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61 Velcro Dog Breeds That Will Stick To You Wherever You Go


Last Updated: April 10, 2024 | 44 min read | 6 Comments

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There are plenty of loyal dogs out there, but certain breeds are a lot more affectionate and clingy than others. Also called “velcro dogs,” these breeds will stick to your side like glue, and you’ll have a companion for life. Say goodbye to your alone time! These dogs will insist on being a part of all your activities. It doesn’t matter if it’s watching TV, cooking dinner, or even just trying to catch some shut-eye.

It’s important to note the difference between velcro dogs and dogs with separation anxiety. A dog with separation anxiety may develop bad behavior if they have been left alone for long periods of time. While separation anxiety is a problem that owners usually need to solve, velcro breeds have naturally clingy personalities. Regardless of how much time you spend with a velcro breed, they’re still going to whine when you leave.

While you might feel a little guilty for running errands alone or heading to work, a velcro dog’s loyal personality only makes them better companions. Keep reading for a look at sixty-one differnt dog breeds with extra-clingy personalities.

Hungarian Vizsla
    Vizsla With Owner
    The Viszla was bred to be near their owners, so it’s no surprise they follow you like a shadow.
    • weight iconWeight10-50 pounds
    • height iconHeight8-20 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan14-18 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Gentle

There’s a reason why Vizslas are known as the ultimate velcro dog. There’s no place a Vizsla would rather be than by your side. While they were originally bred for falconry, the Vizsla’s loyal nature made them great family dogs.

Keep in mind that, while a Vizsla doesn’t mind cuddling up on the couch, these pups also have tons of energy. So, they fit well with anyone that already has an active lifestyle. Take your Vizsla hiking, hunting, or swimming. Just as long as they’re with their owner, they’ll be as happy as they can be.

Golden Retriever
    Golden Retriever in Lap of Owner
    Golden Retrievers are one of the original Velcro dogs.
    • weight iconWeight55-80 pounds
    • height iconHeight20-24 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Energetic

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds of all time. Because they are so popular, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that they rank high on our list of velcro dogs. Historically, golden retrievers were bred as hunting dogs. But over time, they’ve transitioned into eager-to-please family dogs.

Not only are they easy to train, but their excellent temperament makes them great for families with small children. Much like Vizslas, this large breed loves to maintain an active lifestyle alongside its owners. Even if you don’t plan to take them hunting, retrievers can spend all day playing fetch or swimming with their families.

Labrador Retriever
    Labrador with Owner
    Labradors have a tendency to follow their owners everywhere.
    • weight iconWeight55-80 pounds
    • height iconHeight20-24 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Energetic

Labradors may be too large to be considered lap dogs, but it appears nobody ever relayed that message to them. Regardless of how grown your pup is, this breed will find some way to try and fit on your lap.

Given the Labrador’s outgoing nature, it’s easy to see why they are so popular. In fact, they have remained the most popular dog breed for several consecutive years. When they’re not trying to hog your lap, the Labrador’s second favorite place to be is on a walk or playing outside.

This breed is a natural athlete. And like the Golden Retriever, they’re big fans of the water (their “otter-tail” actually works as a rudder to aid them in swimming). Originally, breeders in Newfoundland bred the Labrador to retrieve ducks and waterfowl. But once again, the Lab’s friendly nature also appealed to families.

English Mastiff
    English Mastiff Watching Owner
    Mastiffs can be very dedicated, always needing to be near their owner’s side.
    • weight iconWeight130-270 pounds
    • height iconHeight27-36 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan6-10 years
    • color iconTemperamentDignified & Loyal

Not to be confused with the Bullmastiff, the Old English Mastiff (or just Mastiff) is a gentle giant. They have a calm, dignified demeanor. Although they aren’t necessarily natural guard dogs, Mastiffs can be protective of their families. Early training and socialization is crucial for this breed.

If they aren’t glued to your side, most Mastiffs prefer to be in the same rooms as their owners. They enjoy watching over their owners. Keep in mind that the Mastiff, especially a puppy, can be very stubborn. Some people equate them to being less intelligent than other breeds, but it’s quite the opposite. But this does mean that early training can be a challenge.

    Maltese with Owner
    If you own a Maltese, don’t expect to have much time by yourself.
    • weight iconWeight7-10 pounds
    • height iconHeight8-10 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentCharming & Friendly

You’ve probably heard the term “lap dog,” tossed around. But the Maltese are the original lap dog. At less than ten pounds, the Maltese can actually fit on your lap. Once they’re there, they won’t ever want to leave.

The Maltese’s history as a loyal lapdog goes back centuries. Aristocratic women of the Roman Empire often toted Maltese dogs along with them. Throughout Roman myths and fables, the Maltese were also a symbol of loyalty.

Besides their clingy nature, Maltese dogs are also famous for their eye-catching, silky coats and puppy-dog eyes. While they have a reputation for being a little stubborn, these dogs are completely devoted to their owners.

Border Collie
    Border Collie on Lap
    Border Collies are highly energetic, but also enjoy being around their owners.
    • weight iconWeight30-55 pounds
    • height iconHeight14-16 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentIntelligent & Energetic

Not only are Border Collies one of the most intelligent breeds around, but their affectionate nature also makes them velcro dogs. However, Border Collies are a unique type of velcro dog. While they form close bonds with their owners and families, they may not spend every second at your side.

At heart, these dogs are herders, so they’re used to working at greater distances from their owners. Although once your Collie has spent the day running around the yard, you can bet that they’ll want to spend the rest of the night curled up at your side.

Another interesting difference with Collies is that they can be selective with who they choose to bond with. But, if you’ve managed to win the heart of a Collie, you’ll have it for life.

German Shepherd
    German Shepherd with Owner
    German Shepherds may be independent, but they can also attach themselves to one person, and never leave their side.
    • weight iconWeight65-90 pounds
    • height iconHeight22-26 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan9-13 years
    • color iconTemperamentLoyal & Protective

The German Shepherd may very well be the most protective of the Velcro breeds. Since they bond intensely with their owners and families, they may be wary of strangers who get too close. As a result, you may need to watch your German Shepherd more carefully around new people and gauge how well they respond. This is especially true for rescue dogs, who may even be more protective around anyone they don’t know.

While they’re good family dogs, don’t be surprised if your German Shepherd picks one person out of the family to stick to. Like Collies, this breed is selective about who they cling to, but if you pass the test, you’ll have a large shadow forever.

French Bulldog
    French Bulldog in Owners Lap
    French Bulldogs are well known for sticking next to their owner’s side.
    • weight iconWeight25-30 pounds
    • height iconHeight14-16 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Playful

With their signature bat ears and puppy dog-eyes, French Bulldogs are another toy breed that won’t want to leave your side. Frenchies were actually bred to be companions dependent on their owners. So, it’s no surprise that they’ve become known as velcro dogs.

What also makes Frenchies an attractive option is their relaxed temperament. While playful and eager to cuddle, these dogs typically don’t bark too much. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about your French Bulldog complaining when you can’t give them attention.

They’re also adaptable, and their short stature means they don’t require as much exercise as a Vizsla or Golden Retriever. So, if you live in an apartment complex or a city, the Frenchie may just be the velcro dog for you.

    Pug Sitting on Owners Lap
    Pugs are well known to stick to their owners like glue when they are around.
    • weight iconWeight14-18 pounds
    • height iconHeight14-16 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Charming

Another breed that was bred to be companions, Pugs live for human attention. Historically, Pugs have a rich history, and were even once the pets of Chinese emperors. But, even if you’re not royalty, your Pug will love you all the same.

Don’t be shocked if your Pug tries to follow you from room to room. Just be careful not to trip over them! Pugs will always be happiest when they’re with you, and they tend to share close bonds with one or two specific people.

While they do have a longer lifespan, the Pug’s flat-face can also make them prone to certain health conditions. Especially breathing problems or eye issues as they age.

Doberman Pinscher
    Doberman Getting Pet by Owner
    While Doberman Pinschers can be independent, they are also highly affectionate canines.
    • weight iconWeight60-100 pounds
    • height iconHeight24-28 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentProtective & Courageous

As natural watchdogs, Doberman Pinschers make it their responsibility to follow you around and make you’re safe. Even if you’re just trying to cook dinner. While their loyal and obedient nature has made them attractive family dogs, this breed also has an excellent reputation working as police dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, and even search-and-rescuers.

This breed is a jack of all trades, but their favorite spot to be is cuddled up beside you on the couch. Still, Dobermans are a large breed, and they’ll require a lot of daily exercise to burn off that excess energy. Daily walks and runs are a necessity for Dobermans, and they’ll want to keep you by their side for these adventures.

Great Dane
    Great Dane Hugging Owner
    Great Danes are called gentle giants, due to their love and affection for their owners.
    • weight iconWeight110-170 pounds
    • height iconHeight28-34 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan7-10 years
    • color iconTemperamentPatient & Dependable

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a large, dark shadow following you around, look no further than the Great Dane. Not only do they tower over a lot of other dogs, but when they stand on their hind legs, your Great Dane may even be taller than you.

However, as intimidating as they may look, Great Danes are patient, affectionate, and great with kids. They’re happiest when they’re spending time with you. Despite their size, many owners find this to be a relaxed breed. Besides daily walks a couple of times a day, Great Danes are content to cuddle up with you (and try their hardest to fit on your lap).

Shetland Sheepdog
    Shetland Sheepdog With Owner
    Shelties are well known to stick right next to their owner’s side.
    • weight iconWeight15-25 pounds
    • height iconHeight13-16 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 years
    • color iconTemperamentSmart & Enthusiastic

Although they’re often described as independent and playful, the Shetland Sheepdog is a notorious velcro breed. Much like their bigger cousin, the Border Collie, Shelties are a unique dog. Your Sheltie may not insist on sitting on your lap or sticking to your side, but they still want to be near their owners. Even just hanging out in the same room as you can satisfy a Sheltie’s clingy nature.

As a result, these breeds are great for owners who enjoy affectionate dogs, but may still want their space from time to time. They’re also intelligent and quick to pick up on mood changes. If you have a bad day, your Sheltie may be the first one to notice.

Coton de Tulear
    Coton De Tulear with Owner
    White, fluffy, and cuddly, the Coton De Tulear is well known for being a sidekick to its owners at all times.
    • weight iconWeight8-15 pounds
    • height iconHeight9-12 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan15-19 years
    • color iconTemperamentEasygoing & Charming

If there’s one breed that doesn’t want to be home alone, it’s probably the Coton de Tulear. Like a lot of smaller dogs, they were bred as companions, and they’ll be happiest when they can spend as much time as possible with you.

If you’re thinking of owning a Coton de Tulear, be prepared to have a new partner on all your outings. Since they’re prone to separation anxiety and natural companions, too much alone time can do more harm than good for the Coton. The good news is that these fluffy, soft dogs are usually less than fifteen pounds, and can easily fit in a car seat or a large tote bag.

Giant Schnauzer
    Giant Schnauzer With Owner
    Giant Schnauzers are giant lapdogs and are known to be both loyal and protective of their families.
    • weight iconWeight55-85 pounds
    • height iconHeight24-28 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentLoyal & Obedient

Once used as cattle dogs and watchdogs, the Giant Schnauzer bears a striking resemblance to their smaller counterpart, the Miniature Schnauzer. This breed may weigh in at close to a hundred pounds, but they’ll still find a way to cuddle up on your lap.

Aside from being clingy, Giant Schnauzers also have a tendency to be territorial, especially for the people they’ve bonded the most with. When new people come over, your Giant Schnauzer may prefer to stick close to you rather than socialize.

Since they were once working dogs, Schnauzers have a lot of excess energy to burn, and they thrive with owners who also have an active lifestyle. If you plan to hike, swim, or bike, don’t forget to bring your Schnauzer along for the ride.

Basset Hound
    Basset Hound With Owner
    Calm and Docile, Basset Hounds enjoy nothing more than being with their humans.
    • weight iconWeight40-65 pounds
    • height iconHeight11-15 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-13 years
    • color iconTemperamentRelaxed & Loving

While they’re most famous for their powerful noses, Basset Hounds also have a reputation for being a velcro dog. It’s not uncommon to find your Basset Hound sleeping at your feet while you watch TV or even following close behind when you leave the room.

While they may be clingy, Basset Hounds are also low-key dogs that don’t require tons of exercise. Usually, a daily walk is all they need, and the rest of the time, they’ll be content to lounge around the house with you. Keep in mind that, as clingy as they are, Basset Hounds also have an independent streak, which can make them a challenge to train.

    Greyhound Hugging Owner
    Don’t expect to get too much alone time if you have a Greyhound in your home.
    • weight iconWeight60-70 pounds
    • height iconHeight27-30 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-13 years
    • color iconTemperamentSweet & Endearing

Known as the sprinter of the dog world, Greyhounds may enjoy running, but they enjoy spending time with their owners just as much. The history of the Greyhound stretches back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt, where pharaohs trained them to chase wildlife across the deserts. When they’re running at full-speed, Greyhounds have the ability to run up to 45 miles per hour.

Greyhounds can be independent, especially when they’re dashing across your yard, but they’ll always return to their owners. Once they’ve gotten their fill of exercise, most Greyhounds prefer to be in the same room as their owners, if not closer.

Australian Shepherd
    Aussie with owner
    Aussies are well known to be very active, and also very clingy.
    • weight iconWeight40-65 pounds
    • height iconHeight18-23 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentWork-oriented & Intelligent

A herding dog just like Border Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs, the Australian Shepherd is bright, energetic, and always ready to play. However, with family members, Aussies can form an extremely close bond that almost feels fanatical.

At times, your Australian Shepherd could be territorial or protective of their family around strangers, but with plenty of socializing as puppies, owners can eliminate that mistrust of new people. Overall, Aussies are excellent family dogs, especially with small children. They’re patient, playful, and won’t leave their family’s side unless they have to.

    Chihuahua getting chin scratched
    Chihuahuas are very co-dependent dogs, always needing to be near their humans.
    • weight iconWeight6-8 pounds
    • height iconHeight14-16 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan14-16 years
    • color iconTemperamentSassy & Charming

When it comes to clingy or needy dogs, Chihuahuas definitely make the list. While they may not always be able to keep up with you, a Chihuahua will still follow you from room to room. Like a lot of companion dogs, Chihuahuas are notorious for picking a “favorite” person and sticking to them like glue.

If you become that favorite person, you’ll have a companion for several years. Fortunately, Chihuahuas are a toy breed. So they’ll fit nicely in a tote bag or even a purse if you’re planning to run errands and want to bring your new partner in crime along.

One downside to a clingy Chihuahua is the barking. Leave your pooch alone too long, and you (and everyone else in the house) will definitely hear about it.

    Papillon Dog With Owner
    Papillions enjoy the companies of their owners during most activities.
    • weight iconWeight5-10 pounds
    • height iconHeight8-11 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan14-16 years
    • color iconTemperamentFriendly & Easygoing

Papillons get their name from their unusual, butterfly-shaped ears, but that’s not all this breed is known for. Papillons have a long history of being great companions, and you can even spot this breed in historic portraits with queens and princesses.

Since they’re natural companions, Papillons don’t do well with being alone. When you’re at home, you can count on your Papillon tagging along during chores, dinnertime, and even bathroom breaks. If you do leave the house, your Papillon will usually try to hang out with whoever’s left. It doesn’t matter if that’s another family member, dog, or a cat.

Siberian Husky
    Husky with Owner Outdoors
    Most husky owners can tell you that these pups rarely leave their owner’s side.

    • weight iconWeight45-65 pounds
    • height iconHeight20-24 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 years
    • color iconTemperamentOutgoing & Mischievious

With a reputation for being one of the most dramatic dog breeds, it’s not too shocking that Huskies also make the list for velcro dogs too. Leave your Husky alone too long, and your dog is sure to overreact (or destroy the house in your absence).

Huskies are natural pack dogs, and they’ll cling to anyone they view as part of the pack. This includes their owners. Since they were originally working dogs, owning a husky can be exhausting. This breed needs a lot of exercise throughout the day, so daily walks or playtime in the yard is essential.

Boston Terrier
    Boston Terrier with Owner
    Boston Terriers love their owners, and make perfect pups for owners that don’t mind clingy dogs.
    • weight iconWeight12-25 pounds
    • height iconHeight12-17 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan11-13 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Energetic

Nicknamed the “American Gentleman,” the Boston Terrier was originally bred so they could excel at rattling contests and pit fighting. Today, however, the Boston Terrier is more of a companion dog than anything. Not only will they try their hardest to follow you around the house, but they make excellent watchdogs too.

If someone comes to the door, your Boston Terrier will definitely let you know. When they’re not watching your back, your Terrier will likely just be happy to be in your presence. Privacy will be a thing of the past, but with a sweet, affectionate pup like the Boston Terrier, you won’t want them to leave your side anyway.

American Pitbull Terrier
    Pitbull Terrier Outdoors Near Humans
    Pitbulls are known as “nanny dogs” and do best with a family that they can be around.
    • weight iconWeight30-75 pounds
    • height iconHeight17-21 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-16 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Adventerous

American Pitbull Terriers get a bad rap. But, if you’ve spent any time around one of these dogs, then you probably already know what a sweet, affectionate breed they are. Despite weighing around sixty pounds, you’ll never be able to convince your Pitbull that they’re too big to sit on your lap (and, as cuddly as they are, why would you want to?).

Keep in mind that Pitbulls are another breed prone to separation anxiety. If you spend a lot of time away from home or work long hours out of the home, a Pitbull may not be the right dog for you. Not only will too much alone time make your Pit anxious, but you’re more likely to come home to an apartment that’s been torn apart.

But, as long as you’ve got enough time to spend with them, a Pitbull can quickly become a cherished companion for people of all ages.

Great Pyrenees
    Great Pyrenees Dog Outside Leaning on Owner
    Despite their reputation as an independent farm dog, Great Pyrenees enjoy being around their families.
    • weight iconWeight85-120 pounds
    • height iconHeight26-32 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentDependable & Patient

While they can grow just as big (or even bigger) than Great Danes, many people describe the lovable Great Pyrenees as a “majestic” breed. This mountain dog was once a working dog who looked after sheep and deterred predators from getting too close.

As pets, the Pyrenees are loyal to a fault, and completely devoted to their owners. Unlike some other velcro dogs, your Great Pyrenees may not try to cuddle or snuggle up with you, but they’ll never be far away. Even at home, your Pyrenees may be territorial, and alert for any predators or intruders that would harm their human.

    Rottie on Lap
    Rotties typically end up being giant lap dogs that love to cuddle.
    • weight iconWeight80-110 pounds
    • height iconHeight22-28 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan9-10 years
    • color iconTemperamentLoyal & Protective

Like Pitbulls, there’s a lot of misconceptions about the Rottweiler breed being aggressive or violent. However, if you’ve actually owned a Rottweiler, then you know these dogs are just as sweet as can be.

While they were originally bred to guard livestock, Rottweilers have a tendency to bond closely with their owners and families. You shouldn’t be surprised if your Rottweiler tries to follow you everywhere you go, or keep track of your whereabouts.

Since they’re natural guard dogs, it only makes sense that a Rottie would want to guard the people they love. This breed does have a tendency to be wary around strangers, but as long as you socialize them, then they shouldn’t have any trouble.

    Beagle Cuddling With Owner
    Beagles tend to attach to their human family quickly, and enjoy being near people at all times.
    • weight iconWeight15-30 pounds
    • height iconHeight13-16 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentCurious & Friendly

With floppy ears and wrinkled faces, Beagles were originally hunting dogs that helped track down smaller game, like rabbits and hare. Being great hunters was only one of the Beagle’s attractive qualities. They were also loving and friendly, which made them great companions.

The Beagle is an instinctual pack animal, and as pets, they’ll always be happier when they’re with other people. Since they are so sociable, some owners may even adopt two or three Beagle puppies at the same time so that they can keep each other company as they grow older.

Either way, if you’re planning to adopt a Beagle, be ready for a partner in crime that’ll never be too far behind you.

    Dachshund Dog Being Held
    Dachshunds typically enjoy being held, and always want to be near their human companions.
    • weight iconWeight16-32 pounds
    • height iconHeight8-10 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-16 years
    • color iconTemperamentFiesty & Protetctive

You’ve probably heard them referred to as “weiner dogs,” but what the Dachshund doesn’t have in size, this breed makes up for in spunk and personality. Their long torsos and stubby legs mean that the Dachshund isn’t built for strenuous exercise, but they do make excellent companions.

Anyone who’s owned a Dachshund can tell you just how loyal this breed is. Originally bred to hunt and kill rodents, the Dachshund may feel an instinctual sense of responsibility for their families. If they’re a part of a larger family, your Dachshund may gravitate or bond more closely with one person, but they’ll still be loyal to everyone else.

Yorkshire Terrier
    Yorkie Being Pet By Owners
    Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular toy breeds, and they adore being around people.
    • weight iconWeight5-7 pounds
    • height iconHeight8-10 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan11-16 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Sassy

Beneath the silky, floor-length coat of the Yorkshire Terrier is a clingy pooch with an affectionate personality. While the Yorkie’s ancestors worked in textile mills, the Yorkshire Terriers you see today were bred as companion dogs for Victorian women.

As such, Yorkies don’t do well with a lot of alone time. Even just leaving to run errands for a couple of hours can feel like years to a Yorkie. This is definitely a clingy dog that wants to spend every spare second with their owners. Most Yorkshire Terriers have a lot of spunk beneath those fluffy coats, so if they’re upset, you’ll definitely hear about it.

Saint Bernard
    Saint Bernard Cuddling With Human
    Despite being independent and stubborn, Saint Bernards enjoy human companionship.
    • weight iconWeight120-180 pounds
    • height iconHeight26-35 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan8-10 years
    • color iconTemperamentPatient & Observant

Once working dogs that helped rescue travelers stuck in the snow, the Saint Bernard is another loyal breed that would protect their families at all costs. Their imposing stature can make these dogs look intimidating, but most of the time, they’re conscious of how large they really are.

Saint Bernards aren’t an overly clingy dog. They may not try to fit into your lap, but they’ll usually still want to hang out in the same room as you or sleep at your feet. For anyone looking for a loyal and patient dog, the Saint Bernard is an excellent choice. They’re still loving, but they’re relaxed enough that they won’t smother you.

    Akita Dog Looking at Owner
    Akitas are fiercely loyal to their owners, and enjoy human companionship.
    • weight iconWeight70-130 pounds
    • height iconHeight24-28 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-13 years
    • color iconTemperamentLoyal & Dignified

One of the clingiest breeds around, Akitas are known for being loving and affectionate towards their owners and family, but wary and territorial around dogs or people they don’t know. Akitas have a rich history in Japanese culture, and at one time, only the Imperial family could own Akitas.

Today, Akitas are fiercely protective of anyone they consider part of their pack, although they may not be great dogs to adopt if you already have plenty of other pets. Akitas can be possessive, and prefer to be part of “one-dog” households. So, keep that in mind when you consider adopting this unique breed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on Owner Lap
    The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the ultimate cuddle breeds, and loves being with humans.
    • weight iconWeight13-18 pounds
    • height iconHeight12-14 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentSweet & Graceful

With soft personalities and graceful appearances, it’s no wonder why the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is named after royalty. These dogs are affectionate and gentle with their owners, but unlike some velcro breeds, they usually don’t have a problem with strangers.

Whether it’s a co-worker, the mailman, or even a stranger on the street, everyone is a friend to the King Charles Spaniel! However, all this friendliness can have a downside. Some Spaniels may be too enthusiastic with strangers, so you may need to train your Spaniel on the appropriate way to greet a stranger.

    Bullmastiff Next To Humans
    Similar to the English Mastiff, the Bullmastiff loves human companionship.
    • weight iconWeight100-130 pounds
    • height iconHeight24-27 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan7-10 years
    • color iconTemperamentProtective & Observant

Although your Bullmastiff may be taller than most humans when they stand on their hind legs, this breed is a big softie at heart. Originally, the Bullmastiff was a guard dog, willing to protect its owner’s estate and pursue poachers that trespassed.

Today, the Bullmastiff will protect their families with the same fearlessness that their ancestors had. Whenever you’re home, you can count on the Bullmastiff to be your large shadow, and always on the lookout for trouble. Like a lot of guard dogs, it’s important to train and socialize the Bullmastiff early on so that they act appropriately with strangers.

Bernese Mountain Dog
    Bernese Mountain Dog Hugging Human
    The Bernese Mountain Dog is always up for a hug from their family.
    • weight iconWeight80-115 pounds
    • height iconHeight23-28 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan7-10 years
    • color iconTemperamentOutgoing & Gentle

While people always boasted about the Bernese Mountain Dog’s strong work ethnic or their legacy as watchdogs, many forget that this breed is also a great companion dog. Even when they primarily worked on farms, the Bernese Mountain Dog was always ready to relax with their families after a hard day of work.

Today, the Berner is still a great family dog, and their protective instincts make them naturally clingy towards family members. They’re also compassionate and gentle dogs, which make them a good choice for families that have small children.

Irish Wolfhound
    Large Irish Wolfhound Near Owner
    Irish Wolfhounds can be reserved with strangers, but are affectionate with their families.
    • weight iconWeight100-120 pounds
    • height iconHeight32-35 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan6-8 years
    • color iconTemperamentFriendly & Gentle

Standing at nearly three feet at the shoulder and weighing over a hundred pounds, there’s nothing small about the Irish Wolfhound, and that includes their personalities. As far as temperament goes, Irish Wolfhounds adore their families, and they don’t tolerate being left on their own too long.

Leave your Irish Wolfhound home along too long, and your house may look like it’s been destroyed by a tornado (or an anxious dog). Some people may assume that, because of their size, Irish Wolfhounds make good guard dogs, but that’s not usually true. This breed is usually alert, but rarely wary or suspicious of intruders. They may notice an intruder in your home, but they’re unlikely to do anything to stop them.

If you’re looking for a gentle giant that’s affectionate and friendly to most people, however, the Irish Wolfhound is an excellent choice.

    Newfoundland Dog Next To Owner
    Newfoundlands are very affectionate with their owners, and need to be near them frequently.
    • weight iconWeight100-150 pounds
    • height iconHeight25-29 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan9-10 years
    • color iconTemperamentSweet & Affectionate

With a trustworthy personality and majestic looks, it’s no surprise that the Newfoundland has become such a popular breed, especially among the families. Despite their size, there’s nothing to be intimidated about with Newfies. They’re sweet and loving to anyone they come in contact with.

Because the Newfie is such a big teddy bear, these dogs want to spend every second they can with their loved ones, and they love to cuddle. Keeping your Newfoundland off your lap or your bed is a losing battle.

    Poodle on Owners Lap
    Regardless of their size, all Poodles tend to stick to their owners like velcro.
    • weight iconWeight10-70 pounds
    • height iconHeight9-24 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentIntelligent & Active

Not everyone may recognize the Poodle as a clingy dog at first, but that’s only because Poodles are selective about who they trust. But, once they’re comfortable enough with you, your Poodle’s favorite place will be at your side.

Most of the time, Poodles select one or two people, usually, their owners, to cling to. This is especially true if your Poodle is feeling anxious or nervous. Whether it’s a thunderstorm or a new stranger they don’t know, you can count on your Poodle to rely on you for protection and security.

There’s another plus that comes along with adopting a Poodle as a pet: their coats are low-allergen. If you’re someone who suffers from dog allergies, the Poodle’s curly coat shouldn’t irritate them too much.

    Pomeranian Dog on Lap
    Pomeranians love to be near their owners, and even love to be carried around.
    • weight iconWeight3-10 pounds
    • height iconHeight7-10 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-16 years
    • color iconTemperamentLively & Curious

Pomeranians may look bite-sized, but they pack just as much personality as a Great Dane or an Irish Wolfhound. Although they were bred down from much larger sled dogs, the Pomeranians you see today were also meant to be companions. In fact, Queen Victoria made the breed popular when she brought back Pomeranians from Florence, Italy, and even started breeding them.

Like a lot of small breeds, Pomeranians are natural lap dogs. Any chance they get, your Pom will likely try to snuggle up with you. Keep in mind that, despite their small stature, Pomeranians still have plenty of energy to burn off. They’ll need plenty of playtime and daily walks to deplete their energy levels.

    Barbet Sitting Near Owner
    A rarer breed, Barbets can also stick to their human owners like velcro.
    • weight iconWeight35-65 pounds
    • height iconHeight20-26 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 years
    • color iconTemperamentIntelligent & Curious

You may have never seen a Barbet in real life, but it’s possible you’ve seen one in artwork. This breed has been a muse for many artists throughout history, although they were bred as water dogs in France. After the World Wars, Barbets nearly went extinct, but through the efforts of a few devoted breeders, they were able to be saved.

Barbets are rare dogs to own, but if you’re thinking of adopting one, you should know how needy this breed is. A Barbet lives to please their owner, and when they aren’t clinging to your side, they’re easy to teach new tricks or train. As a rule, Barbets don’t do well as just companions, so they’re great for owners who also want to train them to be hunting or service dogs.

Bichon Frise
    Bichon Frise Dog With Human
    The Bichon Frise is a well known lapdog who enjoys being near his owners.
    • weight iconWeight12-18 pounds
    • height iconHeight9-12 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan13-16 years
    • color iconTemperamentLively & Charming

Not only does the Bichon Frise’s soft coat resemble a strip of velcro, but their personality does too. Once they’ve come to trust you, there’s no getting rid of a Bichon Frise. These dogs will spend all day following you around the house, and when it’s time to sleep, they’re content to snuggle in bed with you too.

Bichons aren’t just famous for their soft, hypoallergenic coats, either. Throughout history, the Bichon’s sweet charm and energetic personality has made them popular amongst European nobility. Like the Barbet, there was a shortage of Bichons after World War II, but a select few were able to revive the Bichon Frise breed.

    Boxer Dog Standing With Human
    Boxer dogs are well known to not let their human owners have much down time.
    • weight iconWeight50-75 pounds
    • height iconHeight21-25 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentFriendly & Versatile

If you want a velcro breed that’s always down for outdoor adventures, the Boxer may just be the dog you’re looking for. Like Pit bulls and Rottweilers, there are some misconceptions about the Boxer being an aggressive or hostile breed, but this isn’t true. Most Boxers are friendly teddy bears, especially around families or small children.

Throughout history, Boxers have been a jack of all trades. They started as big-game hunters, but they’ve also been watchdogs, police dogs, protection dogs, and even guide dogs for the blind. If you’re looking for an affectionate large breed that’s eager to please and easy to train, the Boxer fits the bill.

Carolina Dog
    Carolina Dog Outdoors
    Carolina dogs may have independent shepherd instincts, but they also love their time with their families.
    • weight iconWeight30-55 pounds
    • height iconHeight17-24 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentReserved & Loyal

When people think of velcro dogs, Carolina Dogs usually aren’t their first pick. Not only is this lesser-known breed native to rural areas, but they also tend to be more reserved or even suspicious of strangers. When you first bring a Carolina Dog home, you shouldn’t expect your pup to immediately cling to your side.

It’ll take some time, but once they trust you, Carolina Dogs will be loyal for life. As a survival tool, Carolina Dogs have adopted a pack mentality. They are completely devoted to anyone they view as part of that pack.

Once they come to view you as their own, Carolina Dogs are playful, eager to please, but they can be a little stubborn to train.

    Dalmatian With Dog Owner
    Dalmatians may be well known around the local fire station, but they also love being near their owners at all times.
    • weight iconWeight40-75 pounds
    • height iconHeight22-24 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-13 years
    • color iconTemperamentOutgoing & Active

Some people refer to the Dalmatian breed as the “original velcro dog,” due to the way they unconditionally love their owners. However, Dalmatians can also be prone to jealousy and territorial behaviors, so they don’t always mix well with other dogs or strangers. If they detect even the slightest threat, you can count on your Dalmatian letting you know about it.

Still, Dalmatians are a dependable breed, and among their families, they can be very outgoing and sociable. Their energy levels are high, so you can count on this breed needing a lot of playtime or walks throughout the day.

Cocker Spaniel
    Cocker Spaniel in Owners Lap
    Cocker Spaniels can be anxious dogs, and that’s compounded by their need to be close to their owners.
    • weight iconWeight20-30 pounds
    • height iconHeight14-17 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-14 years
    • color iconTemperamentGentle & Happy

Nobody can resist the Cocker Spaniel’s big, dreamy eyes or their soft, droopy ears. One of the original dog breeds on the Mayflower ship to the United States, they were originally hunting dogs. Now, Cocker Spaniels also make excellent companions. However, keep in mind that this breed requires a lot of attention, and doesn’t generally do well alone.

Cocker Spaniels are happiest when they’re with their humans, and if you leave them alone for more than a couple of hours, you could come home to scratched doors, chewed up clothes, and a lot of barking. But, if you can provide the Cocker Spaniel with oodles of attention, this breed’s gentle and affectionate personality will make them a dream to live with.

    Leonberger With Female Outdoors
    Leonbergers are big dogs that love to be near their owners at all times.
    • weight iconWeight90-170 pounds
    • height iconHeight26-31 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan8-10 years
    • color iconTemperamentGentle & Stoic

A lesser-known gentle giant, Leonbergers can weigh over 150 pounds, and makes a great companion for the entire family. Although a Leonberger might not try to climb into your lap or snuggle too close, they’ll gladly join you on adventures or follow you throughout the house. As long as they know you’re safe, your Leonberger will be happy.

It’s not a surprise that Leons make such good companions. They were bred that way! A politician from Leonberg, Germany wanted to make a dog that was fit for a king, and he managed to succeed. Famous historical figures like Napoleon III, the Prince of Wales, and Tsar Alexander II all owned Leonbergers during their rule.

    Whippet Near Woman Drinking Coffee
    Whippets have a nervous energy that will often translate to them sticking to their owners like glue.
    • weight iconWeight25-40 pounds
    • height iconHeight18-22 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentAffectionate & Dependent

If the Whippet looks familiar, it’s because they were bred from Greyhounds. While not as large as the Greyhound, the Whippet has a similar aerodynamic body, and they’re the fastest breed of their size.

One trait that Whippets do share with Greyhounds is their clingy nature. A Whippet loves to be near their owner, but they’re usually calm and relaxed enough to handle some alone time if they have to.

It’s important to note that, like Greyhounds, Whippets need plenty of exercise and room to run. A large yard that’s fenced in is perfect for a Whippet during playtime, although frequent walks and runs work too.

    Small Corgi Laying on Owner
    Corgis love to be near their owners, and their favorite place is often cuddling on someone’s lap.
    • weight iconWeight15-30 pounds
    • height iconHeight10-12 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-13 years
    • color iconTemperamentIntelligent & Loving

There are two different types of Corgis. There’s the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They may look ever so slightly different, but for the most part, they are very much the same in temperament and personality.

The Corgi’s original purpose may have been to herd cattle and sheep, but today, they’re the perfect family dogs. Unlike some breeds, it doesn’t take a lot of time for Corgis to warm up to you. From day one, your Corgi will likely be attached to your hip, and ready to go on adventures.

If you do leave your Corgi alone or lock them out of a room, you shouldn’t expect them to take the news gracefully. Corgis are prone to barking, and you’ll be the first to know if they’re upset. Corgis are also legendary dogs. They have a rich breed history, and there are actually records of them in Welsh Legends.

    Samoyed Dog Running Outdoors With Human
    The Samoyed is another breed that will stick near your side like velcro.
    • weight iconWeight35-65 pounds
    • height iconHeight19-24 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-14 years
    • color iconTemperamentAdaptable & Friendly

With thick, white coats that are impervious to the cold, the Samoyed’s personality is just as soft as their fur. While they can withstand freezing temperatures just fine, the Samoyed’s biggest weakness is too much alone time. Letting your Samoyed roam around the yard or apartment while you’re gone all day can be a recipe for a disaster. And, training Samoyeds can be a little bit of a challenge.

However, if you’re able to give them all the love and attention they ask for, Samoyeds are loyal to a fault. These dogs will follow you to the ends of the earth, and they’re always ready to cuddle or snuggle up with you.

    Keeshond With Dog Owner Outdoors
    The Keeshond is a highly intelligent breed, that rarely leaves their owner’s side.
    • weight iconWeight35-50 pounds
    • height iconHeight16-19 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentOutgoing & Empathetic

Descended from Pomeranians and Samoyeds, Keeshonds share the same fluffy coat and lively personality as their ancestors. Even throughout history, Keeshonds have always served as companion dogs, whether it’s to Vikings or Dutch sailors.

Surprisingly, Keeshonds have a keen sense of empathy, and if you’re not feeling well, your Keeshond will probably be the first to realize it. This same trait also makes them good watchdogs, and they’ll be quick to alert you if a stranger is lurking around your property. Besides their empathetic nature and velcro-like dependence, Keeshonds are also playful, and generally adapt well to new environments.

    Shar Pei Near Owners
    Shar Peis are well known for being protective of their family, so it’s no surprise they will stick to you like velcro.
    • weight iconWeight45-60 pounds
    • height iconHeight18-20 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan8-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentIndependent & Protective

The Shar-Pei’s wrinkly-face and soft fur is irresistible to a lot of dog-lovers. But, it’s this breed’s winning personality that makes them such great companions. Not only are they intelligent and quick learners, but they’re usually calm and relaxed too. Keep in mind that, while Shar-Peis tend to be loyal and affectionate, they also have an independent streak as well.

There may be days when your Shar-Pei is glued to your side. There will also be other days when they’re more content to lounge around in the next room. Regardless of their mood, the Chinese Shar-Pei still makes a good guard dog. And they’ll defend their loved ones from intruders if need be.

Finnish Lapphund
    Finnish Lapphund Next To Owner
    Finnish Lapphunds are well known to get very attached to their owners.
    • weight iconWeight35-50 pounds
    • height iconHeight16-20 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15years
    • color iconTemperamentAgile & Affectionate

While they’re not a super well-known breed, the Finnish Lapphund is the ultimate emotional support dog. Not only does this breed bond well with their owners, but their keen empathetic sense means that they quickly pick up on mood changes. When you’re having a bad day, there’s a chance your Finnish Lapphund already knows, and is ready to cuddle with you until you feel better.

Speaking of cuddling, Finnish Lapphunds may grow up to fifty pounds, but they’ll always be a lap dog. Historically, Lapphunds hunted reindeer, but they’ve always been regarded as one of the friendliest breeds you can own. They’re gentle with children, and it doesn’t take much to earn the trust and loyalty of a Lapphund. They also resemble their wolfy ancestors when it comes to their looks.

Finnish Spitz
    Finnish Spitz Outdoors With Family
    The Finnish Spitz is a hunting dog that’s well known to get very attached to its owners.
    • weight iconWeight20-35 pounds
    • height iconHeight15-20 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan13-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentOutgoing & Energetic

Another breed that’s often underrated amongst dog-lovers is the Finnish Spitz. Originally, the Finnish Spitz was a hunting dog, and while they almost went extinct in the 1800s, breeders were able to save these dogs.

When you own a Finnish Spitz, you’ll get a dog that’s equal parts playful and loving. As much as they may want to snuggle or sleep at your feet, they’ll also want to spend plenty of time outside too. The Finnish Spitz is a great choice for adventurous dog owners as well as hunters looking for a companion.

It’s important to note that, even though the Finnish Spitz bonds closely with their owners, these dogs can be independent from time to time. Unlike some velcro breeds, the Finnish Spitz may be fine with a little alone if it’s needed.

Jack Russell Terrier
    Jack Russell Terrier Getting Pet
    Jack Russell Terriers are high-energy dogs that will stick next to their owners as much as allowed.
    • weight iconWeight9-20 pounds
    • height iconHeight20-24 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan14-16 years
    • color iconTemperamentCurious & Clingy

If you find it hard to resist the Jack Russell Terrier’s puppy dog eyes or lovable personality, you’re not alone. Although these dogs aren’t big, the Russell Terrier can come with a big attitude. Jack Russell Terriers aren’t always as patient as some breeds are, which means they may need plenty of socialization if you have small children.

Russell Terriers can stick to your side like glue, and with too much alone time, they can be prone to separation anxiety. Fortunately, if you do need to leave the house, the Russell Terrier usually has no problem coming along for the ride.

Rhodesian Ridgeback
    Rhodesian Ridgeback on Owner Lap
    Rhodesian Ridgebacks are extremely protective dogs, so it’s no surprise they need to be near their owners.
    • weight iconWeight70-85 pounds
    • height iconHeight24-27 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan9-11 years
    • color iconTemperamentDignified & Calm

These dogs once tracked lions in Africa. But now, the Rhodesian Ridgeback’s affectionate and protective personality has made them an attractive option as companions. Like all of the breeds on this list, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a clingy dog. But it’s worth noting that it can take some time for them to warm up to you.

However, once a Ridgeback considers you a loved one, they’ll be fiercely protective and loyal. An important distinction about Ridgebacks is that, while they may be affectionate and loving to those they trust, they’re not always clingy. As long as they know you’re safe, a Rhodesian Ridgeback may not need to spend every second at your side. But they’ll always be on the lookout for potential dangers or threats to your well-being.

    Komondor Standing Near Owner
    Komondors are more reserved and protective. They also love to be near their owners at all times.
    • weight iconWeight80-130 pounds
    • height iconHeight25-30 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentFearless & Loyal

If there’s one breed that’s recognizable by their looks, it’s probably the Komondor. Although the long, dread-like cords that cover them from head to paw might look cool, these cords serve a functional purpose as well. Originally, Komondors guarded sheep against predators. Their unique coats also protect them from extreme weather conditions, and help them blend in with sheep while they protect their flock.

While you may not need a Komondor to guard your sheep, these dogs also make good companions as well. They can form deep attachments and bonds with their owners, but since they’ve bred to work outside all day, they don’t mind a little alone time either.

    Brittany Dog Next To Owner
    The Brittany may be well known as a hunting dog, but they are also quite clingy with their owners.
    • weight iconWeight30-40 pounds
    • height iconHeight18-20 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentAdventerous & Bright

If you’re someone who spends more time outside than you do inside, the Brittany is a great breed to have by your side. They’re natural hunting dogs, and their excellent stamina means they can spend all day hiking through the woods without complaint.

Although most people recognize the Brittany for their background as hunting dogs, not everyone realizes how sensitive this breed can be. A Brittany does best with positive, gentle training, and they don’t always respond well to being left alone too long. Once you take your Brittany on one adventure, your pup will want to go on all of them.

    Kuvasz Outdoors With Human
    The Kuvasz is a rarer breed that loves to be near their owners at all times.
    • weight iconWeight75-110 pounds
    • height iconHeight26-30 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentCourageous & Loyal

If the Kuvasz seems like a dog that’s fit for a king, it’s because they are. With a rich history as livestock guard dogs, the Kuvasz caught the attention of King Matthias I as well as other Hungarian nobles.

If you’ve ever owned a Kuvasz, it’s not difficult to see why this breed was so popular amongst royalty. As natural protectors, a Kuvasz is equipped to guard their loved ones. It doesn’t matter if that’s a flock of sheep or a family of four. These large dogs will be the first to alert you of intruders, and they may be wary around strangers, especially if they haven’t been socialized properly.

American Bulldog
    American Bulldog Running Outdoors
    If you like being alone, don’t expect to get too much space if you adopt an American Bulldog.
    • weight iconWeight40-50 pounds
    • height iconHeight20-28 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan8-10 years
    • color iconTemperamentCourageous & Friendly

The American Bulldog once faced extinction. But, due to the efforts of specific breeders, dog-lovers were able to restore this breed. They have been transformed from brawlers into companions. Even if you’ve never met one in real life, you’ve probably seen the adorable, puppy-dog eyes of the American Bulldog.

The US Marine Corps, Yale University, and the University of Georgia have all made the Bulldog their mascot. Given the kind and gentle nature of the Bulldog, it’s not difficult to see why. Despite weighing up to fifty pounds, an American Bulldog will still have no trouble curling up in your lap or trying to snuggle at bedtime.

This breed is also especially good with children. This makes them an excellent choice for families. At times, Bulldogs may be hard-headed or stubborn, but with a firm hand, they’re easy to train.

American Staffordshire Terrier
    Staffordshire Terrier Outdoors Near Human
    American Staffies are well known to get attached to their human family in a short period of time.
    • weight iconWeight40-70 pounds
    • height iconHeight17-20 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan12-16 years
    • color iconTemperamentFriendly & Energetic

Although commonly mistaken for American Pit Terriers, the American Staffordshire Terrier isn’t a Pit bull. However, these two breeds do share a lot of similarities. Like the Pitbull, Staffies are happiest when they’re glued to your side. Staffies will literally follow you to the ends of the earth.

While most Staffies are confident, these big softies are always ready to cuddle. They tend to be gentle with children and families. Depending on the dog, Staffies can require a little more socialization than some dogs. With consistent, gentle training, they can make perfect family dogs.

German Wirehaired Pointer
    German Wirehaired Pointer Eating From Owner
    German Wirehaired Pointers are excellent hunting companions, and also love to be near their family.
    • weight iconWeight50-70 pounds
    • height iconHeight22-27 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan14-16 years
    • color iconTemperamentEager & Enthusiastic

The agile German Wirehaired Pointer isn’t your usual lap dog or couch potato. Although they may be ready to snuggle at bedtime, Wirehairs are happiest when their owners take them on adventures. Activities like trekking through the woods or hunting will make the German Wirehaired Pointer feel right at home, but they prefer to exercise with their humans.

Since their coat is weather-resistant, taking a Wirehair out in colder conditions shouldn’t be a problem. From time to time, the GWP can be stubborn, and they’ll only obey those they trust the most. This can be a challenge for newer or inexperienced owners, but if you’re someone who doesn’t mind a little work, the German Wirehaired Pointer is a loyal companion.

West Highland White Terrier
    West Highland White Terrier Being Held
    The Westie is one of several terrier breeds well known for being their owner’s shadow.
    • weight iconWeight15-20 pounds
    • height iconHeight10-12 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan13-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentLoyal & Amusing

The West Highland White Terrier might weigh less than twenty pounds, but these small dogs still pack plenty of spunk. Some people prefer the Westie over other Terriers. Westies tend to be friendlier. They don’t always have the same attitude you’d get with a Jack Russell Terrier or Toy Fox Terrier.

Although Westies can be high-energy, these dogs are completely devoted to their loved ones. Once they’ve formed a connection with you, your Westie will want to be everywhere you are. Whether that’s in the kitchen, the yard, or even running errands. Fun fact – Westies were known as Roseneath Terrier’s originally, and weren’t recognized as the West Highland Terrier until 1909.

    Shikoku Velcro Dog Outdoors
    The Shikoku is a Japanese dog that’s well known to get attached to their family.
    • weight iconWeight30-55 pounds
    • height iconHeight17-22 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan10-12 years
    • color iconTemperamentEnergetic & Active

If you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t mind trekking through the mountains with you or handling long walks, the Shikoku may be the best choice. This breed originates from Japan and is a lesser-known mountain dog. They are just as energetic and enthusiastic as other large breeds.

The Shikoku was bred as a working dog. But now, they are most frequently owned as family pets. Once a Shikoku views as part of his pack, he won’t be leaving your side. While they are great family companions, they are a bit rarer. You’ll need to expect to pay a little more for a purebred puppy.

Toy Fox Terrier
    Toy Fox Terrier Looking at Owner
    Toy Fox Terriers are small and adorable, but don’t expect to get much alone time when you own one.
    • weight iconWeight3-7 pounds
    • height iconHeight8-11 inches
    • lifespan iconLifespan13-15 years
    • color iconTemperamentIntelligent & Alert

If you’re interested in a bite-sized version of a terrier, look no further than the Toy Fox Terrier. These dogs are a true combination of a toy breed and a terrier. They are lovable lap dogs that won’t want to leave your side. But they also have all the spunk and tenacity of a Jack Russell Terrier or a Westie.

Even if they usually weigh less than ten pounds, the Toy Fox Terrier can be highly protective. Your pup may not be able to take down an intruder, but they’ll try their hardest to defend their owners. These energetic and dedicated pups make great family companions. But they should also be socialized early so they get along well with guests and other pets.

Final Thoughts

While some owners may shy away from clingy velcro breeds, these lovable dogs have a lot of love to give! From lapdogs like the Chihuahua to larger adventurous breeds like the Doberman Pinscher or Border Collie, there’s a type of velcro dog on this list for all prospective dog owners.

If you are planning to adopt a velcro breed, keep in mind how much attention they need. Velcro breeds don’t generally do well with owners that have to work long hours outside of the home. Consider a more independent dog breed if you travel frequently or work a lot of hours. However, if you’re able to handle a velcro breed’s neediness and dependence, you’ll have a canine companion that will stick to you like glue.

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