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dog playing with a herding ball in the grass

Best Herding Ball For Dogs & More Toys To Keep Your Herding Breed Engaged

Herding dogs such as Aussies, Border Collies, and Corgis have a major behavioral trait in common that’s not surprising given their breed class name — the strong inherent drive to herd. If you don’t have a livestock farm, the challenge of having a herding breed as a furry family member is satisfying this instinctual nature to keep them happy. Herding breeds and many herding mixes have certain playtime needs to keep them stimulated and ultimately well-behaved family pets. Herding balls can help satisfy some of their requirements, but you’ll also want to keep a variety of indoor toys on hand for these intelligent dogs. We share your best toy options and herding balls (Jolly Pets and Race&Herd) to keep your high-energy pup physically and mentally engaged.

dog with dog ball launcher in the grass about to go after a ball

Best Interactive Dog Toys: Puzzles, Games & Ways To Stimulate Your Pet (With Our Personal Experience)

Does your dog get bored easily, destructive when not stimulated, or anxious when you’re not at home? As much as we’d love to be able to give our dogs all the attention and mental stimulation they need, we can’t always be on hand to play with them. But we’ve found some clever and unique dog toys that can bust boredom and alleviate anxiety. See our top picks for the best interactive dog toys to give you and your pup peace of mind.

Barley with dog toy (caption: Kong Dog Toys Review)

Kong Dog Toys Review: 9+ Options For Endless, Durable Fun

If you’ve been a dog owner for a while, you’ve very likely heard of or have even purchased a Kong for your pup. Kong has been a leading manufacturer of fun, interactive and extremely durable toys for decades. We’re big fans of Kong products ourselves and want to share our reviews of some their most popular toys, treats and other products to help you keep your dog happy and mentally stimulated…

Dog chewing on squeaky toy (Caption: Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?)

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

You may think your dog is just trying to annoy you with its constant chewing on the squeak toy, but that’s not it. There’s a reason your dog loves that “squeak, squeak” sound and it has to do with its instincts…

dog chewing on heavy chew toy holding it with paw laying on the ground inside

Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

One of the most frustrating parts of being a dog owner is buying a fun new toy for your dog only to find it destroyed within five minutes. That’s not only hard on your wallet, but it can also be dangerous for your dog. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. Here are our top six recommendations for the toughest dog toys on the market.

Best Dog Toys For 2023: 13 Top Picks For Puppies, Chewers & More

Keep your furry friend entertained with our picks for the best dog toys. We’ve got top options for super chewers, fetchers, brainiacs, teething puppies, and more. As a dog owner, it’s essential to understand the physical benefits of exercise for your pets and the intellectual benefits of your interaction with them. Toys are a great way to provide this mental stimulation while also spending time with your dog and strengthening the bond you have. So let’s find out the top 12 best toys for dogs (plus a bonus pick for puppies).

emotional support dog standing on leash with vest on jpg

13 Best Emotional Support Dogs

If you are considering an emotional support dog, there are a few things to know first. Any breed can be an emotional support animal (ESA), but some are better suited to the role than others. The deep connection owners feel with their pets is therapeutic for all owners, but for those who need an extra level of support, a dog can make a significant, positive impact in their lives. Let’s take a moment and learn more about the best emotional support dogs and the breeds that many people pick.

girl meeting cavalier puppy with her parents outside

Best Dogs For First Time Owners: 13 Breeds To Consider

Welcoming a new canine family member to the family is a joyous, life-changing experience. The excitement is immeasurable for anyone adding to their four-legged family, but it is an even more profound experience for first-time dog owners. One thing that significantly impacts how successful a new pet pairing will be is the canine breed. Some dog breeds simply are not cut out for inexperienced owners. The best dogs for beginners are easy to train, like people, connect well with people, are not skittish, and are not prone to serious health problems. Not every dog breed is as easy to train, care for, or interact with as others. Low-maintenance dogs for first-time owners are some of the best picks.

agressive dog trying to attack a person

23 Dog Attacks By Breed: Top States & Stats

Owning a dog is a wonderful privilege and a huge responsibility. Along with the many positive benefits having a canine companion brings. Unfortunately, some occurrences, like bites and attacks, can be scary. Some breeds are more prone to biting than others, and owners must be aware of this. Canine attacks happen for a variety of reasons. Circumstances, ownership, care, and genetics all play a role. We discuss dog attacks by breed and get into the details owners need to know.

small toy dog with cataracts in eyes looking sad with person holding their head

Cataracts In Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Did you know that it’s not just humans who can get cataracts? Dogs can too. Let’s find out more information about cataracts in dogs – what they are, why and how they affect dogs, and how they can be treated.

old dog laying on the ground with a birthday hat on and a cupcake with candle

How Old Is My Dog? Tips On How To Tell A Dog’s Age

If you get a puppy from a breeder or adopt a dog from a long-term owner, it’s usually easy to know how old your dog is. But rescuing an adult dog or even an older puppy can present challenges in determining your new furry friend’s age. Why does it matter to know your dog’s age? It’s important to estimate your dog’s age for dietary, exercise, and regular healthcare needs. If you’re wondering, “How can I tell how old my rescue dog is?” we have several tips on how you (and your veterinarian) can estimate your pup’s age to give her the appropriate care she needs.

Black dog with HGE throwing up in the grass

HGE In Dogs (Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis)

It’s not very pleasant having to clean up your dog’s vomit and diarrhea when they’re unwell, but one thing that’s worse is worrying about their health. One of the symptoms that pet parents understandably find the scariest is when there’s blood in their dog’s stools.

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