours:
    • Email, live chat and phone: 24/7

What Does Petplan Cover?

Here’s a list of services that Petplan does and does not cover as of December 2018.

Covered by PetplanNot Covered by Petplan
Injuries & accidentsWellness & routine care
IllnessPreventative care
Non-routine veterinary exam fees & sick visits, including specialists and emergency careProphylactic teeth cleaning
Dental coverage for oral disease and injuries – including periodontal disease, extractions and advanced treatments such as root canal therapyNon-curable pre-existing conditions
Behavioral treatment – including anxiety disorders such as travel and separation anxietyElective treatments e.g., tail docking, ear cropping (not recommended by a veterinarian to treat or diagnose an injury or illness)
Hereditary and chronic conditionsBreeding, pregnancy, whelping or treatment of offspring
Imaging (X-ray, MRI, CAT scan, ultrasound)
Diagnostic treatment
Prescription medications
Cancer treatment
Surgery & rehab
Alternative, holistic and homeopathic treatments
Curable pre-existing conditions

Is Hip Dysplasia Covered?

Petplan covers hereditary conditions, such as hip dysplasia, as long as there were no signs or symptoms before the policy or during the required 15-day waiting period.

Price Quotes

Petplan has annual coverage limits of $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000, $25,000 or unlimited. The lower the limit you select, the lower your monthly premium will be. However, we always recommend getting unlimited or the highest level possible within your budget because you never know what illnesses or injuries your pet may experience in one year.

Petplan offers $250 to $1,000 annual deductibles and 70%, 80% and 90% reimbursements. The higher your deductible and the lower your reimbursement, the lower your monthly premium will be. There may be more options available based on your unique circumstances so be sure to reach out to Petplan by phone at 800-237-1123 to explore possible customized plan options.

The cost of each policy is unique to your pet and depends on many variables, including your pet’s age, breed, location, health conditions and more. Below are some sample quotes we’ve obtained from Petplan. Quotes are from December 2018.

BreedLabrador RetrieverEnglish Cocker SpanielGerman ShepherdYorkshire TerrierYorkshire TerrierYorkshire TerrierMixed Breed Cat
Age2 years8 years4 years6 years2 months2 months2 years
(zip code: 33134)
(zip code: 60290)
(zip code: 90001)
New York
(zip code: 10001)
New York
(zip code: 10001)
(zip code: 60290)
Washington D.C.
(zip code: 20001)
Price Per Month$81.39$110.00$65.67$95.84$40.04$24.28$32.57
Reimbursement Level80%70%90%90%90%80%80%
Annual Deductible$250$500$500$250$250$250$250
Annual LimitUnlimitedUnlimited$2,500$15,000$15,000$5,000Unlimited

You can get personalized price quotes for your pet(s) from reputable companies, including Petplan. You can also visit our Pet Insurance Quotes page to see how the cost of Petplan stacks up against the competition.

Transaction Fees

Petplan charges a $3 transaction fee for every monthly or quarterly payment. The quote given online includes this fee. There is no transaction fee for annual payments.

Coupon Code

Use coupon code CanineJournal to receive an additional 5% discount (10% total if you sign up online). Alternatively, if you call 800-237-1123 you will automatically get the additional 5% discount! You can also visit our dedicated Petplan promotions page to discuss current offers.

Waiting Periods

XL Specialty Insurance Company issues all new Petplan policies. Below are the waiting periods for these policies.

  • 5 days: Accidents
  • 15 days: Illnesses
  • 6 months: Cruciates and patellas

Petplan Customer Reviews

Want to know what real customers think? Read these positive and negative Petplan reviews for a better understanding of its customer service.

Positive Reviews

I found the solution to the healthcare crisis. Health insurance needs to use the Petplan model. Car insurance should follow suit. Seriously our puppy would not still be kickin’ if we did not have Pet Insurance. It’s a great feeling to not have to worry about the $ and concentrate on his care. The freedom to make choices without considering cost. The ability to save for a wedding while Zuul is sick. So anyway I’m totally sold on it. Wouldn’t leave home without it. If you’re considering it just pull the trigger. – Justin B., Yelp 3/31/2018

I am a happy member of the Petplan insurance family! Anytime I have a claim, I’m always treated with respect, kindness, and concern for both me and my pitbull Pippy. I want to commend [name redacted] today for being able to quickly and efficiently update my payment information (fraudulent charges had forced me to close my existing one). Because I am so pleased with Petplan, I certainly did not want there to be an issue for my premiums to them!!! Thanks, Petplan, for always being here to help me get through tough situations with a smile! – Robin H., Trust Pilot 4/27/2018

Negative Reviews

Total rip off company. When you make claims they take several weeks to scrutinize and then find way to deny claim. They also raise rates for arbitrary reason, such as moving. – Bob B., Yelp 3/8/2018

Their phone staff is either poorly trained or dishonest. I hope the former. I asked what do you pay after meeting the deductible? I was told 80? Of everything else. The correct answer is ” after meeting the deductible for each illness or occurrence ” we pay 80%. So I rushed to have some growths removed before the end of the year when my dog was still recovering from an allergic reaction to some medication..Because of this misinformation, I rushed to have growths removed that turned out to be malignant before the end of the year while he was still recovering from an allergic reaction to meds. It could have waited three weeks. Do not rely on anything they tell you. Read ALL the writing. BUT you can’t even rely on that… My renewal letter said my premium would be $ 644.00 but they charged my credit card $210.00 which makes my premium $820.00. When I called they said their March 8th letter to me was wrong so they charged me the right amount because they made an error and my premium should have gone up. I am stuck with these disreputable people now because we now know that what my dog has been struggling with since the beginning of December is Valley Fever. I am waiting to see how they try to deny the claim. So is my Vet. So be careful with these people. I was cautioned early on by by a tech at a different vet’s office about their unwillingness to pay claims. We will see this coming year. Last year they disallowed some and really hiked up my premiums so just ck with some vets. – Anne S., Trust Pilot 3/22/2018

Do I Really Need Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance helps reduce out-of-pocket expenses when any significant medical event occurs in your dog’s life. None of us ever plan for these unexpected events to occur, but pet insurance offers peace of mind when they do happen.

Worried about what your dog’s eating when you’re not looking? Perhaps Petplan can help you feel more protected. Check out the video below; this dog loves to try everything!

What’s Our Final Verdict On Petplan?

Visit Petplan’s Website | Call: 800-237-1123

Although Petplan’s pricing is higher on average compared to several top pet insurance providers, we think Petplan’s unlimited annual coverage is tough to beat and certainly worth considering. We’re also impressed with its stellar claim repayment reputation, which averages 5-7 days.

Ultimately, whether you pick Petplan for your pet is up to you; however, here at Canine Journal we always advocate some form of insurance. See how Petplan stacks up against other pet insurance companies in our comparison article.

Are you considering Petplan?

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Kimberly grew up in a family that loved Labrador Retrievers and remembers running and playing in the yard with them as a child. In 2017, she and her husband adopted their Coonhound mix, Sally, from a local shelter. Kimberly's research was put to good use since Sally faced some aggression issues with other dogs and needed some training to be an inside dog. She worked daily with Sally and sought help from professionals to help Sally become the happy pup she is today.

One of Kimberly's favorite pastimes is spoiling Sally with new toys, comfy beds and yummy treats (she even makes homemade goodies for her). She tries to purchase the safest products for Sally and knows that each canine has their own specific likes and dislikes. Kimberly is passionate about dogs, and knows the bond between humans and canines is like no other.

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Rosetta Scimeca
Petplan Insurance denied my dog (who is only 4 years old) an ACL surgery because she hadn’t been to the vet within the first 30 days of having the insurance. I am a full time student who only works part time and now I have to come up with over $4,000 to allow my dog to walk again I am so beyond disgusted with the greed this company showed. They are sneaky with people so they can get out of actually helping. If I were told to bring her to the vet explicitly I WOULD HAVE but I saw no need because she was healthy. They are now claiming its a preexisting condition. I saw so many great reviews on it too, so whoever is looking for a new pet insurance DONT CHOOSE PETPLAN!
When my pets turned 10 This plan has increased my copay increased my deductibles per condition limited me to 15000 annually and increased my monthly charge. Wait they decreased my monthly charge by a few bucks. oh and no more choices they said I was lucky they did not cancel me like other companies do. They “sold the company and changed underwriters” about 2 years ago and have become very aggressive with penalizing me for utilization and the aging of my pets> I would never get them again. once you are with a company you are stuck with them in a preexisting condition situation.
Stacy L
Petplan denied coverage for surgery for my dog, claiming he had a preexisting condition, which he did not. I’ve been paying for this policy for 7 years, and could have paid for his surgery 10 times over by now. When I called to try to get them to reconsider or file an appeal, they had nothing to offer me but the “opportunity” to change to a lower level of coverage. Ridiculous!!

Do not use Petplan. They claim to care but absolutely do not. Check out their Facebook page–there is a reason why they don’t have a Reviews section on their company page.

I have so many friends and family with pets, including some who work with and in dog rescues, and they’ll all be hearing about this. Shame on you, Petplan!

Well Canine Journal, it took you a while, but you finally moved Pet Plan off the top of your list. I have pet plan and though there are some positives, I just feel like we are with a company we cannot trust. Their huge premium increases were crazy and as a pet parent you feel trapped when your pet has a pre-existing condition. I have had a couple of claims that were denied. The first one took a couple of months but they finally overturned it and paid. The second one they denied only took a few days to resolve and they ended up paying on that too. You want peace of mind knowing your pet is covered. I don’t want to wonder “will they pay this? Will it be covered? Will they try to deny it?”.
Trish Ryan
I have no idea how this has high reviews. I had this insurance for a couple of years. The price/cost automatically goes up after a year, by the way. My German Shepard got injured and was limping badly and his breathing was really fast. This went on for days so I took him to the vet. They suggested checking his heart and xrays on his leg and hip. Nothing could be found on the xrays, so I was told to go to a doctor to check his ligaments. But I first decided to send in a claim to Pet Plan. They were horrible. They kept asking for more records and doctor notices. Then finally they denied my claim stating that my dog had a prior heart condition. THAT WAS A FLAT OUT LIE. … AND THEY READ THE DOCTOR’S REPORT WRONG. My vet gave my dog a complete exam and said he was in perfect health. Then they continued to ask for more information on my dogs legs… I gave them everything. What I realized is that they would do this every time in the future so as to NOT PAY A CLAIM.. THEY ARE HORRIBLE.. SAVE MONEY EVERY MONTH FOR EMERGENCIES BECAUSE PETPLAN WILL REFUSE TO REIMBURSE YOU!
Cheryl R.
I I have been with petplan for nearly 15 years. But in the last several since the new underwriter petplan is not a company of choice today. If your pet stays healthy you will be fine. But with an older dog and increasing health issues my insurance premiums have tripled. They may not cancel you but they will raise you so that you need to cancel them as you basically just can’t afford the coverage and then you are without coverage. The exact opposite reason you got pet insurance. My insurance premium went from 1542 to 3600 in one year. Beware of this company. They give you a lot of benefits for not having claims. The more claims you have the more they will raise your insurance plus they look at age yearly. I recently got two new puppies and have found a different Insurance Company. You need to ask if they raise your rates based on age and number of claims as this is very important.
Beatrice Greenberg
My West Highland White Terrier, was insured with PetPlan for many years. At age 2 1/2 she had surgery for luxating patellas and crashed. After several months of trying to figure out what was going on, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that resulted in IBD and arthritis. We were so happy to have PetPlan to help us keep her healthy and happy. As she aged her issues necessitated a lot of medical care including physical therapy to keep her muscles from atrophying. PetPlan continued to be there to cover her many expenses. Prior to her 14 th birthday they let us down in a shocking change in coverage. The PetPlan policy we paid for had unlimited coverage, $100 dedicate per illness and 10% co-pay. In August, 2019, the new policy went into effect and limits coverage to $15,000 per year, $750 per illness deductible and has a 30% co-pay. While the premiums went down significantly, it was in no way proportional to the drastic change in coverage. They gave us no choice in what coverage we could purchase – it was this lousy coverage or nothing. I suppose they hoped we would walk away. This from a company that told us that we could keep the coverage we purchased as long as we paid our premium. In a recent chat with this company as prospective client, they continued to provide what appears to be deceptive information about coverage for aging pets. The following statements are from the chat:

So, I can keep the coverage I purchase throughout the life of my pet, regardless of any health issues or the amount of money PetPlan has had to pay out?

Pet Plan Response

Yes. Per our terms and conditions, the coverage can be changed but you would be notified before that occurred. It would be in a very rare circumstance, like a change of underwriter for example.

In the current situation, there was no change in underwriters. So, as when I purchased the policy they are still letting consumers believe that they will let you keep the policy you purchased for the life of the pet – except for “very rare” circumstances, which according to the chat would not include high claims.

You be the judge and jurying and decide if you want this company to protect your pet. Ask a lot of questions and force yourself to read through the policy. If you need a lawyer to read the policy I suggest you go elsewhere.

thank you so much for your review I totally agrees
If you try to put a claim in Pet Plan does everything in their power not to pay. My dog had surgery and need to go to ER per his regular vet’s instructions less than 48 hours later. He was having complications due to surgery/medications his primary vet and I believed. Petplan insists that since they found a UTI in addition to side effects from post-surgery meds that the deductible must be met again. It is all tied together as were the tests but again they are screwing their customers. If my dog was not so old I would change companies. The new underwriters have made this one of the worst companies to buy insurance from. For those of you who have not started with this company USE ANOTHER COMPANY. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.
Casey Leonard
Had 90% 250 deductable. 2 years i paid them, dog required cataract surgery because his eyes became inflamed and blind in one eye surgery was $6200 they denied claim. Modern day snake oil salesmen only its paper and a promise. Total scam use illegal insurance tactics that have been outlawed for humans just using it for pets. Don’t use save your money start a go fund me account for help from friends. This will only cost you money and maybe your pets life cause they won’t be there as they should morally and wait they advertise for. Small print is everything and who’s got time for that. Viking days would have taken care of these people long ago.
Cheryl Ross
Do not buy PetPlan Pet Insurance. I recently had to have a gallbladder removed on my 14 years old dog. There were alot of complications but my little guy pulled through. His insurance was $1642 yearly. When I got my new premium for the following year, PetPlan raised his rate to $3660. PetPlan is only good for people who plan to have healthy pets. They will not cancel you, but will raise your premium (or change your coverage) in hopes you cancel the policy. I also had a friend who’s 3 years old now has back issues. Petplan changed her policy from $200 deductible, 10% CoPay to $750 Deductible and 30% Copay. So if you want peace of mind….don’t get Petplan.
Trish Ryan
I went through the same thing. Paid for this for over 2 years and then they wouldn’t pay a simple claim, stating my dog had a pre-existing condition. They read the doctors report wrong too because he said my dog was in perfect health. PetPlan had already claimed he had a pre-existing heart condition… COMPLETELY LYING!
Valerie Lancaster
I wished I would have done my due diligence and homework when it came to buy pet insurance . . . I did not.
So only in the world of PetPlan Insurance would a previously broken bone (Jaw) that was broken well over two years prior the policy inception date be considered preexisting condition.
What they said was: We were not able to offer coverage for your claim because the condition was found to be pre-existing. There is an exam from 6/4/18 which is before an active policy was in place, medical records note that Chao’s mandible was previously fractured & repaired – but still skewed to the left.
This jaw was fractured the first time January 1, 2017. And through a goofy accident on April 23, 2019 was fractured again …. the policy inception date was 7/20/2018. Note the fact that PetPlan notes that the jaw was previously repaired. So essentially they can deny ANYTHING and EVERYTHING because it may have happened before with your pet.
In the Pet World … the usual definition of a pre-existing condition is: A pre-existing condition is a disease, a problem that your pet may be suffering from, or showing symptoms of, before purchasing an insurance policy. A condition that may surface or be diagnosed during the waiting period, usually one year from the date of signing up, is also considered a pre-existing condition. A broken bone/jaw does not fit that …. especially one that was REPAIRED prior to the policy inception period.
Pet Plan dragged the claim out for almost 50 days only to deny the claim. THIS IS A BUYER BEWARE. GO ONLINE …. read the reviews of ALL the pet insurance companies – this company does everything it can NOT TO PAY CLAIMS.. and on the same day they denied my claim – they sent me a renewal letter … isn’t that funny!!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK-I wished I had.
I cancelled my policy – What is the point to pay them $$ if they aren’t going to stand by all the stuff they say they will do. AGAIN – DO YOUR HOMEWORK. READ THE REVIEWS.
I have a 10 month old GR
She has only been to the vet for shots and her spay until
3 weeks ago I took her in for a skin condition
Petplan is denying this claim as a preexisting condition
Doesn’t make sense I am appealing their decision
I had Healthy Paws for my last dog should have gone back to them but Petplan was cheaper
I highly recommend Healthy Paws
fast claim processing and great customer service
Keyai - Petplan Social Team
Hi Dorothy, thank you for taking the time to post your experience working with Petplan. I am glad that you are appealing the decision since you feel we have declined your recent claim in error. Often what we need is additional information to approve payment for a claim.
Pippa Nutt
I completely disagree with this article. I’m on my third dog and have had pet insurance for all of the, it’s changed a lot over the years. When doing research last year I came down to Pet Plan and Trupanion, I went with Pet Plan because the monthly premium was lower, and it was a total mistake. They say they don’t increase premiums after a claim and it’s a complete lie. I have proof based on having taken out insurance on two different dogs the same age in the same area (even though they say premium adjustments are tied to your area, both dogs were in same area). Also, they reduce your coverage by dropping you from a 90% reimbursement to 70%, increasing your deductible to $750, and lowering the annual limit you signed up for and there is nothing you can do about it – not even if you pay a higher premium (and tough to switch after an incident because it will be considered pre-existing with another insurer). If you have to submit a claim, they give you the run around about needing more detailed medical records meanwhile the Veterinary Emergency Hospital (best in class in Toronto) has supplied a full medical history and even they think they are being ridiculous. Payments on claims take >3 weeks and they look for every reason not to pay. In the end, I should have chosen Trupanion, and when Pet Plan dropped my coverage limits I ended up getting secondary coverage through TruPanion. Learned a lesson but not an easy one when your dog still has 10+ more years to go.
Petplan is a complete waste of money. Healthy puppy until he had vomiting and diarrhea one night. Repeatedly asked for more documentation. Took months to get a denial, which meant months of continuing to pay premiums. Avoid. Avoid Avoid.
Keyai - Social Media Manager
Hi Sally, I hope your puppy is doing better now. If you feel we denied your recent claim incorrectly, we offer an appeals process. Please email us at your policy number so I can have a supervisor review and then follow-up with you directly.
I recently purchased pet insurance for my 2 cats. Unfortunately, just a few weeks after I made the purchase, I needed to use it for one of my cats. Their Customer Service Rep (Happiness Manager) could not have been more kind, understanding and helpful. She walked me through every step of the process and answered all of my (many!) questions. I felt good knowing that I could call and talk to someone 24/7. And rather than feeling like the company was trying not to reimburse me, I knew that they were behind me every step of the way, helping me and keeping in touch with me until I got my reimbursement just a few weeks after my cat got treatment. Happily, he is doing much better, and I could not be happier about the choice I made. There are many choices for Pet Insurance, but Petplan stands out as a company that treats people and pets with the care they deserve.
Keyai - Petplan Social Media Manager
Hi Marie, thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with others looking for information about the coverage Petplan provides. I am so glad we were able to be there for you and your furry family when you needed us the most. I hope your cat is doing much better now.
Petplan is the worst pet insurance. My dog was attacked by a pit bull and I took him to the vet they paid zero. My dog contacted a cough from the dog park they paid zero for vet bill or medicines they raise rates to high to pay. I am now looking for new insurance. If you call them it’s like talking to no one cause they don’t care
Keyai - Social Media Manager
Hi Joan, I’m so sorry to read that your dog was attacked. I sincerely hope your dog is doing better now. If you feel that we rejected your recent claim we have an appeals process available to you. Please email us at and include your policy number so we may follow-up with you.
Iain D
Question for CanineJournal: I have had Pet Plan for over 8 yrs. at first I was very happy and received great service and coverage. When PetPlan changed its underwriter(s) the premiums more than doubled and the coverage amount went way down. I have been looking at other pet insurance plans but am having trouble finding one that covers older pets. Could Canine Journal please publish an article on what to consider when purchasing insurance for an adopted older/senior pet or an aging pet one has owned for awhile? What should persons on retiree fixed incomes have to consider before deciding to insure or continue to insure their aging/older pets? Which pet insurers refuse to insure older pets? Thank you for publishing your website. It is very very helpful.
Nancy Mosner
I have always been happy with Pet plan plus UNTIL NOW. I can no longer recommend this company. I have gotten excuses and condescending attitudes when I call to see why I am getting letters saying my claim will not be paid because I haven’t met my deductible…. I am thousands of dollars over my deductible. The woman I spoke with had no idea who her supervisor was…also unacceptable.
I was asked irrelevant questions and the blame was being put on me for their incompetence.
They have no record of receiving my emails initially but when I questioned them all the sudden they could find them….
Nothing but excuses and looking for reasons not to pay very straightforward claims.
Very disappointed and it’s a shame as I am involved in several resumes, and social media groups with well over 50,000 followers who now will not be recommended to use this company.
I am now waiting at 30 days for my claim to be “assessed”. I am told they received everything on 2-5-19 they needed. It is now 3-2-19. I was told today yet a 4th excuse. It has been anything from backed up from the holidays to they do it as they are received and it is high volume right now. New excuse everytime. Then told 30 days are “business” days. Not what it says in terms and conditions of contract. Shame on them. BEWARE!!!!!
Do not buy insurance with Petplan. Rude and dishonest company. Unfair business practices. Will try and find any reason to not cover your claim. Everything is a pre existing condition to them no matter what. Customer service agents will not let you talk with or give any contact info for superiors. Please look elsewhere.
I am sorry to say that Petplan is a ripoff, I warn you to avoid them and use another company. Petplan used to be a good company with good service. They would make reasonable decisions on claims and pay fairly promptly. Helped with some major unexpected expenses over the years. Over the last couple years they started applying unreasonable fine print policies, such as denying all claims because an animal had not had sufficient “wellness” visits in PRIOR years. They are taking money from people who expect coverage, and then find any excuse to refuse to pay claims when problems arise. This is the opposite of what people are paying for.
After reading the complaints I am staying with Healthy Paws insurance. They are great!
Stay away from PetPlan!!! Run if you already have them. They changed ownership two years ago and seem to come up with EVERY imaginable reason NOT to pay a claim. They demand a ridiculous number of records with little to no explanation of the need (my dog has been covered since before 2015, but they now want records from subsequent years even though there were no claims during those years. They claim that my vet’s records aren’t sufficient. They just denied a claim because I filed the claim more than 90 days after the end of “the policy year.” Yet I file claims with two other pet insurance companies for mt two other dogs at the end of the calendar year with no problem. I haven’t had them actually pay a claim in years.

I have Healthy Paws and Trupanion for my two other dogs. Both companies pay without any hassle.

Do yourself a favor – pick Healthy Paws or Trupanion. PetPlan has become worthless.

Cheryl R
Joan…I so agree. I had a major problem with my old dog. You may not believe this, but they raised my premium from $1642 to $3600 based on the amount of claims. They say PetPlan for life, but I believe they are trying to force me to cancel the policy. I would have pre-existing conditions if I move to another insurance company. He is 14. They only want to insure healthy pets. I just got 2 new puppies and went with TruPanion. Petplan looks at age and # of claims yearly and adjust your rate accordingly. TruPanion only looks at vet costs in your area for premium increases. This is a very important factor when researching Pet Insurance Companies
David H.
Be aware: as Christina S. noted earlier, Petplan has a trick in calculating the reimbursement. They take your copay (C.) percentage off first, then subtract the deductible (D.), and then pay your reimbursement (R.), i.e., in the order of C.D.R., while the industry standard is D.C.R. (i.e., you pay your deductible first before insurance steps in). This simple trick means Petplan would reimburse you LESS than the industry standard, by the amount = (your deducible $ amount) * (your copay percentage).

For example, if your deductible is $300 and copay 10% (or 100%-10%=90% co-insurance), then you would get $300 x 10% = $30 less than what you are entitled to. See details below for math.

(1) Petplan’s C.D.R. – Copay first, then Deductible, then Reimbursement payment:

Say, you have a vet bill of $1,000,
they first take out your copay of 10% to arrive at $1,000 * (100% – 10% copay) = $900,
then take out deductible, $900 – $300 deductible = $600,
This $600 is what Petplan would reimburse you.

This can be written as a formula:
R1 = B * (1-C) – D
where B: Bill, C: Copay = 100%-Co-insurance, D: deductible, R1: reimbursement to you

(2) But the industry standard is – D.C.R.:
$1,000 bill – $300 deductible = $700
$700 * (100%-10% copay) = $630 = $600 + $30 = insurance pays you ($30 more than Petplan does).

R2 = (B – D)* (1-C) = B * (1-C) – D * (1-C) = [B * (1-C) – D] + D*C = [R1] + D*C
where R1= Petplan reimbursement

Comparing the above two results, one can see (2) the standard reimbursement is D*C= $30 more than (1) what Petplan pays. It’s not a huge number, but it’s a product between two numbers [(your deducible $ amount) * (your copay percentage)] and can add up over time for a pet parent.

Their 24/7 customer service is great, but they have the highest premium among several quotes we have and their premium also has the steepest increase with pet’s age like 20%-25% per year.

Hi, Kimberly et al.,

Would like share our experience with Petplan after signing up a month ago. So far:

Negative: high premium, slow processing for medical record review.
Positive: 24/7 phone support, helpful customer service

Details follow:

1) Just called Petplan rep confirmed no 5% online sign-up discount for California.

2) After the enrollment, they offer medical record review, which takes 30-40 days, can easily go beyond the 30-day trial period; while at Figo it takes ~15 days.

3) Found they premium on the higher end:
for a 6-year old small dog mix breed (<12 lbs) in California, we got $120.02/month for unlimited coverage, 90% reimbursement, $300 deductible, twice that at Figo or ASPCA.

Their premium increase from 5 year old to 6 year old is about 25%. Seems consistent with what folks have complained about on this page.

One can lower the coverage at anytime, but cannot go back up unless there is no claim submitted thru your policy anniversary – then you could raise your coverage again.

Still considering whether we want to continue with Petplan. Will decide after receiving the medical record review report.

Erin Kunkel
Barry C. did a great job assisting us with changing our autopsy plan!
I just asked a representative from Petplan about the yearly discount if you don’t file a claim. I quoted from above
“Receive a discount on your premium if you don’t file a claim (2% the first year, 4% the second year, 6% the third year, 8% the fourth year and 10% the fifth year)” The representative said this is not true. Petplan doesn not offer this discount. You had best check with Petplan or remove this from your review.
Diana H.
I have been with Petplan since 2014 and their customer service is just as excellent as the day I signed up. Their turn around time for processing my claims are paid quickly. The staff has always been polite and helpful. The most recent reps I’ve worked with was (name redacted) and (name redacted); they must bring their dogs to work because they are always so cordial and happy on the phone. This is a great company and always refer them when I can. Ten out of Ten stars!!!
Petplan is AWESOME!!!!
100% satisfied!!
Gretchen Hawkins
I’ve had Petplan for about 9 months. My 10 month old puppy seems to get anything and everything that goes around. I just submitted claims totaling over $6,000 for her for several serious issues. At first, I was skeptical about how/if Petplan would reimburse me, but just today found that I will be receiving 80% of my expenses back this week, less my deductible. I have spoken to several people at Petplan during the claims process and they have all been excellent representatives for their company – – Heather, Aaron, and Taylor are just a few names that come to mind. Thank you all – – I LOVE Petplan.
My rates this year will be going up 20% as of September…on 3 dogs! that adds up! This is on top of the large rate increase and coverage decrease last year! Not happy and will be shopping around.
Joyce Argieri
HI every one, we chose Petplan after doing a lot of research and glad we did . our little guy was hurt and had to have emergency surgery for a broken knee, also another surgery to remove one of his pins that came out and 2 follow up visits , what can i say but thank you guys and i would like to just say an extra thank you to Amber C. who is outstanding . this lady has gone above and beyond helping us from day one. A very stressful time for us and Dozer but this young lady made every thing wonderful , she is caring and understanding and i wish i could just thank her more . Her supervisior Heather K. told me the best way is to write about her so i am . Thank you Amber and i just hope Dozer has no more claims . If we do i can not imagine dealing with any one but you, they are very lucky to have you as an employee and we are really the lucky ones . If you have not decided with a pet insurance company to go with this should be your only choice . Thanks every one at Petplan you guys are the best ,,,, regards Joyce and Dozer
Michelle Zally
Petplan has come to our rescue twice. Last year my Border Collie had emergency surgery and the wonderful people at Perplan made a very stressful time a lot easier. Heather and the team are professional, courteous, knowledgeable and go out of their way to help. This year my dog began having seiures and the neurologist ordered many expensive tests. Petplan covered everything. I can’t think of any reason that anyone would not want to insure their beloved pet nor can I think of any reason that anyone would not use this company. I compared all of the pet insurance companies and Petplan is the best. You can choose your own individual plan to fit your financial needs. Great insurance costs less rhan a daily cup of plain coffee at McDonalds!
Joaquin Basso-Smith
After Quincy, our 2 year old cat at the time, decided to eat some sticks and rocks and had to undergo a $2,500 operation, we decided that it was finally time for pet insurance. Out of all the insurers, Petplan’s model and coverage worked best for us. We cover routine care, Petplan covers illnesses and accidents; what’s not to like? Well, shortly after we put Quincy on the plan, the dummy goes and eats string. He quickly became very ill and needed emergency treatment. Petplan saved the day by covering $4,800 of the $5,000 procedure! Unreal! They helped cover the costs of end of life care for Papaya, our older cat and just recently helped cover the costs of another prohibitively expensive incident with our newest baby cat, Lady Cocoa. Premiums have gone up slightly but that’s understandable to us since my kitties have had such expensive care. With Petplan, we never again have to worry about these exorbitant medical costs when we know our kitties need help. We can focus on what matters. Thank you, Petplan! We’re customers for life!
I have found that they do not pay in 5-14 days. I have submitted several claims and they are closer to 30 days. I just want folks to know that since it may be a bit of an expectation.
I don’t know why this company got 5 stars??? I have been with them over 2 years, recently my pet got urine blockage and spent $7000 but this company refused the claims because we didn’t do check up every year as the reason they told which I didn’t get any mentioned before as their term and policy (Hidden clause). I told them even we do check up every year won’t find out urine blockage which happened as emergency and we insured over 2 years. but they still refuse to pay . I think they only want collect money won’t want to pay. STAY AWAY
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Hi David, I understand why you are frustrated with your recent claim being rejected for reimbursement due to a lack of annual check-ups. If you would like to learn more about our appeals process and have us review your recent claim, please email us your policy number at so I can have a Petplan team member follow-up.
Jane M Carpenter
I adopted little Max (a Yorkie) into our family in November 2017. I am friends with a Yorkie Rescue organization and, after reading about the costs of surgeries and treatments, I decided to get Pet Insurance for little Max, who is under a year old. I researched several pet insurance companies and found that PetPlan had the better coverage. Plus, by insuring him at his young age, the premiums were cheaper than a meal in a restaurant. For those of you who have furbabies, it only takes one incident to incur thousands of dollars in Vet bills. My advice is to insure them while they are young because pre-existing conditions are not covered. So, getting insured young is the key. I rest better knowing Max is covered.
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Thank you Jane for sharing your experience shopping for the pet insurance company that was best for your sweet little Max. We’re honored that you chose us to protect your family!
Jenn Cavaliere
I have nothing but positive things to say about Petplan. Unfortunately, in Roscoe’s 6 years, we have had to put in 4 claims and all have been approved without question or issues. I truly appreciate knowing that when I ask our vet how she would treat Roscoe if he were her dog, I can follow through with her advice knowing that I have Petplan insurance. It’s been a blessing to be able to provide Roscoe with the best care during his GI bouts, which have led to multiple overnight stays at the vet. Thank you Petplan for helping me follow through with my promise to Roscoe to do everything in my power to help him live a long, healthy and fun life!
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Thank you Jenn! We’re so happy to be there for you and Roscoe when you’ve needed us the most.
So thankful for petplan and keeping our minds at ease. Everyone has been so helpful. Spoke with Heather very early last week. She answered all of my questions so thoroughly and even emailed my wife to check in on our pup later.

Thanks again petplan

Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Thank you Colin for taking the time to share with others your happiness with the care you received from Heather, we really appreciate you taking the time to post your kind words.
Petplan has just been amazing! I went through some major claims with one of my cats and they were there with me every step of the way and the reimbursement process was quick! All 3 of my pets are covered with Petplan and the peace of mind is worth it! You can always get someone 24/7 if you have questions or concerns! Thank you Petplan!!!
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Thank you Jill for taking the time to share your personal experiences with Petplan, we really appreciate you sharing your kind words about the service we’ve provided you over the years.
Susanne Kahle Keene
I love Petplan because it does exactly what it says it will do in the contract. My dog had several pre-existing co diction’s that weren’t covetable but when my fog had a serious, first time occurrence, they covered very well. I’ve also found all the customer service folks very polite, compassionate, intelligent and helpful. Needless to say, I’m renewing my plan!
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Thank you Susanne for continuing to choose Petplan to protect your pup, we’re honored.
We have insured our babies with PetPlan for years. This is our second significant emergency using coverage.
First time even though our baby passed we could without worry do all the proper MRIs and scans to understand what path our Fidget needed. This was an amazing comfort and peace of mind. I was in a horrible place after losing him and dealing with insurance or claims wasn’t on my list. After a while I got my claim in (this was the old claim method) and one of the vet offices wasn’t sending the info to the proper fax. When the agent at Pet plan heard my stress (I was crying as I explained this vet issue and having to open his file) the agent realized Fidge had passed and immediately said “close that file and have a tea WE will get this done”. They did….
The second time just recently happened it was our little Bubba who out of no where lost use of his rear legs and screeched in pain. Immediately we rushed him to the best neurologists in South Florida and within 3 hours he was in an MRI.
We pre approved surgery knowing that most likely IVDD (1 or 2 ruptured disk) was the culprit & didn’t want to have to anesthetize him twice.
That MRI saved a major surgical procedure!
The type of injury was not a ruptured disk but a “missile” disk (IVDD 3) that bruised his spinal cord causing the paralysis. Normally only seen in large breeds, years ago without an MRI blind surgery would have just taken place and for this situation would have had nothing to fix internally with surgical intervention.
Instead it’s 6-8 weeks of heavy movement restriction & our Bubba is now fully healed with a very positive long term prognosis.
Once again, at a time of great stress with a need for quick decision making we could focus our choices on the only things that counted, our baby and his treatment.
For all the years of coverage given them in premium payments those two instances have paid for itself PLUS the invaluable peace of mind every day he’s covered.
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
We’re so happy that we’ve been able to be there for you and Bubba have needed us the most. Thank you for taking the time to post your comment.
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Thank you for taking the time to share your personal experiences with Petplan. We’re so glad we could be there for you and your furry best friends when you’ve needed us the most.
If your pet had ever got into any issues before you purchase this insurance, you are never going to be covered.

If you think your pet’s emergency situation is getting covered by the insurance, you are totally wrong!!!

You will be ending up paying every single penny of the emergency situation AND the expensive policy fee.

They will use EVERY POSSIBLE DETAIL of your previous record to deny your claims, no matter how they are actually unrelated.

I strongly suspect that their people are not qualified for any diagnoses. They will always come up with a conclusion benefit to them so that you don’t get covered by them.

I’m feeling like they are not a pet insurance company, but a scam company who wants to steal money from people who really care about their pets.

They said all the nice words before you got the policy and leading you to trust them that they are being generous when they are actually extremely stingy.

They totally do not care your feeling as a customer, from the beginning to the end, not a single time.

Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Hi Rosie, we understand your frustration regarding your recent claim that was not reimbursed. We would like the opportunity to speak with you over the phone to allow us to explain in more detail our ruling of your recent claim. We also have an appeals process that we would like to review with you regarding this recent claim. Please email us at and let us know a time that we may speak with you at your convenience.
Thanks for sharing. Our cat has had pancreatitis twice because someone said raw food is healthier. After 8 days gradually converting to this diet, the cat almost died. Two years later, it got pancreatitis again. This has cost us over $3500. I don’t believe anything any companies tell us anymore, but I believe what you say, and regret that we will be unable to save our cat if it happens again because apparently it cannot be insured.
It was comforting to know I had Petplan when my dog ruptured her CCL/ACL and required surgery. I received my reimbursement within a few weeks of filing my claim. Jordyn S did a great job explaining how my coverage worked. You always feel there is genuine concern about your pet when you call.
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Hi Germaine, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with Petplan. We’re so glad Jordyn was able to provide you with excellent service.
We love our puppy girl Callie and wanted the peace of mind to never have to think twice about bringing her to the vet and getting her the best available treatments in case of emergency. So far, we’ve been lucky to only have minor issues, but even with just those (e.g. her last two puppy teeth needed to be pulled, she had her sinuses drained cause a big booger was causing her eyes and nose to tear, and she once got kennel cough), our PetPlan policy has already paid for itself! The claims process is super easy and it is clear why your claim is approved or partially approved. Customer service has been great. I’m so glad we are PetPlan Protected!
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
We’re so happy Callie is part of our family! Thank you for choosing Petplan to protect your sweet pup.
Varisiri Methachittiphan
We own the post popular cat on instagram. We also own a kitty cancer survivor. We chose Petplan over anyone else because of their customer services and amazing policies. We truly appreciate you!
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
We love your sweet kitty Varisiri! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Petplan.
Shannon Ellis
We love Petplan! Thank you for being there if we need you. Thankfully we haven’t, but we find comfort knowing you’re there if we need you!
Kelley Burkhouse
PetPlan is such an amazing insurance. All 3 of dogs are Petplan covered. My oldest dog, Sam, has been the major recepient of the wonderful service Petplan has to offer. Over the past 11 years Petplan has seen him through bladder stone surgery and a left ACL repair. This year has been the toughest year for him. He was diagnosed with diabetes. Within 2 weeks he lost his vision as a diabetic side effect. If that wasn’t bad enough, he tore his right ACL. Petplan saw us through eye surgery in order to remove his cataracts. Sam now has his vision back, and I received my reimbursement of over $3700.00 within just weeks of submitting my claim. Sam just had his right ACL repaired, and I am so thankful to know that Petplan has us covered for that also. I can’t put into words how thankful I am for this insurance plan. It takes the stress out of times that are so stressful. Also it is nice not to worry about how I will afford to make sure my dogs have the healthiest and happiest lives possible.
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Thank you for taking the time to post your comment about your experiences with Petplan, we really appreciate your kind words.
Stephanie R
I have been so thankful to have Pet Plan on my side. I am a vet tech so, I get a small discount at the emergency center. Despite that discount, services are still expensive. When my pup gets into something she shouldn’t have, I don’t have to worry about wether or not to take her in because I don’t have to worry about cost. We have had a few trips to the emergency vet this year and all of my claims have been put through in a timely manor. Customer service is always impeccable. I recommend Pet Plan to the clients at my clinic.
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Thank you Stephanie for the very nice comments about Petplan, we really appreciate it.
Stephanie E.
So relieved to have Petplan insurance!!! My puppy had to have emergency surgery for ingesting several foreign objects! The surgery was over $2200. But what a relief to know that the out of pocket cost to me was going to be greatly reduced because of having the pet insurance! I received a reimbursement check for over $1500 of that surgery expense which helps immensely! Even with my $300 deductible, my expenses are only 1/3 of the total cost without insurance! Great investment in my precious pup! He’s worth every penny and I appreciate not having to make a hard decision on what to do just because of the cost! Thank you Petplan!
Janet Levy
I have been with Pet Plan going on 8 years now and they are always so helpful. I have not had to use them latetly, thank goodness.
I’ve been a happy PetPlan customer for 7 years and needed to look at changing benefits and deductibles due to a recent move. [Name redacted] was beyond helpful and able to walk me through the process, thinking a step ahead of any questions/concerns I would have had. After a stressful move, it was a gift to have such an easy transition with my plan. Thanks [name redacted]!
My cat Loki has been determined a medical mystery, and I am so thankful that I got PetPlan to cover all of the unexpected expenses that have come up with him since January. Loki is just a year old and presented with swollen lymph nodes, he has been on several medications and undergone 2 lymph node biopsy all with the goal of trying to determine or a least rule of what his aliment is. So far we have been unsuccessful and are sending samples out to Colorado State for a second opinion. PetPlan has been there every step of the way they have worked directly with the multiple vets that we have been through to make sure all of his claims are processed in an expedient manner. They even were able to find a way to pay the vet directly so that I did not have to pay the vet upfront. They do everything in there power to make things easy for you, because they know that anytime you have to reach out to them things are not alright with your fur baby. If it wasn’t for Petplan I would not have been able to afford all of these test and medications for Loki and this process is still on going, to date I believe we have spent a little over $2,500 and we still aren’t sure what is going on. PetPlan is a great company and I recommend them to everyone I meet who has a fur baby, the amount of money you have should not be the determining factor in if you can provide your pet with the best possible care.
I’ve been researching pet insurance companies and a recent experience of a friend of mine has convinced me to go with Petplan. She has two cats and a pit bull, and Petplan has covered the vet bills for her furry family members time and again. A couple weeks ago she had to bring her eldest kitty into the vet’s office because she was acting sluggish and had unusual abdominal swelling. Sadly, it was diagnosed as cancer. In the thick of all the testing, office visits, and medications, my friend kept saying how grateful she was to have Petplan, especially during this hard time. From customer service, to claims filing, this company makes it easy to put pets first.
Heather was absolutely AMAZING! She answered every single one of my questions with such enthusiasm not matter how many I asked. By far the best customer service I have received. Thank you so much!
Denise Pinto
Thank Goodness my Sam has PetPlan!! He had a Bowel Obstruction that landed him in the Emergency Hospital, and Thankfully he passed the NYLABONE that was lodged in his small bowel. He missed having surgery by a nose. Still the total bill for his overnight stay and treatment came to nearly $1500 dollars. As soon as PetPlan received all they needed from the hospital my reimbursement check came. A word of advice to all though. If your dog has not had any pre-existing illness or had any claims RAISE your coverage. Even with PetPlan my part of the bill was over $900. Raise your coverage and lower your Deductible if you are financially able because once you make any claim you are not permitted to make any changes to you coverage again.
Thank you PetPlan….

I just recently posted this comment on PetPlan’s Facebook page and I sincerely mean it. I realize now that it would have been a lot better to have my dog “over insured” thank counting pennies. My last beloved Lab Buddy who passed in 2011 had to have a TPLO when he was 7 years old. The cost was close to $4,000. I knew when I got a dog again I would most definitely have him/her insured. Now I have learned another valuable lesson, just as you don’t skimp on quality food for your dog, don’t skimp on your insurance coverage of your fur-babies.

I have paid premium insurance with this company for my dog since I got him. I recently had my dog diagnosed with separation anxiety. I have taken all the necessary steps with them to make sure everything is running smooth so he can get the help he needs, or so I thought.

I have been passed on from one customer service agent to the next, with no advocate for my dog, I realize this company does not stand by its integrity and values promoted. I called the company the day the first claim was put through, I was reassured that my dog Sami would get the help he needs. I asked the agent to put a request for his medical history to expedite the process for his medical coverage. The next day I called and AGAIN reassured that he will be taken care of. The following day I take my dog to the vet, having them to process all the necessary paperwork for Sami is coverage. I called Pet plan again to not only have them once more reassure me that everything was going smooth but to also inform me that I should know if he is covered by a certain day. The following day I called, I was told by an agent who insinuated that he is an RCMP officer who mentioned it in a form of intimidation that his premium went up when I changed his bread, which I didn’t, he informed me that his colleague was told that he is a pure breed when he is a mixed breed and that is why my premium went up. That being said, he apologises for the miscommunication and told me once more not to worry, that he will take care of it. Today I call after receiving an email saying that additional records are required to assist my dog who is still suffering from anxiety. I had asked all the agents I spoke to, to assist my dog in getting the help he needs, that all that was necessary for them to do is simply request his records and they failed to do so. I pay my fee on time each month and never did my dog go to the vet since we had this insurance made and now that he needs the help, they are being inconsistent and not advocating for this poor, helpless animal. Everything is being miscommunicated and it seems like they don’t have a strong team as they are constantly apologising for their mistakes. Here I am cornered as I can not afford to leave my pet at all and having to pay tons of money that I thought I was covered for. When I spoke to the agent today I was told that not only did the records get requested today, which is a week later. but also still they have to wait for the office to respond to their request instead of following up and not sure how they will process the request I quote, ” I don’t know how they will process it, a form of mail, fax, how many pages” basically his telling me that my dog might get covered next year because of their inconsistency, laid-back service and lack of organized professionalism. I am looking at others reviews and I see I am not the only one facing these awful circumstances, in the end, my dog still needs help and in the end, I am paying tons of money that is not going towards his medical needs. THIS IS AN AWFUL COMPANY!!! I AM GETTING A LAWYER!!

Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Hi JES, I would like to escalate your complaint to a senior level team member here at Petplan so we can get this resolved. Please email me your policy number so I can have a Petplan team member contact you today. Email:
Joan G
Petplan Insurance’s underwriter (since late 2016) has no integrity. My dog’s 2017 policy (then 7 yo ) was renewed at a premium increase of 39%. Our 2018 premium has increased an additional 24%. It used to be a great company. Without going into stories, now only its legally binding commitments seem to be honored. it’s really too bad. I used to refer all my friends..would never do so now.
Connie Wheeler
We had the same situation with my older beagle. We had Petplan for many years but in the last years of her life they increased her premium, increased the deductible from 200 to 500 per condition per year, and changed the copay from 90% coverage to 80%. At that point my pup had age related conditions and would not qualify for any other insurance. Now that she has passed, I have found other insurance for my dogs.I used to recommend this company to everyone but with the change in underwriters and the change in management, I tell people to avoid Petplan.
Keyai - Social Media Manager
Hi Connie, we were saddened to hear of the passing of Maggie. We know the two of you were with us since 2011 and we will miss her. We did change underwriters in 2016 and our plans changed accordingly. Each and every year, regardless of who underwrites our policies, our policy premiums are adjusted to reflect the new age of your pet, so you are likely to see an age of pet increase at renewal. One of the nuances of insurance, pet or otherwise, is that another company will not cover a condition once it has been identified. It is considered a pre-existing risk. We are happy to have had the privilege of covering Maggie for the past 8 years for all of her coverable conditions, and are honored to have the opportunity to continue covering Lucy with one of the most comprehensive coverages in the industry. Please reach out to us directly with any questions you may have.
Christina S
Petplan calculates the co-pay percentage BEFORE taking off the deductible… (which makes no sense as I am paying 100% of the deductible) so they have much less to pay at the end. Petplan uses creative accounting to avoid paying the amount they are obligated to pay. Not to mention the premium increases, and the months it can take to process a claim. I would 100% NOT recommend them.
Bret Friedrich
I think this review is highly misleading. Petplan is a gret insurer while they are collecting premiums but as soon as the time comes to honor a policy and make a payment on a claim they become what we in the industry call a bad faith insurer. They fail to communicate, stall and delay and then make up phantom pre existing conditions that leaves your veterinary team scratching their head. You are doing your readers a great disservice recommending in anyway such a dishonest insurer. I urge you to reconsider this review and talk to actual policy holders that have had to go through Petplan’s nightmare claim process.
Robert Z
PetPlan has a Plan!

Been member of PetPlan for 4 years and have had opportunity to use it 4 times. This is what i experienced;

1 = If the form is correctly filled in and all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed; and it is not an excluded procedure than you will get a refund of up to but no more than 80% or less depending what is included and excluded. BUT;

2 = The refund will be in the form a cheque which means;
– it has to be ‘raised’
– than it needs to be posted
– than it needs to be delivered
– than it needs to be taken to the bank
– than it needs to clear
Although PetPlan withdraw the monthly payment from your account the categorically refuse to refund electronically. So no matter what, after the stress of your puppy or pussy needing medical attention than you have all the extra work of having the vet fill in a special form and than you fill out more info and than all the running about with the cheque. I avoid going to my bank like a bad cold; the only time i do is to go to the teller machine to deposit my PetPlan cheque.

3 = PetPlan believe that they can increase your payment by over 85% without explanation or due process. Our two pets cost us monthly each $67.92 that is a total of $125.84 per month making it $1510.08. They increased the regular deduction to $126.89 per pet per month making a total yearly cost of $3045.28. That is an increase of 201.66%. Not even our politician would allow themselves such a pay raise. No explanation, no reason.

Shame PetPlan, Shame!

Donald F DeLany
Petplan Pet Insurance will gladly take your money, but if you have a claim it is highly unlikely to pay. Had a insignificant mole on my dog 5 years ago. Decided to have a biopsy on it due to changes, then Vet said we should remove it since it had some spindle cells. Thankfully it was benign. But Petplan did not allow the claim saying it was a pre-existing condition, even though the Vet sent a letter letting them know that when it was examined 5 years ago there was no reason to believe it was a problem. Do not buy their insurance, you are better paying it out of packet then the $1300+ per year I paid for 3 years.
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Hi Donald, I understand why you would be frustrated with a denied claim. I’m not sure if you already appealed the initial denial of your claim to allow us the chance to take a closer look at all of the medical records for your pup. If you would like to speak to a Petplan team member to review this claim again, please email us at with your phone number and policy number so we may review and then follow-up with you.
I just had to make the horrible decision to put our beloved 5 year old golden doodle down in the wee hours of Monday morning because I couldn’t get a hold of any representative. I tried numerous times and left messages to call back ASAP of an urgent nature as well as the nurse at the emergency animal hospital. It is now Wednesday and I still have not received a call back. Our boy had a twisted stomach and with a quote of $10,000 – if there were no complications – surgery, I had to have confirmation of coverage. But because of the urgency of timing I had to choose otherwise so my boy wasn’t in any more pain. I will never recommend this insurance company to anyone.
You have not checked with policyholders lately! Company changed underwriters and premiums as well as coverage and deductibles are very bad. I have older pets with health issues so pre-existings keep me from changing, but I would if I could.
Agreed! Just got our letter that our deductible and premium are going up significantly and our reimbursement is going down. I’m furious, but stuck due to pre-existing condition. I suppose this could have with any company. But I expect more from Petplan who claims to care so much about their clients and their pets.
Keyai - Petplan Community Manager
Hi Kim,
I understand your frustration with your premium recently increasing. In some cases we have been able to identify options to bring the monthly cost down. Please email us at and I will have a Petplan team member review your policy to determine if there is a savings opportunity available to you. Please email us and provide your phone number and policy number so we can take a closer look at your options.
Hi, Kimberly,
Thanks for the detailed review.
Just wanted to make a comment about pet insurance.

It looks like Canine Journal and you have connection with pet insurance company.
Could you please recommend to them that they need a better policy of covering pre-existing condition if the new customer has proof that they had pet insurance coverage on the pet?

Because of the Petplan’s recent price increase, I would like to move to a different company such as Healthy Paws. But I can’t since it would mean that my pet’s knee issue wouldn’t be covered by the new insurance although he was only diagnosed with Grade I luxating patellas a few years ago and didn’t need any specific treatment for it so far with no sign of further degradation. But for the new insurance company, regardless of how mild the symptom was it showed that “any symptom” before the insurance started. So they will deny any claim for luxating patella. At this point, I’m stuck with Petplan if I want any coverage for the knee. I think Healthy Paws and Pet Best are missing big opportunities to poach customers from Petplan.

I also think they need to be a little more lenient with their 30 day vet visit for new customer if they can prove that they had pet insurance on the pet and get routine checkup regularly. I had my pet checked up 3 months ago, and it’s ludicrous for me to go to the vet again just because I decided to change pet insurance.

Pet insurance industry has to step up. The industry is in such sad state where once you find even the most minor symptom of a problem, you are practically stuck with that insurance company forever if you want any coverage on it.

The industry has improved tremendously in the last decade, but it definitely needs more improvement. I wish Canine Journal could address this problem. Thank you.

I had good experience with PetPlan for the last seven years but they changed underwriters this year and as a result they increased the annual premiums for my two dogs (who are now 10 years old) by 100% from $973 per dog to $1977 per dog, while simultaneously reducing the coverage (higher deductible and less % reimbursement). I did not get a satisfactory response from PetPlan about why the increases are so huge and I am shopping for new insurance. I think it is terrible they would do this to longstanding policy holders who may now have older dogs that need insurance protection more than ever. I am actually finding that many reputable pet insurance companies offer comparable coverage at not only a lower price than the outrageous new premium but even to the previous price.
Petplan Insurance
Hi Carlos, first off, thank you for being a member of our pack for seven years. That means a lot to us. I can definitely understand how the premium increase impacted you, and for that, we are truly sorry. As you’re aware, earlier this year we had to seek out a new underwriter – one who is as committed to pet health as we are and one who will continue to pay our policyholders’ existing claims, including those with chronic conditions. The underwriter move required us to make some tough choices and trade offers: it allowed us to introduce a number of policy enhancements, but it also required us to remove the 100% reimbursement and $50 deductible options, as well as adjust the cost of our premiums for some of our policyholders. These were decisions that were not taken lightly, but ones that were necessary to ensure coverage for pets like your older dog for years to come. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss these changes in detail with you, if you’re willing. Please give us a call at 1-866-467-3875 at your earliest convenience, and thank you for listening.
This is exactly what happened to me too. My dog is 15 and a half and I have had Pet Plan for many years. This year, they more than doubled her premium and quadrupled the deductible. This is an incredibly crappy thing to do to a long time customer with an elderly dog, just as that dog is in her most vulnerable stage of life. If I had known this would happen I never would have signed up for Pet Plan ten years ago.
i just had to use this for the very first time and as many probably are i was beyond devastated. My favorite was struck down with cancer in the spine out of nowhere. 10 days in a specialty hospital ran me a bill of approx $16,000.
i was in contact with Pet Plan after day 2 and started organizing my paperwork and there was no greater feeling than telling the doctors “do everything you can for my little man as i have insurance on him”.
Pet Plan covered 100% of what they told me from day one and i was able to get two more weeks of love from my little guy before he took a turn for the worse and had to send him over the rainbow bridge.
Henry Triplett
This pet insurance is horrible. They will use anything to place the claim in a “chronic” criteria in order to deny a claim.
Rachel Chiu
I’d normally rated Petplan 5 stars until I received my renewal paperwork. They increased my annual premium for about $700, and the deductible increased from $50 to $300.  We’ve been with Petplan for 8 years, and I am always happy with their service, so with this changes, is truly a disappointment…
DO NOT purchase PetPlan. They are in the business of DENYING claims.

I adopted my dog Theo, about 2-3 years old, on December 3, 2016 from a local animal shelter. Theo had been to the vet, was neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and on antibiotics for a rash. Besides being underweight and the rash, nothing else was known to be wrong with him.

A few days later (12/8) I took him to a vet closer to my house to get him checked out a second time, just to be sure he was okay. He had a bit of a cough, and they treated him for kennel cough with prednisone. Kennel cough can last about 3-4 weeks.

The new vet scheduled him to get bloodwork done and to be heartworm tested so he could begin preventative treatment (you cannot give dogs heartworm treatment safely without first testing them).

I purchased veterinary insurance from PetPlan on December 13, 2016. On December 14, 2016 he was given the heartworm test so that he could begin prevention treatment, and on December 15, 2016, he came back with a positive result for heartworms.

The shelter offered to treat Theo at no cost through their vet. I made no claims through PetPlan for this. The shelter treated him for two months with doxycycline, prednisone, and preventative medicine to prepare him for immiticide treatments at the end of February. He was kept on strict rest, not allowed to run or play with other dogs, and had restricted exercise.

On February 10, 2017, Theo stopped eating, and became very lethargic. His urine started to darken and turn to a dark red, and his gums were very pale. (These signs and symptoms began February 10, 2017, outside of the 15 day waiting period for PetPlan). I took him to the ER vet, and they recommended to get him tested the next day by my primary vet. The next day, February 11, 2017, I took him to my primary vet, where he was evaluated and sent to a nearby Animal Hospital. The hospital did many diagnostics and determined he had caval syndrome – he had so many worms that they clotted and got stuck in his pulmonary artery. The only options for Theo’s treatment were an emergency surgical removal of the heartworms or euthanasia.

I called PetPlan with this diagnosis (February 11, 2017), asking about coverage. The representative said they would need to see records that he had been taking preventative medicine for 12 months in order to cover this surgery. I told them I had only had Theo for 4 months and they told me to fill out a pre-authorization form. Despite this, I needed to make a quick decision, and I chose the surgery, as I believed this situation, while caused by the heartworms, does not happen in every dog with heartworms and could therefore be covered, at least in part by PetPlan. I think Theo deserved a second chance at life and did not want to put him down. I now also believe PetPlan would not have covered the euthanasia, had I chosen it.

PetPlan has covered 0% of my bills: none of the emergency examinations, none of the diagnostics, and definitely not the surgery. They are claiming that he had a preexisting condition and that he had signs and symptoms within their “15 day waiting period”. However, the vet confirmed with a letter to PetPlan that at the time of purchasing insurance (12/13), Theo had been diagnosed with kennel cough. The cough would have been the only symptom that was showing at that time, and it was not yet diagnosed as being heartworms until 12/15.

I could not have prevented Theo’s heartworms, I could not have predicted he had heartworms when I adopted him, I assumed he had been tested by the shelter, and I did everything I could to get him better and to get him on the preventative medicine.

I believe PetPlan is using semantics to avoid paying for any of my bills, and I do not think it is fair or justified. They will not even give me the premium I paid despite covering 0% of anything during the time I was “covered.” What is the point of pet insurance if not for times like these? They might as well say, “don’t rescue dogs because we won’t cover them.”

Tom Schneider
Just received notice that my golden retriever “Champ” was denied coverage to have his patella surgery covered. He did have his other leg operated on last July. We purchased pet plan to avoid this type and any other type of situation being as devI stating financially again. To our surprise we were declined do to 6 month waiting period (witch we exceeded.
This is wrong and this Pet Plan is a scam that I do not recommend purchasing.


Nancy Collins
Petplan is the sorriest insurance on the market. Any pet insurance that basically tells you and your vet they do not care that your pet may die is definitely not tops to me!
Sandra Daley
I was with Pet Plan for 9 years insuring Rhonda and then added Aurora to the pack insuring her for 2 years. Dropped both plans when they expired because on the new underwriter resulting in unreasonable increases in premiums, higher deductibles, and less reimbursement on claims. It is too costly and I cannot justify keeping the insurance. My highest claim was $2000. In just one year I will save nearly $3000 by NOT paying the new premiums for 2 dogs. That is money saved every year that can be applied for future medical or surgical care if needed. No more Pet Plsn for my dogs.
My less than a year old pup had TPO surgery on her hip. I called to make sure PT was covered and was told it was. They told me everything pertaining to getting my pup healthy was covered. I asked if a vet had to perform the PT and was told nooooo, go to anyone you want, it doesn’t matter. So I did.

After submitting the claim on 2/17, I called and followed up on 2/23, as in the past they have claimed to have not received the emailed and faxed claims I’ve sent in.
I spoke to a supervisor, as my claim was denied via letter in the mail. I asked them to pull the call and they can hear I asked all the correct questions, and was given bogus information, and that I based my decision on the misinformation I was given, and now I’m being penalized.

Have called and emailed 2-3 times a week since then and was told by a supervisor today, who shouldn’t be a supervisor, they are still trying to find the call. I was told on 2/23 by another supervisor they had they call…get your story straight PP.

I received a renewal in the mail for my pups’ plan, and the price has gone up 100%, reimbursement from 80% to 70%, deductible from $200 to $500 and coverage from $15 k to $10k- really PetPlan? They said it was b/c of her age, which will be 1 year at the time of renewal. They denied it was b/c I filed a claim, which I totally think is the reason.

I WAS absolutely thrilled with PetPlan for years – great prices, great coverage and great customer service. Last summer they changed underwriters and my premiums and deductibles shot way up, but even more disappointing for me was the hit customer service also took. Customer service is now poor – my pet had surgery 2 weeks ago and just now they’re requesting additional documentation. I used to get claim checks in as little as a week – definitely within two weeks. I get error messages on a regular basis now when trying to log on to their website and have to try again later. When their premiums and deductibles skyrocketed they sent me a letter telling me what a great deal this was for me. They also changed the way the premium payments are handled when the policy resets each year – but they did this with NO notice. When I called to complain customer service had the worst explanation for why this was happening. The whole process of switching underwriters was handled horribly. I can’t switch insurance companies because both of my pets have pre-existing conditions that wouldn’t be covered with someone else. I have no idea what happened to this company overall but it makes me sad, I still believe that pet insurance is a necessity, but now I tell everyone who asks do NOT go with PetPlan, find someone else.
DAryle H
If you have this insurance, like me, unfortunately you will have to change (unless for you money is no object). Like others change in underwriters has meant at least a doubling of premiums for the same coverage. I have a young dog so not a huge issue but for those with older animals who have been loyal customers, what a shame. Canine Journal, you hav got to adjust your formula for rating pet insurance and o account for this otherwise I think your credibility is “highly” questionable. I noticed one of your other top 3 companies also has a similar issue…really, come on!
I’m assuming you are referring to Pets Best. Ironically, I was with Pets Best when they changed their underwriters a few years ago. Two of my seniors plans went up over 100%…more than doubled. I purposely went out to look for a company who didn’t change underwriters: healthy paws,petplan, and Trupanion for my young dog whose plan went up about 50% In the end, I chose PetPlan and I’m paying for it now. Two years later and we were hit with the steep increase as well. I will say this about Pets Best…I have been dealing with them for a few years and I find their customer service exceptional. Receiving payments in 1-2 weeks became the norm for me. Never disputed any claims and yet I have had one claim already disputed with PetPlan. They ended up correcting it and did pay it out. One of my senior pets who I had to keep with Pets Best got cancer and they paid out very timely. I liked them so much that I took one of my cats and moved her from PetPlan to Pets Best. I couldn’t move her brother because he now has a luxating patella. Her policy ($191) is unlimited coverage compared to her brother’s plan of a limit up to $15,000 ($258). Three years ago, I was screaming about Pets Best. I’m highly disappointed in PetPlan…big time because in the end, it was their loyal customers they hurt. I can just imagine how many have left.
Andrei B
I have been a loyal Petplan employee for 6 years now. I recently found out that they are changing underwritters and my existing coverage which costs me $1.2k/year will now cost me $2.8k. This is a completely unreasonable increase. I did some calculations and with their new plans, my 11 year old dog would need to be 4 years old to receive the same coverage at the same price. This is especially troublesome for loyal customers with older pets who cant switch because their pets wont be covered for pre-existing conditions
Andrei B
I have been a loyal Petplan employee for 6 years now. I recently found out that they are changing underwriters and my existing coverage which costs me $1.2k/year will now cost me $2.8k. This is a completely unreasonable increase. I did some calculations and with their new plans, my 11 year old dog would need to be 4 years old to receive the same coverage at the same price. This is especially troublesome for loyal customers with older pets who cant switch because their pets wont be covered for pre-existing conditions. Why would Petplan agree to bring this underwriter onboard when they knew how hard their customers would be hit? Are they getting a much larger cut of the premiums now? As the owner of an older pet I feel like I’m now between a rock and hard place.
Sherri A
I’m LIVID with this company. I just got off the phone with them and have of course the same issue as everyone else. My premium (had $10,000 annual max, $200/incident deductible) went from $613/Year to $1036 – for the EXACT SAME COVERAGE! I dont care who your new underwriters are, this is robbery – a 70% increase! And of course, my 5 year old dog has a chronic eye issue that I cant get covered elsewhere so I’m stuck. I’m so upset right now, their customer service was useless and just let me break down on the phone and said “sorry”. I don’t know what to do.
Ben Shafer
Be VERY careful with this company. They were great at first but are royally screwing us over this year! We purchased a Golden Retriever puppy last year and bought insurance from PetPlan before we received our pup. Our plan was the “Silver Plan” and cost us about $343 with a $200 deductible and 90% coverage and a $14,000 limit which was a pretty good deal. About 2 months into owning our pup we noticed our he had severe allergies so we had a bunch of tests done and he was put on Apoquel. Pet Plan was great and covered everything as they were supposed to and the reimbursements were very quick.

Now our pup is doing a little bit better after a year when we finally found out he was allergic to his dog food and switched him from chicken protein to fish.

We got our bill from our Petplan this year and they doubled our premium! now they want $615 premium for the same coverages. I can lower my coverage a $300 with 90% coverage and $5,000 limit and its STILL more expensive ($395) than last year. We contacted customer service and here is what they said “Since our previous Underwriter decided to leave the pet insurance industry we wanted to locate a new underwriter to maintain our high level of coverage. While we no longer offer the Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans, we now have many more options available in terms of annual limits and deductible choices. We had a few different underwriters approach us but they would not provide continuous coverage from our prior underwriter. the underwriter we did choose will be providing the continuous coverage which was so important to us. To maintain the continuous coverage we did have to adjust our rates, but we now have many different options to renew with.

So now I am completely stuck as I cannot change insurance companies as a new company would not cover pre-existing problems and it is now not worth the price to renew with PetPlan. So Petplan basically reels people in for a cheap price then screws them over the next year in order to trap people to stick with them for a high premium. I HIGHLY advise you to seek a different insurance company.

i have Nation Wide. Nation Wide is definately on our side. didn’t know there was “Pet Insurance” ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I used to *hate* cats, but now have 3. Just adopted a 1 y.o. Chihuahua mix and will get her Nation Wide too before goin to a Vet! usually takes about 1- 2 weeks for processing. U wanna make sure get ur Pet Insurance before takin ur furry kid to a Vet, hopefully nothing happens in the waiting period!

But yeah, unfortunately i didnt know about pet insurance and one of my kitties has a “pre-exsisting condition”
so since we are military we just take him to the base when he needs more Presdnisalone or however it is spelled (meds) only costing $4.10 plus $2.00 service charge for 20 pills. opposed to paying 20 bucks or so from Civilian Vets!

my bottom line is: Insure your pet ASAP- like yesterday!

we get multiple pet/military/loyalty/paying annually discounts….shoot! i was askin for errrrrrrthing (everything) discount!! I have the “Whole Pet With Wellness Plan” paid $446 for each cat w/$250 deductable. we even get our money back when we buy their Revolution meds, u know, for heart worms/flea’s n such….they get their teeth clean annually with that plan too- folks, brush your fur babies teef!!! they need an annual dental too! I brush their teeth as well….Anyways!

YesYes, so far freaking good with Nation Wide. got my $446 x 3 ? money back and then some. Try it out. “Its different strokes for different folks.” ๐Ÿ™‚ i *will* b getting my new addition: dog insurance with them as well. Happy Pet Insurance finding! and again, brush yo Doggies n Kitties teef!!!

I’m curious how canine journal would keep them in 2nd place. You seem to have just as many cons as you do pros? Super high premiums, requiring a pet to be seen in 48 hours, requiring annual exams. I’m just surprised they didn’t move down since your last review. They are probably first or second in terms of the highest premiums out there. I just don’t see how you can claim they are the second best pet insurance company. You didn’t even change the 4.19 average despite all the negative comments the last several months.
Word. ๐Ÿ™‚
Jonas Dominique
Total scam. Deny every claim. They advertise “We cover the vet bills” then they just never do. Total scam. Stay away.
This is very interesting. Since being bought out by a new underwriter (I believe this is what it’s called?) all premiums skyrocketed. They also changed how they look at deductibles, and pretty much treat everything as it’s own deductible. I calculated it, and you pretty much have to hit a 350 minimum before they consider paying anything out. They really are disappointing with communication ( I find I have to constantly call them to find out what is going on with my claims as they don’t even send documentation to my home half of the time,) and the service they provide is turning horrible… They can’t find claims that were submitted, mis-calculate numbers and at one point were calling the wrong vet to confirm information all together (the names of the vets were not even similar, also on opposite sides of the city.) The problem is, due to my dogs allergies that were not pre-diagnosed, if I ever wanted to switch to a new provider, they would now consider it a pre-diagnosed condition and do nothing for me. I guess I lose either way.
Our dog was hit by a car in Sydney and suffered a broken leg; we paid all the bills (around $8,500.00) then submitted them in an online claim to Petplan. With absolutely no fuss, we received almost full payment (less excess and a couple of minor items) within a couple of weeks. I thought their service was excellent.
gloria lee
Recently, we have had to unexpectedly file some claims, as Rudy was diagnosed with diabetes. As one could imagine, I had many questions about the claims process and procedures, and to make things more frustrating, not all necessary documents from our vet had been received by pet plan. Fortunately, Ms. Simone Waters, saved MY day! she personally called my vet while she placed me on hold (with my permission) and made sure they knew which documents and records were needed to assist in filing Rudy’s claims. Awesome! I was absolutely satisfied in the way she assisted me with all my questions and the follow ups she made, as promised by her. Yes, she actually, did return my calls with answers and updates as promised! (that’s two thumbs up for sure).

I know its not every day that good work is recognized. So, I wanted to reach out and share my great experience.

I hope Ms. Simone Waters, will get a kind and very deserving recognition for her hard work. If there are any special team rewards Ms. Simone Waters, definitely gets my vote!

Thank you again!

Kind Regards.

Katie Gibbs
We got PetPlan for our 6-year-old rescue mix. I could not be happier. It turns out that he had a long-term condition, and they have paid 80% of everything–considerable costs, with almost no question. And the few times I had to note that a certain bill was due to the ongoing condition, they never balked. I never imagined I could be positively happy with pet insurance, but I have been with PetPlan. I mean this!
My dog is now 1 year old, but when we purchased Pet Plan, she was only 8-weeks-old, paying about $35 monthly with $200 deductible. I didn’t know the deductible is based on “per condition”; this is what happened; so my dog twisted her ankle when she did her run, and we went to emergency, the bill was $430, great, I paid and filed the claim, with the deductible $200, and 80% coverage, I got $184; then another claim was when my dog’s paw was infected because it’s too wet and humid by walking in the rain so much, the cost was $154; when I thought about getting some money back because I have used up the deductible $200, then it’s wrong; I called, and the representative explained to me that their deduction is based on “per condition”, so this is a new condition, meaning a new deductible $200 applied, and $154 does not exceed $200, so I got nothing back and paid $154 (plus monthly premium). I think that it’s unfair to go by “per condition”. Let’s say, I have paid for 1 year, $35 x 12 = $420 premium, if each accident or injury costs less than $200, then I have to pay from my own pocket to cover the cost. $420 + assuming $150 per condition I paid, let’s assume 2-3 incidents like these = I pay from my own pocket $720 – $870 without getting any money reimbursed annually. Let’s assume now the bigger incidents which exceed $200 deductible per condition, then $420 insurance premium + $450 per condition (with reaching deductible $200) $250 x 80% ($200 is what Pet Plan reimbursed) and again 2-3 incidents like these = $420 + ($400 to $600) = from my own pocket I paid $820 to $1020. I want to say, per condition is not fair because with the costs I paid annually around $870 to $1020, most of it from my own pocket, (we are talking about a really young dog and may not have major incidents in 2-3 years), then $1020 from my own pocket is equivalently to cover 1 big incident perhaps, so why buying this insurance? Let’s assume I have paid for 3 years $420 x 3 = $1260 cost of premium (assuming Pet Plan does not increase the premium according to age of dogs, which is not possible normally), again, deductible is based on per condition, with the examples I listed above, I will pay about $2130 to $2280 from my own pocket (with little money reimbursed back), then with the money I spent, I can totally pay costs without buying Pet Plan; I prefer the way that “deductible based on per annual”, that’s fair.
I have always thought their information was clear from the get-go with per condition deductibles. These per condition deductibles also have to be paid annually. So for example, my dog was diagnosed with a chronic life long disease this year. I paid my $200 deductible and I have been reimbursed about $900 or so. Next year, I’ll have to pay that $200 deductible again. Don’t overlook that. I pretty much got my money back (and a little more) for what I put into this year including the deductible. They have changed to annual deductible plans because of their new underwriter, but it’s not clear which existing clients are eligible for this. I believe if your pet has submitted any claims, they will not be eligible for the annual deductible plans. You would have to stay with your current plan set up. I could be wrong but maybe someone can confirm that. I think for you, since it sounds like you are describing their “per condition deductibles”, you better hold on to your hat when you find out how much your insurance is going up when you go to renew. There are a lot of unhappy Pet Plan customers who got shocking rate increase letters ๐Ÿ™
Pug parent
WORST pet insurance ever. I have had my dog insured with them for 2 years. For small claims (less than $1k) they were fine covering, but the moment we got a big bill they try to avoid paying in any way they can. My dog fractured his jaw, so I took him to the vet, which referred us to the specialist. They had to put him under anesthesia and take xrays, and perform surgery on him to remove 10 teeth. The bill was $3,200. PetPlan denied my claim because my dog had an underbite since he was a puppy!! Even when the dental specialist wrote a letter to them saying that the fracture was due to trauma and is completely unrelated to the dog having an underbite, they still denied it saying the 2 are connected. They act in bad faith and can get away with it.
Has anyone done a comparison of Healthy Paws plans and Pet Plans plans? Why is Pet Plan so much more expensive? When I did a comparison of their annual deductible ($250) with 80% coverage. Healthy Paws has unlimited life time benefits. I checked for a 7 year old beagle. Healthy Paws is $57.72 a month and Pet Plan is more than twice that at $123.90 for same annual deductible, 80% coverage, but in this case, I typed in a $10,000 a year limit. Healthy Paws doesn’t cover office visit fees but other than that they are very comparable. Why is Pet Plan twice as much?
I don’t think losing coverage for exams is a reasonable trade off. In MA, my regular Vet is $62 for an office visit. The Emergency Room (note: Healthy Paws clearly states on their site that exams, even at an ER, are not covered- they say “think of it as a co-pay”) is $182 for the exam. So your dog eats a bunch of chocolate and you take her in and they make her puke it up. The bill is $200, and you’re only covered for the $18 in IV fluids (if that). Or say your dog is bitten by a spider, face swells up. $182 ER exam fee, $10 for antibiotics and $10 for a shot of Benedryl. My understanding is the ER Exam fee will not be covered. Those are the kind of pet emergencies that add up quickly throughout the year and without insurance can begin to financially burden people. It seems unreasonable to me for any insurer to not cover ER exams, regardless of lower premium.
Good point about the exam fee. I don’t pay for office visit/exam fees at my regular vet as we are signed up for wellness plans there. I don’t like that some plans don’t cover office/exam fees which was one of the reasons I chose Petplan over Healthy Paws and Trupanion. At the same time, Healthy Paws does not have limits though either. When you look at $692 vs $1486 that’s pretty darn significant.
Our Petplan is going from $150 a month to $400 for $7,500 a year less coverage and for only $1,500 a month unlimited. What a RIP
Petplan Insurance
Hi Nuncha, we understand these changes can be difficult. Please give us a call at 1-866-467-3875 so we can review your policy in full detail and see what other coverage/deductible options we can provide. We are here 24 hours a day to assist you.
Nancy Collins
Interesting on every site when reviews start getting real bad you respond. I’ve never seen a more heartless insurance company that only cares about money. Maybe you need to care about pets. Just like you did me. I put up a bad review on a site and you told me to call so you could work with me. When I called you did nothing. You were just trying to save face! What a scam
Alejandra C Suarez
Getting PetPlan Insurance for our pets has been one of the best decisions we have ever made! Their customer service is fabulous. The claims reimbursement process is very quick. Also, their app makes the claim filing process even more easy. Overall, our experience with PetPlan has been GREAT! I’m very surprised to see the bad reviews but for those considering PetPlan as an option for insuring your pet, here’s our experience with PetPlan, I hope it helps:

Our lovely almost 3 year old cat Nickel got Histoplasmosis, it’s a horrible, nasty, slow progress and very aggressive fungal disease. We were devastated with the diagnosis and even more with the treatment options and cost, but thanks to PetPlan we still have Nickel with us and he’s on his path to recovery! It’s a slow recovery but we can see the improvement so far. We couldn’t have afforded going through this process without the insurance, neither without Emily Briggs and Kim Borbone, Happiness Managers at PetPlan, they truly are!

In summary: After lots of testing and evaluations from March to August, Nickel’s primary doctor Dr. Farrar referred us to Dr. Lewis. After he evaluated and did some more testing, Dr. Lewis diagnosed Histoplasmosis and recommended surgery to remove tissue in Nickel’s tongue and place a feeding tube since Nickel was losing weight due to lack of enough eating and the disease itself. The treatment had to be very aggressive also, since we had to give Nickel medication and we needed to avoid hurting his mouth and gums, the feeding tube was the only option. We saw Dr. Lewis on a Monday, that same day he filled out the pre authorization form I gave him. I read the insurance policy (should’ve done that earlier!) and I asked Dr. Farrar to send Nickel’s medical history to PetPlan, with the correspondent form that I downloaded from my PetPlan page. I emailed the pre authorization form to PetPlan and called them. That’s when Emily and Kim went far and beyond helping us out. Emily expedited the pre authorization form process, we got an answer the next day, Tuesday. Nickel was admitted into the hospital on Wednesday, and after four days there, lots of follow up calls and emails from Dr. Lewis (he’s absolutely extraordinary!) and $4,905.32 for hospitalization, surgery and first treatment; Nickel was home on Saturday safe and sound and in much better shape.

Now the tortuous path of the follow up treatments started… Nickel needed 12 treatments. When I filled the pre authorization form, I also filed the claims for all our medical expenses from March to that day, out of $2,638.44 we spent, PetPlan reimbursed $2,132.97; we received the check 8 working days after I filled, and that allowed us to cover the first treatments. Also, as soon as we paid the hospital to get Nickel home, I sent the claim that same evening, we received the check for $3,924.26 (80% because it’s specialty treatment, it’s in the policy and Kim explained to me also), the check arrived within 10 working days with a holiday in between.

I did a lot of phone calls and emails to move things along so Nickel could get medical attention, but Kim and Emily did an excellent job taking all my calls, replying to all my emails and following up with all my inquiries and request, even during weekends. Emily and Kim are truly amazing, super kind, patient and helpful, both guided me through the policy and the filing claim process, and thanks to their prompt response and support processing the claims, Nickel was able to get his surgery and first treatments done. We will be forever grateful to Emily, Kim and PetPlan team for all they did for us!

And of course, we don’t have a way to thank enough the wonderful Northstar Vets – Dr. Lewis, Dr. Anderson; and Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital – Dr. Farrar and their teams, they are absolutely amazing, extremely caring and professional. They all are doing a remarkable job!

unhappy insured
Buyer beware, they will quickly hike your premiums on an annual basis. I am not sure if they are doing this to everyone or just those with aging pets, but this year they are increasing deductibles, raising premiums and increasing required copays. It seems that this ceases to be worth it unless your pet has a terrible accident and needs extensive care.
Petplan Insurance
Hello there, I wanted to take a moment to respond to some of your concerns. All pet insurance premiums rise over time to reflect the added risk of your aging pet. That is not unique to Petplan, but it may be represented by other companies in other ways. To your point about increasing deductibles, we actually now offer greater flexibility in deductible choices than ever before, ranging from $100 to $1000, and those that qualify are also eligible to have an annual deductible rather than a per condition deductible. We also dropped the required 80% copay on specialist care and now reimburse that care at whatever your chosen plan copay is – be that 70%, 80% or 90%. We would love the opportunity to discuss these changes with you further and help clarify some of the reasoning behind the premium increases and adjustments. Please reach out to us at 1-866-467-3875 so we can discuss.
We have two loveable Dobermans insured with PetPlan and we are delighted with their customer service, helpfulness on the phone, and overall service. Yes, PetPlan is expensive, BUT their prompt reply (a real person!) to questions, prompt completion and payment of claims, and fairness are well worth it. Heather McAlea (on the phone) has been wonderful and most understanding. The flexibility of PetPlan in altering my policy based on my dogs’ needs, prorating changes in deductibles, and offering multiple plan options is phenomenal. They expect normal pet checkups yearly and detailed vet notes for claims. If that is done, you can expect a check for your claim promptly and no problems or surprises. I had one claim that was expensive, complicated, and involved multiple treatment for the same problem (malignant tumor surgery.) Each claim was promptly handled, and I received checks within a couple of weeks for each event including tests, Xrays, surgery, and follow-up. I will gladly pay more for this kind of exceptional service! Go PetPlan! COLONEL (RET) RICK KAUFMANN, Annapolis, MD.
Petplan Insurance
We are honored to call you and your pups family, Rick! Thank you for the feedback!
This company is criminal. I have been with them for 7 years. My dog was 4 months old when I signed up with them. He is 7 years old now. My premiums increased $200.00 to $300.00 a year and their explanation was his age. $200.00 increase for a 3 year old dog? My plan increased every year by 25 to 30%. I just received a letter that they have a new insurance writer and can no longer offer me my plan I’ve had for 7 years. I have always had a plan with 100% reimbursement – last year it was $911.00 with $200.00 deductible. This year my only offer is $1208.00 with a $500.00 deductible and 90% reimbursement. I would go with Trupanion if I had to do it all over again. My sister’s lab had both back knees done and her premium has never gone up. She pays $300.00 a year. Her lab is 8 years old. Petplan is a crooked company and I would never recommend them to anyone.
Petplan Insurance
Hi Dobbie. Thank you for being a member of our family for seven years. I cannot begin to tell you how much that means to us. Regarding your concerns, I can understand your frustration regarding the premium increase and would like to offer some further clarification if I may.

I cannot speak to how other pet insurance providers choose to determine their premium increases, but at Petplan, they are usually dictated by your pet growing older and therefore becoming more at risk to developing a costly condition. Most recently, our previous underwriter, AGCS Marine Insurance Company, also made the decision to exit the pet insurance industry, which meant we had to find another underwriter that would not only take on our policyholders with existing conditions and claims, but also help us continue to give your best friends top dog support for many years to come. With that change, we took this opportunity to improve our coverage by introducing a broader range of annual limits from $5,000 all the way up to unlimited; to provide a greater choice of deductibles, with the option of an annual deductible (subject to pre-approval); and to begin offering 24/7 access to expert veterinary advice through PetCoach. We also removed the specialist co-pay, so now you are reimbursed at your chosen policy level regardless of where your pet receives care.

To implement these changes and to ensure that our policyholders whose pets are ill or injured can continue to receive coverage for those conditions we had to make some tough choices and tradeoffs. Namely, we had to adjust the cost of our premiums; for you and some others, that translates to a steep rate increase, and in your particular case, the adjustment of your reimbursement level, and for that we are truly sorry. These were decisions that were not taken lightly and we know that you are affected. We recognize that these changes may require you to reexamine your coverage, and you are not limited to the suggested policy offered to you in the letter. Please reach out to us at 1-866-467-3875 at your earliest convenience so we can find a plan that works best for you. We look forward to your call.


I’m so thankful I have Petplan insurance for my dogs. If it wasn’t for Petplan, I wouldn’t be able to afford the specialty veterinary care that has kept my dog alive and doing well. After a few trips to the emergency room, overnight stays, routine blood panels, medications, and specialty follow up vet visits, the bills are INSANE. I would have gone into debt paying for his bills of it weren’t for Petplan. They process the claims so quickly and make sure I get my reimbursement check as fast as possible because they know how difficult it is to outlay large amounts of money for vet bills over and over again. Thanks to Petplan, I can afford to take care of my dog. They saved my little dog’s life, they are the best, most consistent, kind and responsive pet insurance company out there. 5 stars, 10/10, I make sure all my friends and family use Petplan as their pet insurer so we are prepared for anything that could happen.

Petplan Insurance
We appreciate the kindness, Lisa. We are honored to call you family.
Angela Mitchell
I have been with Petplan many years and I am very happy with them. Most recently my golden retriever got cancer. Luckily it hasn’t spread and we are able to manage it so far with radiation. I am very lucky that I bought him this policy as a puppy and now able to keep him around longer in his old age. Kim Borbone who helps me with all my claims has been there helping me throughout this painful process. She always gets my claims in quickly which means I get a check back in the mail within a couple of weeks. Honestly, without Petplan I could not have afforded Jake’s expensive treatments. Thank you Petplan!!
Petplan Insurance
We know far too well the difficult battle with cancer, Angela – we’ve faced it with our own pets. We are humbled that we can be here to provide you peace of mind with the vet bills and help Jake in the fight!
Evan L
Recently I had to submit a claim for my cat. Kim B. with Petplan was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. My claim was handled quickly and I am very happy! Petplan is great insurance to have!
Petplan Insurance
Thanks Evan! We’ll be sure to paw it forward for Kim and let her know about your kind words!
We could not be more satisfied with the care and attention that we have received from Petplan. Those of you considering PetPlan as an option in insuring your pet, please read our story that follows.

Our story began a few months ago when we noticed that our 5 ½ year old Vizsla, Jitterbug had a small “pimple-like” blemish near the tip of her nose just under her right nostril. We monitored it for a few weeks noting it getting a bit larger, and decided to have it checked out with our local veterinarian. Our vet assured us that this was probably nothing, but we asked to have it fine needle aspirated to be certain.

To the surprise of us all the biopsy revealed that this was a mast cell tumor. We immediately sought out a provider, Blue Pearl, which had staff oncologists and surgery experts who specialize in cancer and cancer treatments. Our first visit with the Blue Pearl surgeon was rather sobering; Jitterbug’s tumor would need to be surgically removed. To obtain a “clean” removal of the tumor along with the necessary margins would be extremely difficult given the delicate position immediately under her nostril area.

The surgery was indeed “tricky”, however, Jitterbug’s surgeon did a wonderful job, removing the tumor with clean margins, AND a hardly-noticeable scar on her nose. Post-surgery was 2 weeks with the “cone of shame” while the incision healed, followed by 8 chemo therapy sessions.

We are now through 5 of the 8 chemo sessions, anxiously awaiting their completion. We sincerely hope that our attempt to keep this horrible cancer at bay and provide Jitterbug quality of life for number of additional years has been successful.

This has been a “challenging” ordeal to say the least! Total cost to date: $5836.84…total claims paid by Petplan: $4469.47. Would we have went forward with this treatment plan for Jitterbug had we NOT had insurance for her? Yes, of course…however, I cannot stress enough how comforting it is to have the peace of mind KNOWING that the overwhelming majority of the costs in a matter such as this will be covered. Our claims were processed promptly and in full accordance with our policy, with swift and courteous follow up from Petplan staff.

I’ve often been asked if I would recommend pet insurance, my response… ABSOLUTELY! Think of it as an investment in a loved one…something that one HOPES will never be needed. However, if necessary this “investment” will pay dividends many times over in allowing you to focus on what is really important, restoring the health of your pet.

Petplan Insurance
Thank you for these kind words, Howard! Stay strong, Jitterbug. We are here for you!
Sarah Yates
I’m becoming increasingly concerned regarding negative reviews regarding higher premiums with the new underwriter. Even Canine Journal mentions it in their “Cons column”. When I changed from Pets Best to Pet Plan, I made sure I chose a company who has consistently had the same underwriter. Pets Best had two new underwriters since I was with them and the last change, our premiums sky rocketed! You feel trapped because you have seniors. I did a lot of research and also used Canine Journal’s recommendation when choosing Pet Plan. I’m due to renew in February and I have to admit, I’m terrified of reliving the nightmare all over again. I took my young dog off the Pets Best Plan 2 1/2 years ago when he was 4. He will be 7 next year and I’m so afraid Pet Plan will do what Pets Best did. If I hear “rates are raised based on the area and vet prices/costs in your area”….It’s all crap. My vets fees have not doubled. Canine Journal, I ask that you please keep a close on this! I will say overall I have been happy with PetPlan but I could have said the same thing about Pets Best. I do understand small increases every year but not double premiums.
Petplan Insurance
Hi Sarah. I can address some of your concerns. Please note I am using a consistent message here for clarity, so you may see parts of this below as well. As noted in your comment, we did recently begin offering policies with a new underwriter. To offer some background on that decision, earlier this year our previous underwriter, AGCS Marine Insurance Company, made the decision to exit the pet insurance industry. When we learned that we’d have to sniff out a new underwriter, we were determined to join paws with a company that is as committed to pet health as we are and most importantly will continue to pay our policyholders’ existing claims. We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with XL Specialty Insurance Company (XL) which carries the rating of A+ by S&P. With their innovative approach to all things insurance, we are confident that they will help us continue to give your best friends top dog support for many years to come.

In collaboration with XL, we took this opportunity to improve our coverage by introducing a broader range of annual limits from $5,000 all the way up to unlimited; to provide a greater choice of deductibles, with the option of an annual deductible (subject to pre-approval); and to begin offering 24/7 access to expert veterinary advice through PetCoach. We also removed the specialist co-pay, so now you are reimbursed at your chosen policy level regardless of where your pet receives care.

These enhancements are in addition to the features we’ve always provided our pet family members, such as full coverage for any injury or illness including non-routine dental care and cancer with no riders; coverage for veterinary office visits for unexpected veterinary care (most other insurers do not offer this – leaving you with an added expense every time you visit the vet); faster paperless claims payments through our one-of-a-kind Petplan app; exceptional service through our 24/7 in-house customer experience center and expert pet health content through fetch! magazine, our blog, social media and emails.

To implement these improvements and to ensure that our policyholders whose pets are ill or injured can continue to receive coverage for those conditions we had to make some tough choices and tradeoffs. Namely, we had to adjust the cost of our premiums; for you and some others, that may translate to a steep rate increase and for that we are truly sorry. These were decisions that were not taken lightly and we know that you may be affected, and we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to work together to find a plan that will meet your needs. Please reach out to us at 1-866-467-3875 at your earliest convenience.

Sarah Yates
Thanks for taking the time to respond personally to my message. It sounds like your current policy holders, those with existing conditions will be most affected? It’s also my understanding that any pet who had a claim paid out will not be eligible for the annual deductible. Honestly, I’m okay with that. I signed up knowing I had to pay a deductible per condition, per year (if chronic). I also pay the 80%, $200 deductible so the specialist co-pay change with the new underwriter doesn’t affect me either. All that to say, I’m not sure how a new underwriter benefits me, a currently policy holder. I am anxious to talk to you guys towards the beginning of the year. I just hope you can understand where I am coming from and why I am so afraid of what lies ahead. Again, thanks for reaching out. I do feel you guys are a top notch company and have always felt your customer service reps care. It’s the underwriter that concerns me. It’s all about money and risk for them, and not necessarily the pet and pet owner. At least that’s how I feel.
Petplan Insurance
Hi Sarah. We understand your points and the position this change puts you as a current policyholder in – and we’re here to try our best to find a plan that will work for you and your furry family. Please call us anytime to discuss your concerns… we are happy to explain in detail all that we can about the new policy, underwriter and so on.
Sarah Yates
I don’t think I can blame the company. It’s the underwriter. I know this puts you in a tough position. It just sounds like it’s the current policy holders who are getting hit the hardest and what concerns me even more is if anyone has submitted a claim of any kind, they will be treated differently. That stings. I will be in touch and I’m hoping and praying it’s not as bad as what I’m afraid of. Thanks again for responding. I really do appreciate that. I also appreciate you understanding where I am coming from.
Pet Plan Pet Insurance – Would never recommend again! I had my policy for 3 years since the day I brought my puppy home. I paid on a quarterly basis it came directly out of my debit account until I lost my wallet and had to cancel all my accounts. By the time I caught up with updating all the automated payment accounts I had I did not realize Petplan also needed to be updated. I received a letter in the mail that I did not open right away as Petplan sends out marketing campaigns it did not say urgent or reply needed anywhere. The letter stated my payment was due on 2/20 and by 3/21 they had cancelled my policy. I called to explain what had happened I talked to three different people who said they were working on it they escalated the request for my policy to be reinstated. I had to call back three separate times each they said they were working on it. A final call back came on 6/13 to tell me the underwriters chose not to renew my policy. I had only filed one claim in the past three years which was denied so I was never reimbursed for anything. I paid on time every time for three years and when I needed them they denied me. They said I could open a new policy but that any pre-existing conditions would not be covered. My dog was diagnosed with a heart condition while under this Petplan insurance but if I signed up for a new plan with them it would not be covered anymore. Can you say beyond B.S. Never again! I should have stuck with VPI Pet Insurance that I had with my previous dogs. Stay away from PetPlan.
Mary Iggy
Do NOT purchase Insurance with Petplan. They use false advertising and this is a quote from their ad in the 2016 issue of AARP Magazine “‘If your Veterinarian recommends it, we cover it’ All accidents & illnesses, even chronic & hereditary conditions.” I have been insured with them for over a year and have not been paid one cent. My dog has chronic asthma, and I’ve called Petplan and they use this circuitous logic, or lack thereof, to deny all claims. Do NOT waste your precious $$ on this Charlatan Insurance!
After paying into my PetPlan policy for 7 years, and feeling confidant my dog was covered by the best company, I have just had my first claim with Petplan and am very displeased and feel their reasoning to disallow costs borders on unethical.

I advocate for being a responsible pet owner, and became aware that veterinary care now costs as much as medical care for a child. Not only do I have PetPlan insurance – I have “sold” numerous family members and friends on the priority of carrying PetPlan insurance. In the past, I had experienced another company that disallowed nearly everything and used the loophole that it “is inherent or prevalent in the breed.” (No, Bassett Hounds are not known for allergies).

I have a very healthy 7 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. We have incurred nearly no medical costs except well visits. We are also on a “wellness program” at a local vet. Although our Petplan costs have doubled now that “Seamus” is 7 years old, I felt I was paying for piece of mind and according to my homework and reviews, Petplan was supposed to be exceptionally cooperative about reimbursement.

Recently, Seamus had vaccines and his teeth cleaned. Since he was going to be under anesthesia anyway, he needed to have two cysts removed, with pathology. The vet very carefully separated the “well costs” from the surgical necessities.

Out of pocket costs were $597 for the surgery. My Petplan deductible is $200. Petplan took longer than their claims to communicate or reimburse. I called and was told my reimbursement was $286. What can possibly be disallowed in a necessary surgery?
It was explained to me that one of the cysts would not be covered unless a part of, or caused by the same issue. In other words, they are picking at what they do not want to cover. And yet, if I had the cysts operated on at separate times – it would cost both myself and Petplan more for deductible, Vet time, supplies, anesthetic, medicines, etc.

How does this possibly make sense? My dog has medical insurance and needs medical care. I have paid over $4,000 into this policy without a claim and they choose to cover one cyst and not the other? This is not the customer service and policies they market.

Danny Benovich
They turned down my dachshunds coverage for IVDD treatment because 4 years ago, I had a radiograph done to check on a pregnancy. They went back to a 4 year old x-ray and decided that they saw a potential narrowed disc space (no symptoms or signs of back problems for life prior or next two years), and decided not to cover a back condition that happened 4 years later based on the old pregnancy radiograph, they have decided it was a pre-existing condition (I have been paying them for 2 years now about 60 bucks a month). I feel like I was mugged. If you read deep into the fine print, they basically won’t pay for anything. Any possible clinical sign that may relate to any injury etc. is a pre-existing condition. Basically a gaping black hole in the policy which leaves very little room for payout once your dog has sneezed once in its life. See the other reviews of people who are not paid interns of petplan.
Danny Benovich
I found them to be a criminal enterprise. I’m guessing the glowing reviews are planted by paid interns of Petplan. I feel fleeced. Don’t buy it.
John James
Pet insurance or any insurance for that matter isn’t in it to really help. It’s a business like all the rest with overhead and sending CEO’s on trips to the Bahama’s every year. They are making money hand over fist and love it. Pet food, toys and insurance is a multi-million dollar industry. Put away the co-pay/deductible and monthly payment in a saving account like others were saying (skip insurance) and not worry if you did everything right to get coverage.
Jamie Shepherd
I insured my dog beginning at age 9. She lived until 13 1/4 years. If I had not purchased pet insurance, we would have had to euthanize her years ago. I got the Silver 90% reimbursement with a $200 deductible. My monthly cost was $50. (Which rose to $75 as I was making many claims near the end.)

The first incident was when I saw some of her molars were broken and black. The vet hospital removed them. The second incident was cancer. She had to have many operations. One of them cost over $6000. It gave us another year of joy and a happy tail-wagging dog. When she eventually passed, it was from complications of the cancer and there was nothing medical science could do, other than relieve her of her suffering.

Overall, this is what I paid: $2,689.09 in total premiums. I made total claims of $17,095.46 and received back $15,547.19.

In sum, I paid for a 90% plan and got exactly that. They never denied a claim. Basically what I did then, was pre-pay a little less than $4,000 over four years for what amounted to over $17,000 in surgery!

The PetPlan insurance I bought was absolutely worth it. I would highly encourage any owner of a senior dog to consider this option. It could very well give you more years than you would be able to afford otherwise.

John Violette
So if I’m reading the reviews correctly, as long as you get a yearly Wellness Exam and keep the receipt. You should have no problems with a claim, as long as there is no “pre existing” condition. I would like to see a detailed explanation of what you guys describe as pre existing conditions. That phrase concerns me, and it could mean anything. Also, how much does the premium go up by each year ?
Myla Holmes
See above comment by ExecOrder11110. My experience was the same. Expect a 25% annual increase even when the dog is young (in my case, between ages 3-4) and healthy, without having filed a single claim. Outrageous!
Elizabeth Baker
After recommending PetPlan to many people I am seriously reconsidering due to:
1. When I moved they raised my rates nearly 40%.
2. When I had my first claim they made me jump through hoops and delayed it for weeks and weeks and then only paid a small fraction of it.
3. After my sales reps repeatedly told me “all you need is vet records showing that the pet has been to the vet sometime in the last year” I found out that this was a lie when PetPlan made me come up with 2+ years of vet records and even after sending those refused to process my claim for “lack of vet history” until I had to call and demand they process the claim.
4. They take the deductible off of the 80% coinsurance to save themselves money. For instance if you have a $200 claim and you have 80% coverage they will take the $100 deductible off of the $160 and pay you only $60 instead of taking the $100 deductible off of the $200 and pay you $80.
5. They were quick to “remind” me that the vet issues that my animals have been seen for are now considered “pre existing conditions” and that a new insurance company will not cover them. It seems like this is a way to lock you in once you have to battle through a claim with them and become dissatisfied.
Sarah Yates
I would like clarification. You state that Pet Plan does not cover veterinary exam or office visit fees. I am a Pet Plan insurance holder and I contacted them because I always thought exam and office visit fees were covered. I was told that in the event of an illness, injury, or accident, they do cover pet exam and office visit fees. They do not cover a wellness visit fee so if for example, I take my dog in for their annual exam and vaccines, the exam fee would not be covered. However, if during that exam, they found something wrong, then I could put in a claim and have that fee covered. The pros and cons makes it sound like the exam and office fees are not covered. There is some clarification below that, but I think the cons need to be changed.
I wondered the same thing. From what it appears, Healthy Paws *never* pays exam/office fees–whether the visit is for an urgent matter or if, during a routine visit, an issue is found. PetPlan pays such potentially large fees in both of these cases.

I’m concerned that Healthy Paws apparently changes their coverage to 70%/$500 upon the pet reaching 8 years of age and if the customer makes any changes to the policy.

OTOH, I don’t like PetPlan’s per condition annual deductible, and I’m concerned about their reportedly substantial annual price increases–which, presumably, Healthy Paws doesn’t have.

[Policy coverage of four out of five stars]

“More policy coverage exclusions than our #1 pick, Healthy Paws”

Can you elaborate? What conditions does Healthy Paws cover that Petplan does not?

1. They are excellent with paying claims. My dog had luxating patella (congenital condition) surgery in 2013, costing $1800 and Pet Plan paid $1600 with zero hassle.

2. Expect a 25% premium increase every year.

These are the annual premiums for the first 7 years of my Boston Terrier’s life in the Philly suburbs:
2008 – $289 Gold Plan ($200 deductible, 100% coverage up to $22,000)
2009 – $289 Gold Plan
2010 – $328 Gold Plan (13.5% increase)
2011 – $412 Gold Plan (25.5% increase), Switched to Silver at $369 ($200 deductible, 100% coverage up to $14,000)
2012 – $457 Silver Plan (24% increase)
2013 – $572 Silver Plan (25% increase)
2014 – $715 Silver Plan (25% increase)
2015 – $886 Silver Plan (24% increase)

3. Skip the insurance, put $40 into ‘doggy’ savings each month, (preferably start before you even get a dog) so you are prepared for anything that might arise. With the increases, it’s not worth the cost.

We are researching pet insurance and with all the stories of rejected claims–this just might be the way to go. At least you know for sure you can get access to your money when your pet gets sick.
Myla Holmes
Agreed! I noted the same thing – outrageously high annual increases averaging 25% even for a young, healthy dog and no claims. Of course no advance notification of the increase if your credit card information is on file, just a new higher charge. I’m better off building a pet emergency savings account and using a credit card as needed. My interest rate is far lower than 25% annually.
Petplan customer
I have had Petplan insurance since 2009 and share the same observations: excellent claim payment; 25% premium increases starting in the 4th year. In our just received notice of renewal, Petplan has informed us that they’ve changed underwriter to XL Specialty Insurance Company. To continue to own comparable coverage ($200 deductible, 90% reimbursement) for next renewal for our 7 year old pooch, the quoted rate is 60% higher than this current year and we have filed no claims whatsoever this year! Yikes!
Petplan Insurance
Thank you for your feedback and for being a member of the Petplan family for the past seven years. We are truly humbled by your commitment to your pet family members.

As your partner in pet health, we too are committed to giving you and other pet parents the best coverage for your best friends. As noted in your comment, we did recently begin offering policies with a new underwriter. To offer some background on that decision, earlier this year our previous underwriter, AGCS Marine Insurance Company, made the decision to exit the pet insurance industry. When we learned that we’d have to sniff out a new underwriter, we were determined to join paws with a company that is as committed to pet health as we are and most importantly will continue to pay our policyholders’ existing claims. We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with XL Specialty Insurance Company (XL) which carries the rating of A+ by S&P. With their innovative approach to all things insurance, we are confident that they will help us continue to give your best friends top dog support for many years to come.

In collaboration with XL, we took this opportunity to improve our coverage by introducing a broader range of annual limits from $5,000 all the way up to unlimited; to provide a greater choice of deductibles, with the option of an annual deductible (subject to pre-approval); and to begin offering 24/7 access to expert veterinary advice through PetCoach. We also removed the specialist co-pay, so now you are reimbursed at your chosen policy level regardless of where your pet receives care.

These enhancements are in addition to the features we’ve always provided our pet family members, such as full coverage for any injury or illness including non-routine dental care and cancer with no riders; coverage for veterinary office visits for unexpected veterinary care (most other insurers do not offer this – leaving you with an added expense every time you visit the vet); faster paperless claims payments through our one-of-a-kind Petplan app; exceptional service through our 24/7 in-house customer experience center and expert pet health content through fetch! magazine, our blog, social media and emails.

To implement these improvements and to ensure that our policyholders whose pets are ill or injured can continue to receive coverage for those conditions we had to make some tough choices and tradeoffs. Namely, we had to adjust the cost of our premiums; for you and some others, that translates to a steep rate increase and for that we are truly sorry. These were decisions that were not taken lightly and we know that you are affected. As you have personally experienced, we have been there for you many times in the past, and we will continue to be there for you when you need us most in the future. We do, however, recognize that these changes may require you to reexamine your coverage, and we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to work together to find a plan that will meet your needs. Please reach out to us at 1-866-467-3875 at your earliest convenience. We look forward to your call.

blah blah blah blah blah you are increasing my pet’s insurance to 250% this year. Life of the pet. Yea until the owner goes broke for less coverage. I have an idea what you can sniff as my consumer law sniffs out how legit your increases are.
OH and for NO LIMITS it is $1,500 a month. I can save up that and pay my vet bills shame on you Petplan. I have sent over 200 people to you and have been rabid about posting on all social media about what you have pulled. Screw your S&P rating laughable get in bed with the banks too and then tell us all about it.
Do not get pet insurance with pet plan!!! Brutal!! They made so many mistakes on my account. When I finally went to submit a $400 claim because my dog slipped on the ice and strained his leg, they denied it based on the fact that my vet had posted in a previous check up that she observed “no limping of the legs.” The operator told me that the vet had to specifically say “legs are healthy.” So, in that case, the operator had deemed that my dog must have had damaged legs before this accident and therefore was “preexisting.”

I cancelled on the spot.

Petplan Insurance
Hi Britt. We apologize for any frustrations you may have faced. Our team has reassessed your claim based on the information provided and will be reaching out to you with a resolution. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for giving us the opportunity to resolve this confusion.
Jason Mevorah
Do not purchase pet insurance with this horrible company! I paid my premium perfectly for 13 months with this as my results:
My first and only claim was for my dog. We found a lump on her back and took her to the vet. The vet performed surgery and we were able to remove a benign tumor. When we submitted the claim, Petplan insurance spent 3 weeks acting like they were doing an investigation for the claim. After three weeks, our claim was denied based on my dog not having a recent check up with a vet. My dog had been seen 2 years ago by a vet and given a rabies vaccine. 8 months ago, the same vet who performed the surgery saw her, but it was not considered a full checkup like the pet insurance claims they needed. Petplan had no problem collecting premium from month to month, knowing they were never going to pay my claims.
If you are collecting premium and you know your client is not eligible for coverage, the responsible thing to do is send a message via mail, e-mail, or call the client and let them know they are not eligible for coverage and they need to take certain steps to become eligible for coverage again. This company did none of those things. They were happy knowing someone was paying them a premium that they felt they would never have to pay.
When I called their customer service department, their representative was more than happy to tell me I was not upholding my responsibility as the policyholder. She kept saying, “I can cancel your policy right now.” Why would she be so quick to say that? Because they know they have already collected the premium and avoided paying the claim. I am taking this business, Petplan Insurance, to small claims court as well as contacting the Better Business Bureau. I will continue to let as many people I can know the standards and practices of this organization.
Right on brother. They tried to gyp me too after I did an online sign up. Seems they said I didn’t have a cat exam before I signed up. Some 3 weeks went by and the person on the phone kept saying my vet was not good because he didn’t keep detailed vet notes. Go argue with him I said. He’s been a vet for 40 years. Then a guy called and before he could say no coverage I told him I had the hard copy of the exam prior to signing up. He gave up. When I had a claim they applied 3 100 deductibles to a 600 claim. I had to pay over 300 out of my pocket. Very bad faith company tries to weasel out of paying any claim they can avoid. I changed to a better one. Ask them about the pre-existing thing. Any time your pet has an illness they classify it as pre-existing so you don’t get paid the next time.
Oh my gosh!!! I was going to sign up my three cats! It was going to be a big cost to me but I thought it would be worth it in the end. Thank u for alerting us of this “scam” and I’m sorry that you had to go through that! I’m scared to think “what if” this had happened to me. I’m glad I checked the reviews first, I don’t always do it.
Your policy specifically states that the animal covered requires an annual wellness check. It is your responsibility as an insured to be on top of your own eligibility; it is not the insurance company’s job to nanny you and send reminders that you haven’t taken your dog to the vet. They don’t require you to file anything attesting as to when the annual check was done, and therefore don’t know if or when you’ve done it. They assume that you understand your policy rules and exclusions and are responsible enough to have followed them. As an insurance agent (not for pet insurance), this is a common occurrence – people don’t read their policies and then get angry when their claims are denied for legitimate reasons that were specified in the policy. I don’t know PetPlan well enough to comment on whether they are a good company or how they pay out claims, but calling it a scam because you managed to exclude yourself from coverage is unfair to this company.
Sarah Yates
I agree. When I signed up, they made it very clear that my pets had to have an annual exam done. It’s part of our responsibility as a pet owner to make sure they have annual exams. PetPlan also made it very clear that each condition has its own deductible. I decided as a pet owner to have my pets examined before coverage so I would know what was covered (in case there were exclusions). I do think with all the information thrown at owners, it is easy to overlook important details. A company is damned if they overwhelm us with too much info and damned if they don’t state enough. I think for legal purposes, they have to cover themselves in every way they can.
Wanita Jordan
The person who wrote the review was denied the claim even though the tumor would have occurred if they took the dog for an exam. No exam would have prevented the growth. This claim should have been allowed.
Seems to me if they are not going to pay a claim based on no annual exam, they had 0 risk, therefore they should at least refund your premiums for the period time you weren’t covered.

I had them. Good luck getting them to actually cover anything.


I was talking to a friend over the weekend and she casually mentioned how she has pet plan insurance for her dog! I had just been researching pet insurance for my dog and was happy to hear she is satisfied with PetPlan's insurance plan. She mentioned she also gets a free newsletter along with the insurance called "fetch" in the mail which is a great bonus. I think I am going to purchase PetPlan now thanks again for providing the review! 

Jason Mevorah
This is a standard review this company does to combat negative reviews.
a clever canine

I am doing pet insurance insurance and was happy to find this review as I was leaning towards PetPlan anyway. I am still new to buying pet insurance and am curious if the rates vary based on state and/or breed? I wonder if there is a "family plan" too for multiple pets – similar to humans. I just got a new puppy as an early Christmas gift so this is all so new to me but learning as I go.