Pet wellness encompasses the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and environmental well-being of your four-legged friend.

Preventative care is at the top of that list and includes regular vet checkups, healthy food choices, exercise, and vaccines.

dog probiotic powder on top of kibble dog food

Best Probiotic For Dogs: Natural, Soil Based, Calming, Homemade, For Dogs With Diarrhea, Yeast Infection & More

Human probiotics have become a health craze due to their numerous benefits, but have you considered them for your furry friend? We all know how fickle a dog’s digestive system can be. Fortunately, specially formulated dog probiotics can be a life-changer for dogs suffering from digestive and other health problems. What do you need to know about pup probiotics, and which products are your best bets?

Dog showing it's belly and genitals (Caption: How To Express Dog's Anal Glands)

How To Express Your Dog’s Anal Glands (Plus Causes & Prevention)

It’s not the most pleasant subject to discuss. But hey, you’ve surely dealt with your dog’s puke and potty accidents before, right? And this is for your beloved pup’s comfort after all — and ultimately his health. If your dog suffers from occasional anal gland issues, we’re here to help. Learn how to spot the signs of impacted anal glands, how to express your dog’s anal glands, and what you can do to help prevent frequent blockages. If not taken care of immediately, blocked anal sacs can lead to a severe infection.

Person uses spray to prevent insect and tick bites of pet on hiking

Best Mosquito Repellent For Dogs: Topical, Spray, Collar, Supplements, Plans & More

If you think mosquitos are only a slight bother for your dog when you’re outside, think again. Mosquito bites can present a serious, life-threatening health problem for your pup inside as well as outdoors. That’s why it’s so important to protect your furry friend with mosquito repellent. See which pet-safe products we recommend, DIY repellents, and what’s not safe for pups.

Dog laying next to jar of coconut oil (caption: Coconut Oil For Dogs)

Coconut Oil For Dogs: Is It A Safe All-Natural Alternative?

Coconut oil is all the rage these days as an all-natural remedy and dietary supplement for humans. And pet products, both oral and topical, that contain coconut oil are popping up everywhere too. What are the purported benefits of using coconut oil for your dog’s ailments? And is it really safe?

big dog walking on a dog pacer dog treadmill

Best Dog Treadmill: Motorized, Self-Propelled, Manual, Training Tips & More

Did you know there are dog treadmills for sale that can help your pooch get in shape? A treadmill has many benefits and can help dramatically improve the quality of your dog’s life. There are probably more benefits to owning a dog treadmill than you’ve considered. Read more about treadmills for dogs and find out which one we think is best for your furry friend.

Cat being pet by a person (Caption: Best Cat DNA Test)

Best Cat DNA Test For Health, Ancestry, Breeders & More

Have you ever wondered where your cat gets her fluffy tail from? Thanks to a cat breed DNA testing, you can learn about her traits and possible diseases she may develop throughout her life. Depending on what you want to discover, you may choose to buy one cat DNA kit over another.

Dog licking butt (caption: Dog in Heat Guide)

How Do I Deal With My Dog When She’s In Heat?

Heat, or estrus, is the time in the canine reproductive cycle when a female dog is ready to mate. Though this is a normal part of a female dog’s life, it may not be straightforward for you to navigate. It’s essential to get the information you need so you and your dog can get through this time together…

Close up of person putting eye drops in a Corgi's eye

Best Eye Drops For Dogs For Allergies, Infections, Conjunctivitis & More

Like humans, dogs’ eyes are vulnerable to infections, injuries, allergens, debris, and other irritating problems. Our furry friends are also prone to several chronic eye conditions that require long-term treatment to save their vision. Some conditions are minor and can be relieved from over-the-counter eye drops for dogs. But many require prescription drops from your veterinarian. We’ll explore the best eye drops for dogs for many different needs and give you tips on how to administer drops to your pup.

Person holding medicine in hand (caption: Which Over-The-Counter Medications Are Okay For Dogs?)

Which Over-The-Counter Medications Are Safe For Dogs?

We consider our dogs family members, so it’s a natural instinct to turn to your medicine cabinet to relieve your dog’s mild ailments. Many human meds are safe for dogs — but not all. Before popping any pills into your pup, make sure you follow these tips on over-the-counter medicine for dogs…

Closeup teeth old dog with tartar dental dog checking

BARK Bright Dental Reviews: Toothpaste & Chew Sticks

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is a big job. It is estimated that nearly 80% of dogs will have periodontal disease by their third birthday. On top of that, over half of dog owners have never brushed their pup’s teeth. Many owners are intimidated by the prospect and give up when their pets resist or refuse to let them get the job done. One option is BARK Bright Dental, a dog-specific dental kit from the team behind BARK Box and BARK Food. BARK offers doggie toothpaste fortified with enzymes in a unique, owner-friendly kit. Let’s get into the details in our BARK Bright Dental reviews.

Dog getting ears cleaned (Caption: Guide To Cleaning Your Dog's Ears)

How To Clean Dogs’ Ears: Cleaners, Tips, & More

It’s easy for a dog’s ears to become tainted with parasites, bacteria, and yeast due to the ear’s curvature. Dirty dog ears aren’t just smelly and uncomfortable. If debris becomes trapped, an infection may occur. This fact is why it’s imperative to regularly check your dog’s ears to prevent possible health concerns down the road.

cleaning a dogs ear with a wipe

8 Best Dog Ear-Cleaning Solutions: Vet-Recommended Ear Washes & Wipes

An important part of many dogs’ regular grooming needs involves keeping their ears clean for both health and hygienic reasons. Not all dogs need routine ear cleaning, but many do to help prevent ear infections. Using the best ear-cleaning solutions can remove excess wax, dirt, and other irritants that can cause bacterial, yeast, and fungal infections. We’ve researched dozens of dog ear cleaners to help you narrow down your best options.

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