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Do shock collars cause cancer?

My last two dogs both had shocker collars and both dogs diagnosed with lymph node cancer. The first one wore a shocker collar to keep him in the yard, the second dog wore a shocker collar to control her barking. Do shocker collars cause cancer in a dogs throat?


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Jenny M Farnum
Jenny M Farnum

I find no evidence online about shock collars causing cancer yet my dog has a tumor where his shock collar was. I am thinking that there is going to be a big big coincidence when he has what your dog has. Thinking maybe we should all get together and contact a lawyer.

Sadie Cornelius
Sadie Cornelius

Judy, so sorry to hear both your dogs have cancer. Studies show that shock collars can result in distress in dogs but stress shouldn’t be a factor in the cause of Cancer in pets. Cancer is passed down through genetics so depending on the breed it could be that or other environmental conditions including poor diet exposure to smoke, pesticides,
UV light, pollution etc. Hope that helps and sorry again about your pups!