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Yorkie dog eating kibble out of a dog bowl while sitting at the dinner table with paws on table looking up

Best Dog Food For Yorkies: Puppy, Allergies, Picky, Seniors & More

Yorkshire Terriers, commonly known as Yorkies, are pint-sized terriers that often reach just 7 pounds. These pups stand out for their silky, almost floor-length coats. Tiny in physical size but massive in personality, these little dogs are loving companions who will keep their owners on their toes. As the proud owner of one of these tiny tots, you want to ensure you give your Yorkie the best possible nutrition in every life stage, starting with puppyhood and going into their golden years. There are a few different considerations to keep in mind when picking food for this breed, and it is essential always to pick high-quality dog food to feed your puppy.

bulldog laying on the ground eating dog food in kitchen

Best Dog Food For English Bulldogs: Puppy, Dry, Wet, Grain-Free

English Bulldogs are an adorable and popular breed. They are devoted family pets, are very people-oriented, love human attention, and have a dependably kind personality. Bulldogs have thick bodies and are low-set to the ground. The breed is famous for their wrinkly skin, hanging jowls, and distinctive Bulldog gait. Bulldogs are famous for their love of food and often seek special treats. Bulldogs must eat a very healthy, well-balanced diet. Finding the best dog food for English Bulldogs is critical to keeping them healthy for years to come.

A dog snout sniffing bowl of super foods.

10 Best Superfoods For Dogs: Fresh, Airdried, Kibble & More

There’s a major push in the dog food industry to address the call from pet parents for all-natural, whole-food ingredients in dog food, including superfoods. Research about the health benefits of superfoods in canine diets is still evolving. Some human foods, including superfoods, aren’t safe for our pups. We’ll share all you need to know to feed your furry friend the most nutritious food possible.

dog chewing on dental stick

Best Dental Chews For Dogs: Teeth Cleaning Treats For Bad Breath & Are Greenies Good For Dogs?

The moment I walk in the door, my dog jumps on me and gives me all the puppy kisses in the world. How sweet, but wow, her breath stinks! My pup is just trying to show me how much she missed me, but I’m not enjoying the affection because it’s so smelly. Thankfully, I’ve found the best dental chews for dogs to help with this stinky situation. Not only can they freshen your pup’s breath, but they can also help with gum health and reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

Dog in field (Caption: Dog Activity Statistics)

Dog Activity Statistics: Who’s Most Active?

FitBark is more than just our top pick for easiest to use dog activity tracker. FitBark recently released FitBark Explore – all the data they’ve been collecting over the years along with graphics and reports on their website with real-time updates to show how your dog’s activity compares against other users’ dog’s health. Making it public they are hoping it will shed some light on what is average for your pup. The stats can then also be used for research purposes and possibly to reference in other articles. Owners now get weekly snapshot emails on how their dog is progressing…

finn dog supplements package in the grass

Finn Dog Supplements Reviews: Allergy Itch, Digestive, Calming & More

Our dogs, just like us, sometimes need supplements to meet their needs. Supplements can be used for many things, including joint pain, allergies, itchy skin, mood, vitamin deficiencies, or even life-stage support. It can be a challenge for owners to pick the right one, and new products get added to the market all the time. One company that is newer to the industry, Finn, offers a variety of supportive soft chews made just for dogs. We look at the details and learn more about what the brand offers in this comprehensive Finn Dog Supplements review.

pet honesty products with ingredients on a table jpg

PetHonesty Reviews: Allergy Relief, Allergy Immunity, Calming Hemp, Multivitamin, Grass Green, Probiotics And More

Many commercial dog treats on the market aren’t healthy for your pup and can even contribute to obesity. That’s why the owners of PetHonesty launched their line of healthy pet treats and other health-related pet products in 2018 — to fill what they saw as a major gap in the marketplace. PetHonesty now offers an extensive line of vitamins, chews, oils, and other products made with natural, super-healthy ingredients. What health issues do their many products address? And are their products effective and safe to help your pet? We give you our expert review of PetHonesty to answer these questions and more.

yorkie dog eating a chewable with Zesty Paws packages in front

Zesty Paws Reviews: Calming, Aller-Immune, 8-In-1, Salmon Oil, Probiotics & More

With a market flooded full of pet supplements, it’s difficult to know what our best options are to improve our furry friends’ health and quality of life. Zesty Paws, the most popular brand by far, offers numerous dog and cat supplements for everything from allergy relief to joint health. But is Zesty Paws a good brand? We’ve reviewed dozens of pet supplement brands over the years and share how Zesty Paws compares to others.

Puppy next to food bowl (caption: When To Switch A Puppy To Adult Food)

When To Switch A Puppy To Adult Food

Switching a puppy to adult food isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” approach. It can vary based on your dog’s breed, age and weight. We can help you determine when is the best time for you to switch your dog’s food and how to transition them successfully…

Three puppies eating dog food out of bowls on the floor

Best Puppy Food For Large Breeds, Small Breeds, Canned, Grain-Free, & More

If we asked you where your pup’s food is from or some of the key ingredients, would you know? We focus so much on what we put in our bodies that we sometimes forget how vital nourishment is to our furry friends. This concern is why we wondered, “what is the best puppy food?” and want to share our findings.

frenchie looking at berries and fruit on a counter

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat? 21 Healthy Choices & 5 Fruits Dogs Can’t Eat

Although fruit isn’t required in a dog’s daily diet, there’s no question that fruits have health benefits for our furry friends. And they love the sweet flavors and varying textures. Many premium dog food brands even include whole fruits to boost the nutritional value (and taste) of their formulas. But, as is the case with all types of human foods, some fruits that we eat can be quite harmful to our canine companions. We give you a comprehensive guide of the best fruits for your pup, their health benefits, safe feeding guidelines, and fruits to avoid giving your dog.

Brown dog biting out a slice of watermelon

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Is It Safe & What Types Are Okay

Watermelon is a favorite fruit of many pet owners, and it can be tempting to share a piece of this juicy sweet melon with your pup. Can dogs eat watermelon? Is this a safe fruit choice for them? We can help clear up some questions owners may have about this juicy treat, also known as Citrullus vulgaris.

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