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Pet Insurance Reviews

Top-ranked companies by category with pros, and cons for each along with claims, pricing, and policies. Find out who is the top picks for this year.

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Pet Insurance Comparison

Everything you need to know about pet insurance and a comprehensive comparison including coverage and sample pricing.

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We rank companies based on policy coverage, customer service and reputation, timeliness of claim payment, policy price, plan customization, and what companies excel in.

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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

The types of plans and what’s covered, plus the benefits and motivating factories to consider.

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What Pet Insurance Covers

Wondering if your dog’s health situation is included and eligible for reimbursement? A full list of common conditions and explanations.

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  • Physical Therapy For Dogs: How Can Canine Rehabilitation Benefit Your Ill Or Injured Pup?
    Physical therapy for dogs, officially called canine rehabilitation therapy, has grown tremendously in the last two decades. This alternative to traditional veterinary treatment is similar to human physical therapy (PT) and other human rehab treatments. Canine rehab involves non-invasive treatments, such as exercises, massage, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, and many other techniques, to rehabilitate injured or post-surgical pups. These alternative treatments help reduce pain, speed recovery time, and improve mobility and fitness. The ultimate goal for many dogs is to restore full functionality. However, dogs with chronic conditions like arthritis can also benefit from rehab therapy to ease pain and help with mobility problems.
  • Best Dog Food For The American Bully
    We highlight all the different things you need to know about your American Bully’s dietary needs. These change as they go through life, so you’d best be prepared to give them the right food whether they are puppies, adults, or seniors. We have curated food choices for all the life stages. Since American Bullies are so fond of eating, you may find yourself with an overweight pup at some point. We have recommendations for that as well.
  • Can Dogs Get Braces On Their Teeth?
    Yes, dog braces are a reality but not for the reasons you might imagine. While we usually think of braces as a cosmetic luxury for humans, dog orthodontics address a very different need. Veterinary dentists have been using dog braces for over 30 years to help with some serious issues that can compromise the health and wellness of pups. We’ll explore how braces could benefit your furry friend, how much they cost, and more.
  • Embrace vs ASPCA Pet Insurance: Compare Price, Coverage, Customer Service & More
    With a big name like the ASPCA associated with it, ASPCA Pet Insurance has to be the best right? Actually, pet insurance isn’t a one size fits all solution, and each pet’s needs are different. Find out how Embrace and ASPCA Pet Insurance differ and which may be the best option for you. We compare coverage, customer service and reputation, claim processing, pricing, and customization and explain which company we think is better. However, remember that each pet and budget is different, so we suggest getting quotes from multiple companies to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.
  • Dog Eye Problems: Conditions, Symptoms, Treatment & More
    Have you noticed something strange or different about your dog’s eyes? Perhaps they’re not opening them entirely, or you’ve had to wipe them a few more times than normal? These signs could mean they have an eye condition and need to see a veterinarian. Learn how your dog’s eyes work and how they should look so that you can spot when something is wrong quickly.
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