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Tuna Melts My Heart, The Interview

Tuna the Dog with Eyes Closed in Grass

Tuna the dog melts my heart and is sure to melt yours too. He's a sweet little rescue dog (our favorite kind!) who was found on the side of the road in San Diego, California. We were lucky that Tuna the dog was willing to take a break during his exciting east coast tour with Barkbox to answer a few question for us in this exclusive Top Dog interview... Read More »

What Makes Trupanion Pet Insurance Unique?

Lilly the dog in Christmas Santa hat

Has your family budgeted in case your pet gets seriously ill or has an accident? If not, you may be facing a heartbreaking decision to end the life of a pet to avoid financial hardship. This is precisely why acquiring pet insurance is a decision responsible pet owners often make. But how do pet insurance companies stack up? This review of Trupanion pet health insurance will help pet parents compare Trupanion in cost, coverage and services to other pet insurances... Read More »

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair: Dyson Vs Shark Vs Electrolux

Best vacuum for pet hair

Let's face it: hair is part of the bargain when you decide to become a pet owner. While you can try to cut down on shedding by feeding your pup a high-quality food and brushing him or her more often, it's still no substitute for a good, quality vacuum cleaner to keep the mess contained. Not all vacuums are created equal though, and part of keeping clean means choosing a device that's up to the task. So what is the best vacuum for pet hair? We've taken a look a some of the best picker-uppers in the business and share our top three favorites in this article... Read More »

4 Tips for Crate Training Dogs, Made Easy

Dog crate training tips

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, dog crates provide a special doggie den in your home while saving your best sofa from a hairy existence. The ability to spend a bit of time in a crate or behind a gate should be a skill every dog should have, just like Sit or Stay, so he can hang out stress-free at the groomer’s, veterinarian’s office, or while traveling. The old rusting metal variety you banished to the garage has gone way upscale with sleek wood and wicker models designed to fit into our living areas, right where the dog wants to be. Try these tips to get your dog to hop in without a fuss... Read More »

Get the Scoop in Our Top Dog Interview with Preston Speaks

Celebrity Dog Preston Speaks

Preston is a West Highland White Terrier (a westie) and has found fame by creating his own website called PrestonSpeaks.com. He is an Internet star, model, and actor. Preston lives in western Kentucky with his parents, Elvis (his dog brother), Daisy (his dog sister), and two cat siblings, Mr. Pibb and Dr. Pepper. Read his interview to find out what makes him tick and also, how he feels about those cats... Read More »

Dog Tips for Spring

Lilly Howling

Spring is here!! And that means it's time to get off the couch, grab the leash and get outside with your dog. I cannot think of a more exciting time of year for us humans or our canine friends when everything is blooming and hope springs eternal (or at least the flowers do!). And speaking of Spring, we've got lots of new articles to spring on ya that will also hopefully help you out as you dive into warmer weather. From heat stroke prevention and allergies to how to buy pet meds online and dogs watching tennis... Read More »

Is Healthy Paws The Best Pet Insurance?

Healthy Paws logo

Healthy Paws pet insurance is our number two pick for best pet health insurance. Healthy Paws took the silver medal because it has a history of great customer service and unlimited lifetime benefits. You get to choose how you want to pay by deciding your annual deductible and the percentage of the vet bill that you payout when you signup for your initial plan. Healthy Paws also likes to give to those in need. Each time you get a quote from Healthy Paws they donate money to an animal in medical need. Healthy Paws covers many services including genetic conditions like hip dysplasia, a condition that is rarely covered in the industry. Take a deeper look at our Healthy Paws Reviews to learn if they are the right pet insurance provider for you... Read More »

How to Keep Fido Safe when Buying Pet Medications Online

Pet Medication

It’s no secret to most Americans that we are a country full of pet lovers. According to the Humane Society of the United States, around 39 percent of American households own at least one dog. A lot of work is involved in caring for a pet and that can often mean a lot of expense. Pet care is constantly evolving to include preventative care to ensure that our pets remain free of disease or illness. This means plenty of trips to see the veterinarian and additional costs for vaccinations and medications as well. Many pet owners are trying to address rising pet care costs by turning to online providers of pet medications but every owner must beware that in doing so, they may be doing more harm than good... Read More »