Do Petplan Pet Insurance Promo Codes & Seasonal Discounts Exist In The U.S., Australia, Canada, Etc.?

Petplan Promo Code (caption: Petplan Promo Code)If you’ve found this page you are probably on a quest to find some pet insurance for your best friend. But of course, during checkout, you are greeted by the “enter your coupon code” box. While it still puzzles me that companies include this field on the checkout page (let’s be honest, all it does is make you exit the buying process to go and find a coupon), most continue to do so.

What’s also helpful, and what most of the “coupon” sites don’t necessarily share, is the history of promotions for a particular company. Sure you may have found a Petplan coupon, but how good is it compared to what they normally offer? Are there seasonal discounts, a Black Friday deal that might be better? We’re your source for the latest Petplan promotions, so keep this article handy!

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Current Promo Codes

There are no Petplan promo codes at this time. Sign up online to receive the best possible price from Petplan. Alternatively, call 800-237-1123 if you prefer to speak to a person.

While our review covers Petplan in the U.S., promotional and insurance laws vary by state, province, and country. Other deals may be available in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand; check with them directly to discover the best coupons available.

Is Petplan A Good Choice?

Pug with bone in mouth (caption: Petplan Insurance Review)Petplan, founded in 2003, offers unlimited annual coverage but the main thing keeping it from our top spots is its higher average prices for similar coverage. The quotes we ran indicate that in most cases you can get unlimited annual coverage from Healthy Paws, Pets Best, and Figo for a less expensive monthly premium. However, we still think Petplan offers some of the best coverage and is worth getting a quote to see if it works for you.

Petplan has a great claim repayment reputation and allows 30 days for claim repayment but averages 5-14 business days. In addition, Petplan’s policy has coverage for travel cancellations due to life-threatening pet injury or illness, as well as coverage for advertising expenses related to a lost pet. In some cases, it even offers reimbursement for the cost of your pet if they’re never found.

Petplan offers discounts on your premiums if you don’t file a claim for a period of time, rewarding you for keeping your pet safe and healthy. It has an annual coverage limit of $2,500 to unlimited, annual deductibles of $250 to $1,000 and 70%, 80%, or 90% reimbursement rates. There may be even more options available to you through the call center at this number: 800-237-1123 (our exclusive reader discount will be honored for this phone call as well).

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Our Experts Compare Petplan To The Competition

Dog and cat rubbing against each other (caption: Best Pet Insurance)Our team has over 300 years of combined experience reviewing products and services in the pet space, with pet insurance being one of our most closely scrutinized categories. That’s why we have a licensed insurance agent on staff to consult on all our pet insurance content.

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How much did you save on your Petplan purchase?