Who’s Guarding Your Guard Dog?

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Beware Of Dog SignUh oh, your next-door neighbor’s house just got broken into. Sound the alarm! You’re probably looking for ways to deter burglars so your home is not the next target. Ruh roh (cue the Scooby Doo voice), and you might be looking to your furry friend as a possible helper in this new security mission. But before you throw Fido in front of the gun (literally or figuratively), let’s take a step back and explore various ways to protect your home from burglary.

Guard Dog

If you’re looking for a guard dog, there are several breeds that will do an excellent job of protecting your home. From German Shepherds (a confident and obedient breed) to Rottweillers (smart and loyal, yet highly protective), these guard dogs can be quite the threat to potential intruders. However, if your dog is considered a member of the family like mine is, you probably wouldn’t want to put her at the forefront of your protection plans. In fact, you may be better served to explore ways to protect your dog in the case of a break in rather than putting them directly in harms way. Sure the dog can bark to scare away potential burglars and they may even nip at the heels of an intruder, but an armed burglar is no match for your faithful companion.

Home Security System

In order to protect your home, your family and your pet, it would be worth considering the installation of a home security system. Don’t worry, this does not have to be as complicated as in days past. Pushy salespeople don’t have to come to your home and no one needs to be scheduled during your work hours to install things mysteriously behind your walls. In fact, you can install it yourself along with the help of a reputable national security company such as FrontPoint or Protect America. They can walk you through the installation process (the systems use mostly wireless sensors and motion detectors, which makes it easy to do yourself) on the phone and put special precautions in place since your pets may be home at times when your security system would be armed (make sure you tell them if you have a pet to be sure your system is designed and setup correctly to protect your furry companion).

So adding a home security system can actually kill two birds (no pun intended) with one stone:

  1. Your pet is protected from harm while you’re gone since burglars are deterred by the presence of a security system and
  2. Your home will be safer as well.

And, there’s an additional bonus: not only will you have a monitored alarm system but you will also receive the peace of mind of early detection in the case of any smoke, fire, flooding or other emergencies in your home so that you can react quickly and minimize any permanent damage while also keeping your dog safe from harm.

Neighborhood Watch

As a last precaution, don’t forget to get to know your neighbors. They are likely to be the ones who will notice if something is wrong at your house first. Not to mention that they can help look after your home when you are on vacation or away at work. And a good dog-loving neighbor may even be willing to pet sit for you while you’re away as an added bonus! Oh yeah and receiving an invitation to their parties and barbecues is not a bad perk either. A trusted neighbor is a valuable gem, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

Burglar Deterrent Tips

So now that you’ve decided to get a family-friendly guard dog, to install a monitored home security system and to get to know your neighbors, those burglars had better watch out! But of course there are more tips to deter burglars. Share your burglary prevention tips with your fellow readers so that they too can live a safer and happier life alongside their canine friends.

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It’s a great point to make that people shouldn’t rely totally on a dog for their security. Once you watch a few videos of simulated break-ins, you realize that without proper training most dogs don’t make very good guard dogs at all.