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Hartville Pet Insurance Reviews

Woman vet with dog and clipboard (caption: Hartville Pet Insurance Review)

Crum & Forster (C&F) Insurance Agency administers Hartville Pet Insurance, similar to ASPCA Pet Insurance. Hartville has a 14-day waiting period for both accidents and illnesses (which is a little long for accidents compared to competitors). However, its waiting period for CCL surgery and hip dysplasia is only 14 days, which is extremely short compared to others. The main reason Hartville isn’t in our top picks for best pet insurance is because customers report reimbursements are lower than they expected and claim repayment is slow.

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Odie Pet Insurance Review: Do They Offer Transparent, Flexible, Or Affordable Plans?

Collie laying down (caption: Odie Pet Insurance Review)

Odie is a newcomer to the pet insurance industry, which means there isn’t much feedback from pet parents about its policies. But how does its coverage compare to other pet insurance companies, and can it fit into your budget? Find out what to expect with Odie in our review.

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Best Pet Insurance In Oregon: Companies Reviewed in Bend, Portland, And More

Dog at lake with sunset (caption: Best Pet Insurance In Oregon)

Oregon is one of the best states to own a dog. The Beaver State has a perfect mix of beaches and forests. You can explore various landscapes and make countless memories with your dog. But with each activity and location you visit, the risk of Fido suffering an injury increases. Signing up for pet insurance can provide financial support, so you can focus on Fido’s health instead of your bank account. Discover more about Oregonians’ love for dogs and find out which company offers the best pet insurance in Oregon.

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Lemonade Pet Insurance vs Healthy Paws: Coverage, Customer Service, Price, Repayment, Discounts, And More Compared

Two dogs dressed up looking for treat (caption: Lemonade vs Healthy Paws)

Lemonade is a pet insurance newcomer, while Healthy Paws is a veteran. We compare these two pet insurance companies head-to-head and choose a winner. We explain our reasoning for our rankings below. Remember, you should always get quotes for your specific pet and location and read the policy before signing up. Ultimately we feel that coverage should be a leading factor for you to consider before purchasing, but we also realize that cost is an important aspect.

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Emergency Pet Insurance: Best Options To Cover Visits, Procedures, And More

Dog getting shot at the vet (caption: Emergency Pet Insurance)

If your dog is currently experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency, please seek veterinary care immediately. Are you concerned about your dog experiencing an emergency? Are you unsure about where you would take her and how you would pay for it? Below are some solutions to get your dog the vet care she needs immediately and possible methods to find payment assistance.

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Eusoh Reviews: Is It As Legit As Pet Insurance?

Dog's mouth being examined by a vet (caption: Eusoh Pet Insurance Alternative Review)

Is Eusoh pet insurance? No, but Eusoh is similar to pet insurance because it reimburses you for your pet’s medical, wellness, illness, and routine care expenses. And like pet insurance, Eusoh doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. So what gives? Is it better than pet insurance, and could it help you pay for your pet’s vet care? We answer all this and more.

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Best Pet-Safe Weed Killer: Dog-Friendly, Homemade & Natural Options

Dog eating weeds on patio pavers (caption: Best Pet-Safe Weed Killer)

Weeds are quite possibly the most annoying thing in your yard, especially in the warmer months. They make their way through cracks in the driveway, find their way into flower beds, grow proudly in the garden, and sprout just about everywhere imaginable. If you have kids or pets around, you probably don’t want to spray your yard with harmful chemicals. Your best “organic” line of defense against weeds is pulling them out manually or using mulch or ground cover to keep on top of them at the start of the spring season (this may vary or be all year round, depending on your location). But for those hard-to-reach spots or persistent weeds, we bring you the best natural weed killers, including pre-made products and organic weed control recipes.

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Wagmo Pet Insurance Reviews: With Promo Code, Plans, Wellness Coverage & More

Two girls with dog, caption: Wagmo Pet Insurance Review

Wagmo started out offering stand-alone pet wellness plans to customers but recently added the option for traditional pet insurance as well. It’s one of the few companies to offer both wellness and insurance coverage for your pet. You can purchase either of these policies individually or you can add a wellness plan to their pet insurance plan for an additional fee. Wagmo pet insurance isn’t available in all 50 states yet, but it has plans to keep growing. Find out if Wagmo prices are in line with the competition and if its coverage meets your needs.

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