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Pet insurance is the human health insurance equivalent, but for your pet. Having your dog or cat protected by a good health insurance plan can put your mind at ease knowing that large unexpected medical bills will be covered.

Canine Journal has decades of experience in pet health insurance, our experts have reviewed over two dozen providers and bring you our top picks in our comprehensive pet insurance reviews.

Dog at vet (caption: Companion Protect Pet Insurance Review)

Companion Protect Pet Insurance Review: Instant Coverage With No Waiting Periods

Companion Protect offers a pet insurance policy that differs widely from every other provider we’ve reviewed (and we’ve reviewed a lot). With an in-network setup and some requirements you don’t see from other providers, does Companion Protect stand above or fall short compared to such stiff competition in the pet insurance industry? We’ll give you all the details you need to know to make the best decision for your situation…

small white dog at the vet with tech wearing purple gloves and scrubs

CarePlus By Chewy Pet Insurance Reviews: Unique Plans With Chewy Perks

If you’re a frequent buyer on Chewy’s website, then you may be intrigued by its CarePlus insurance and wellness plans. CarePlus plans have some interesting features, including Chewy perks (we’ll go over that more below). Let’s find out what Chewy’s insurance and wellness plans cover and if they fit your needs.

Dog with cone (caption: Bivvy Pet Insurance Review)

Bivvy Pet Insurance Review: Low Prices, But Does It Offer Enough Coverage?

Bivvy offers an affordable pet insurance policy (in some states) with the option of adding on a wellness plan. However, it places limits annually and over the lifetime of a pet, which may cause issues for some. Is Bivvy worth it, or would it be best for you to choose a pet insurance company with a longer-standing reputation?

Black lab (caption: AKC Pet Insurance Review)

AKC Pet Insurance Review: Does It Offer The Best Coverage At The Lowest Price?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is well-known in the pet world for its expertise in breed, health, and training for dogs. PetPartners, Inc. partnered with AKC in 2003 and administers AKC Pet Insurance. PetPartners offers group coverage and AKC Pet Insurance offers pet insurance for individuals and focuses more on purebred dogs and AKC customers. However, they can also cover mixed breeds. Find out what an AKC Pet Insurance policy covers in our review below.

Sweet cocker spaniel dog with stethoscope in mouth

24Petprotect Insurance Review: A Complicated Claims Process?

If you consider your pet part of the family, then why not make sure they have health insurance like the rest of your loved ones? Just like humans, pets can become ill or get in an accident when you least expect it. The good news is, pet insurance can help save your family from drowning in debt and keep your canine companion alive and thriving. 24PetWatch is one of many popular pet insurance companies. See how they compare to the pack.

Dalmatian dog smiling with owner's hands around face

Spot Pet Insurance Review: Should You Consider This New Provider?

Spot Pet Insurance launched in 2019 with impressive coverage and two affordable wellness plans. And the company’s chairman is none other than Cesar Millan from “The Dog Whisperer.” But as a newcomer to an increasingly competitive industry, is Spot worth considering? We take a deep dive into what you can expect from their policies, pricing, claims process, customer service, and more.

Dog laying on bed

Figo Pet Insurance Reviews: What Does It Cover? Cost And Quote, Customer Service, Promo Code, Cancellation Policy, And More

Figo offers customizable coverage for you to choose one of their three extensvie plans. You can then add-on coverage for Wellness, Veterinary Exam Fee Coverage, or the Extra Care Pack. Figo is one of the only pet insurance companies to offer up to 100% reimbursement so big vet bills won’t break your bank. No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, but Figo will help you identify those conditions at the start of your policy. If you don’t think you’ll get value out of pet insurance after your initial review, just cancel within 30 days of signing up to get your money back. Find out if Figo offers the coverage you’re looking for and if it will align with your budget.

two dogs running in a field

Embrace vs Nationwide: Which Pet Insurance Company Is Better?

Nationwide is well-known as an insurance giant offering home, life, auto, and more. If you’re an existing Nationwide policyholder, you may be interested in its pet insurance coverage and how it compares to companies like Embrace. Embrace doesn’t offer insurance for other areas of your life, but it’s become eminent in the pet insurance industry. We compare Embrace and Nationwide’s coverage, customer service and reputation, claim processing average, price, and plan customizations to help you clearly see their similarities and differences. We also choose a winner and explain why one company comes out on top over the other when it comes to pet insurance.

Pet Assure logo

Pet Assure Reviews: How To Save 25% On Vet Bills

Pet Assure offers an across-the-board 25% discount on all of your dog or cat’s vet bills at participating veterinarians. It can be used alone or in addition to your dog’s insurance. There’s no waiting period or exclusions; all pets are covered no matter their age, health or breed. Even pre-existing conditions are covered. So what’s the catch?

Dog at vet (Caption: Is Pet Insurance Worth It?)

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? How Does Pet Insurance Work And Should I Get It?

A big misconception about pet insurance is that it’s too expensive. We spend hundreds of dollars on ourselves and our families each month for health insurance, yet we don’t get coverage for our furry “children.” In reality, paying $50 per month* for pet insurance could end up saving your pet’s life. Instead of being hit with an $8,000 vet bill because your dog needs cancer treatment, you can have a vast majority of it covered through pet insurance. The worst scenario is learning that your dog has cancer but turning down treatment because you can’t afford the bills. No one wants to face this decision, and signing up for pet insurance can cover most of the cost. Pet insurance allows you to make the best choices when an emergency arises instead of the least expensive ones. Pet insurance can also prevent a tragedy commonly referred to as “economic euthanasia.” This is when a pet owner can’t afford treatment and asks the vet to put down the pet rather than care for him due to financial limitations. For this reason, it’s vital to consider buying pet health insurance to protect your canine (and your wallet) from some of the most unfortunate incidents in a pet’s life. The table below shows which companies are in our top picks for the best pet insurance in 2022.

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