Dog training is one of the most important aspects of canine care. You want to train your canine so that you understand each other better and they learn to behave in ways that will keep them safe and happy.

Our experts also include guides on behavior, puppies, travel, household, rescue dogs, and activism. Our goal is to encompass all the dimensions of care your pup and you might need.

emotional support animal laying in grass with ESA vest on

Best ESA Certification: Legitimate Emotional Support Animal Registration

I wouldn’t say I suffer from a major mental illness, but I do experience anxiety from time to time, especially in more stressful situations like when I’m traveling or at home alone. It turns out, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), that one in five adults in the United States has some form of mental illness. Studies show that being around dogs can help relax and calm people in as little as 10 minutes. So, it’s no wonder that it’s common for people like me to use dogs as emotional support animals (ESAs). Having embarked on my own emotional support animal journey, I wanted to share the process of how to apply and put an ESA to use in real-life situations.

agressive dog trying to attack a person

23 Dog Attacks By Breed: Top States & Stats

Owning a dog is a wonderful privilege and a huge responsibility. Along with the many positive benefits having a canine companion brings. Unfortunately, some occurrences, like bites and attacks, can be scary. Some breeds are more prone to biting than others, and owners must be aware of this. Canine attacks happen for a variety of reasons. Circumstances, ownership, care, and genetics all play a role. We discuss dog attacks by breed and get into the details owners need to know.

woman bonding with rescue dot on a pation drinking a fruity beverage

How To Bond With Your Rescue Dog Or New Puppy

Let’s discuss how to bond with your rescue dog after you bring her home (learn more about the rescue process) and why bonding with your dog is so important. Here are some ideas on how to start making sure there is a smooth transition for you both and finding ways to make your relationship grow. Especially with rescue dogs who might be coming from a traumatic experience prior to adoption.

A dog biting persons face

What Do I Do If My Dog Bites Someone?

So many questions come to mind when you think about what would happen if your dog bit someone. “What do I do to stop my dog? Is everyone okay? Do I need to call for help? Do I report the incident to someone? Could I get sued?” My dog hurting someone is the last thing I would ever imagine. Not only could someone get seriously injured but my beloved pup could be taken away. As dog owners, it’s important that we know what to do should our dogs bite someone.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with towel on head groomed at home with people holding tools

How To Groom A Dog And Find The Best Dog Grooming Kit

Getting your dog professionally groomed can be expensive, costing upwards of $100 every couple of months. That’s cutting a big chunk of change out of your wallet. Why not try cutting your dog’s hair yourself…

dog grinding teeth looking at camera outside in the grass

Dog Grinding Teeth: Why They Do It & How To Stop

Dog owners often observe their pets grinding their teeth. This leads to many questions and concerns. Grinding teeth together is called bruxism and can affect dogs, cats, and even people. Though not all dogs grind their teeth, some do, and there are a few reasons behind it. While mild grinding may not be cause for concern, if it happens often or your dog clenches their jaw, there might be cause for concern. Owners need to know why pets experience bruxism, when to call the vet, and how to stop dental grinding.

Girl looking at photos of dog with urn of ashes on floor (Caption: dog cremation process & cost)

Dog Cremation Process: How Much Does It Cost And Other Questions Answered

Taking care of your pet’s remains is the last thing you want to think about after your pet passes away. So, it’s best to prepare yourself by knowing your options, and maybe even making your choice, beforehand. With more pet owners choosing cremation over burial — partly due to city ordinances in urban communities — cremation has become more affordable and available than ever.

Rocco & Roxie no chew spray on shoe

Bitter Apple Spray For Dogs & Your Best Anti-Chew Alternatives

Puppy and dog chewing is normal behavior because canines use their mouths to explore the world around them (and help relieve teething). But excessive or destructive chewing can be a frustrating problem with some of our furry friends. If you’re looking for the best solutions to deter your champion chewer, you’re in the right place. We’ve got expert tips on how to stop the incessant chomping, including our top picks for the best bitter apple spray for dogs.

Dog wearing a party hat (Caption: Pet Holiday Calendar)

2023 Pet Holidays: The Ultimate List Of Dog Celebrations

If you haven’t noticed, we love dog holidays here at Canine Journal! The only thing better than human holidays is an excuse to celebrate our beloved pets and spread awareness about our furry friends. We put together all our favorite dog holidays in one handy place to reference (so you and your pup can plan accordingly). Here is your ultimate go-to guide to all the holidays this year and beyond…

Service dog sniffing woman in pool (Caption: Service vs Therapy vs Emotional Support Dogs)(

Service Dog vs Therapy Dog vs Emotional Support Dogs

Are you using the terms service dog, therapy dog and emotional support dog interchangeably? Did you know there’s a difference between these three types of dogs? To help clarify, we’ve written this article to explain where you may see a certain type of dog and when someone may need one.

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