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Best Pet Insurance In Alabama: Companies Reviewed In Birmingham And More


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Pet insurance can add protection for your furry canines. Whether exploring one of the historic state parks, walking along a trail, or attending a football tailgate, this state is fun to live in. Purchasing pet insurance in Alabama can offer you peace of mind during a stressful time, allowing you to direct your complete attention to your pet’s health and not the unexpected vet bills.

We’ve researched the best pet insurance in Alabama to offer valuable insight into what you should consider before signing a policy. Is pet insurance in Alabama worth the cost? Find out in our comprehensive guide.

Pet Insurance Ranking Company Review
Best Overall pets best logo 250 transparent Read Review
Best For Young Pets fetch logo 250 transparent Read Review
Best No-Cap Payouts healthy paws chubb logo 250 png Read Review
Best Coverage embrace logo transparent 200 png Read Review
Best Value figo logo 250 transparent Read Review
Best Newcomer lemonade logo 250 transparent Read Review

A dog’s breed is one of the determining factors for your pet insurance policy cost. Below is a ranking of the three most popular dog breeds in Alabama.

  1. Labrador Retrievers
  2. German Shepherds
  3. Beagles

What Are The Most Popular Dog Breeds In Birmingham?

These are the most popular dog breeds in Birmingham, one of Alabama’s most populous cities:

  1. German Shorthaired Pointer
  2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  3. Australian Cattle Dog
  4. Goldendoodle

How Much Is Pet Insurance In Alabama?

Pet insurance pricing is based on your pet’s details (e.g., age, breed, location, etc.).

According to NAPHIA (North American Pet Health Insurance Association), the average monthly premium for an accident and illness dog insurance policy in the U.S. is $53.34 ($32.25 for cats).

Since prices vary based on where you live as well as your pet’s unique characteristics, the best way to determine how much it would cost you is to complete our quick pet insurance quote form below and get real estimates for your pet from several top providers. This allows you to see how companies compare price-wise. With most companies, you can also adjust your monthly premium to better meet your needs. Reducing the deductible, reimbursement percentage, and annual payout can lessen it to better fit a lower budget.

Once you have your customized price quotes, you may wonder how coverage varies among the different providers. Our pet insurance comparison includes multiple charts to help you see key differences between coverage, waiting periods, age limitations, and more.

Which Alabama Cities Are Most Pet Friendly?

Alabama as a state ranks 44th for its overall pet-friendliness. It scores slightly above average for the number of pet shelters in the state, and 60% of the Cotton State’s residents are pet owners.

Birmingham is among the most pet-friendly cities compared to the 100 largest U.S. cities. Birmingham ranks as being:

  • The 15th most pet-friendly U.S. city.
  • 21st for pet budget*.
  • 20th for pet health and wellness**.
  • 87th for outdoor pet-friendliness***.

*Pet budget was determined by considering vet care costs, minimum pet-care provider rate per visit, and dog insurance premiums.
**Pet health and wellness was determined by considering veterinarians per capita, pet caretakers per capita, animal trainers per capita, pet businesses per capita, dog-friendly restaurants per capita, dog-friendly shops per capita, pet meetup groups per capita, doggie daycare and boarding establishments per capita, pet-friendliness of rental markets, average home square footage, share of single-family detached homes, share of homes with one or fewer occupants per room, animal shelters per capita, and strength of animal protection laws.
***Outdoor pet-friendliness was determined by considering weather, dog parks per capita, parkland as a share of the city area, walk score, dog-friendly trails per capita, and dog shows per capita. 

Pet Insurance Claim: Cost And Reimbursement From An Alabama Customer

Below is a real-life pet insurance claim from a Healthy Paws pet insurance customer in Alabama.

  • Location: Birmingham, AL
  • Condition: Bloat (Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus)
  • Total Vet Cost: $1,500
  • Reimbursement: $1,260
  • Amount Customer Paid: $240

Should I Get Pet Insurance?

If the monthly premium for your dog is affordable in context to your financial circumstances, we think pet insurance is worth it. Good health isn’t guaranteed for any of us, but pet insurance can take the weight of financial responsibility off your shoulders. You’ll never have to choose between your dog’s health treatment and your wallet. Find out more about why pet insurance is worth considering.

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