Miniature Schnauzer Throwing Up

My dog (miniature schnauzer) has been throwing up and regurgitating for almost 3 weeks. We have seen two vets both of which did X-rays (one was a barium study) and said that they did not see an enlarged esophagus. The second set of X-rays did show something in her colon that was 1.5cm x 7mm that appears to be mineral or metal but they said that it would not cause the issue she is having. Two sets of bloodwork were normal including tests to rule out pancreatitis and Addison’s. She does not throw up water or the watery soup I have been making out of canned food for her. We have tried Pepcid, prilocec, prescription foods including hydrolized protine foods, and cerenia; none of which has seemed to help. Stools are normal although decreased in volume. We have not seen anything pass yet that would explain the Image in the X-rays. Sometimes she seems to heave like true vomiting and sometimes it is more like regurgitation. The majority of the time she is laying down and starts to go through the signs of nausea (licking her lips, swallowing etc.) and then will sit up and expel what she ate. It always appears undigested with no bile. We did start a dewormer yesterday but the doctors we have seen don’t think that stomach worms would cause these issues. Our next step may be exploratory surgery and we don’t want to put her though that if at all possible. We are so scared for our baby. She is just 20 months old. Please let me know what you suggest.


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